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The world's most comprehensive and in-depth database of Playgirl centerfolds and Playgirl men, with information on biographical data, aliases, other pictorial or videography appearances, and other personal data . A definitive catalogue of Playgirl Magazine's men as a public service.
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    A.S. Ashley

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 1979 – "Objets D'Art” (Laguna Artists)" (Photography by Roberta Booth)

    Aarne Kartna

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG March 1984 – Feature: "O Canada" (Photography by Jacky Winter)

    Profile: Then: 1984, Men of Canada.  Now: Toronto firefighter.

    Aaron 1

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG September / October 2008 –Pictorial: "Hard Labour" (Photography by Paul Freeman)

    PG Fall 2010 – Pictorial: "Autobody" (Photography by Paul Freeman)

    PG Winter 2015 – Calendar

    PG – Online

    Aaron 2

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG – Online (Men of Montreal)

    PG Videos: Interview, Solo

    Aaron Beierschmitt

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 2000 – Real Men

    Aaron Callaway

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG December 1989 – Real Men

    Aaron Dunford

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 2004 – Real Men

    Aaron Durose

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 2008 – Real Men

    Aaron Greenbaum

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG October 1996 – Real Men

    Aaron Holmberg

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG August 2001 – Real Men

    Aaron Hunter

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG August 1988 – Real Men

    Aaron Jura

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG August 2003 – Real Men

    Aaron King

    also known as Aaron, Gavie, Gavin @Sean Cody, Michael

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 2007 – Fantasy: "Closet Kink" (Photography by Sarah Small)

    PG April 2008 – Men of Fire Island (Photography by Greg Weiner)

    PG – Online (Digital Centerfold)

    PG Videos: Interview, Solo, J/O "Fleshlight"

    Profile: Born: 12 October 1983, NYC, 5' 11”, 175#, 7.5”.

    Videos:  Dark Alley, Fisting Underground Pt 3, Quickies, Von Fistenberg's 8 ½, Cock Tease, Frat Boys (PG models Aaron King, Artemis, Blu Kennedy, Damien, Dexter, Eric Blaine, & Tommy DeLuca).

    Aaron Leif

    also known as Knudson

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 1991 – Man of the Month "Plugged In" (Photography by Martin Ryter)

    PG Special Edition (Spring 1992): Who's Your Type? "Good as Gold"

    Aaron Regans

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG November 1996 – Real Men

    Aaron Swanson

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG December 2006 – Real Men

    Aaron Tippin

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG December 1993 – Celebrity

    PG September 1998 – Celebrity (Photography by Ron Davis)

    PG July 2006 – "Remember When?" (Photography by Ron Davis)

    Aaron Wilcox

    also known as Aaron, Aaron Loftin, Bronson Deamer

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG December 2007 – Pictorial: "Swingin' Stallion" (Photography by Holly Randall)

    PG Fall 2014 – "Golden Age" (Photography by Holly Randall)

    PG – Online (PGTV)

    PG Video: Solo

    Profile: All American Guys.  Straight porn star with 62 titles to his credit.  Born 28 July 1980, Baltimore MD, 6'2”, 209#; http://www.aaronwilcoxxx.com/

    Aaron Xavier Hunter

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG June 1989 – Real Men

    Abdelmalih Belkhir

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG April 1980 – Man of the 80s

    Ace Barlow

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG March 2001 – Real Men

    Adam 1

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 2002 – Voyeur View: "Here Comes the Groom" (Photography by Studio 1435)

    Adam 2

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG – Online (Friends of Playgirl - Manavenue)

    Other Publications: ManAvenue.com

    Adam 3

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG Winter 2010 – Real Man of the Year Contest – Round 1

    Adam Baker

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG December 2001 – Real Men

    Adam Dyer

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG June 1991 – Real Men

    Adam Gasser

    also known as Deymour Butts

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG September 2005 – M/F "God Created Adam" (Photography by Paul Sarkis)

    Adam Hart

    also known as Jake Ryan

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG –  Online

    PG Video: Solo, Audition, J/O

    Other Publications: A-Men (Summer 1993, 06/03), Inches (12/92), Torso (10/92), Playguy (07/93), Unzipped (10/99, 02/02, 09/02), etc.

    Videos: Brad's Buddies, Bottom Boys, The Crystal Tunnel, Deep Desires, Fame & Flesh, Hart Throb, Nights in Eden, Tainted Love, Take Down, etc. adamhart.com

    Adam Hughes

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG July 2006 – "Outback Six-Pack" (Photography by Carlo Roncancio)

    Adam Kahn

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG Summer 2015 – Real Men

    Adam Kezer

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG February 1995 – Real Men

    Adam Killian

    also known as Adam

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG – Online (Men of New Orleans)

    PG – Online (PGTV)

    PG Videos: Audition, J/0, Behind the Scenes

    Profile: Adam is dating bodybuilder Mitchell Rock from ManifestMen.com.    Stats: Nationality: U.S.A., Occupation: Camera Man on Gay Porn productions, Go Go Boy, Hunk. http://adamkillian.com/

    Other Publications: Unzipped (11/08), Bruno Gmunder: Males; Channel 1 Online:Taken.

    Videos:  Best Men 2: The Bachelor Party (W-Zeb Atlas 2008), The Hole (non-sexual role 2003), The Trainer (2009)



    Adam Minarovich

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG August 1997 – Real Men

    Adam Picker

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 1985 – Pictorial: "Down Under Delights" (Photography by Bob Watson)

    Adam Rosenberg

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG November 1998 – Real Men

    Adam Russo

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG – Online

    Profile: Studios - Titan, Suite 703

    Videos:  Hard & Fast, Mojave Run


    Adam Sorenson

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG March 1992 – Real Men

    Adam Stanford

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG May 1984 – Pictorial: "Awesome Aussies" (Photography by Bob Watson)

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

    Playgirl Magazine:

    PG March 2007 – Actor  "Lions and Lambs"

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