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A World of Men & Gods

BadJohnPaul Sex 'N Violence
BadJohnPaul (the artist name of John Paul Wilson) wants to drag you through a hellfire tour of the Austin, TX entertainment scene with his video and forthcoming book "Sex & Violence".  It's filled with gorgeous and naked "models, drugs, booze, sex, depression.  Also drugs.  And it's all a bunch of bullshit."  His words, not mine.  

BadJohnPaul takes an edgy view to "alt-modeling," eschewing the typical primp and finery of fashion and editorial spreads.  His photos are gritty,  scrawled over with subversive icons like guns, blood, and hooded faces.  Your mother would never allow you to look at these photos, and BadJohnPaul probably slept with your dad.  He definitely slept with his models.

AdonisMale is pleased to present exclusive photos in uncensored versions that the photographer shared directly with us.  Plunge into his world of Sex & Violence.  He might ruin your life in the process, and it'll be the most amazing rush of bad that you've ever had.  Visit his website www.badjohnpaul.com.
Post in Amateur of the Day
Country wedding where every groomsmen is eye candy! Fall in love with this adorable couple who celebrated their wedding in a rustic country style
Post in Sexy Six-Packs
Gorgeous Dutch fitness model Niels Krijgsman in black and white. Thank you to @Steve for finding this image.
Calvin Klein
Over a thousand images of hot guys in the classic briefs of Calvin Klein. Whether you want to delve into your underwear fetish, nuzzle a bulge, or admire hunks in their CK's, visit the entire album on AdonisMale.com Many thanks to @Steve for amassing this incredible album.
Ralph Hudson
Lean, studly, and with a light dusting of chest hair, Ralph Hudson from Colt Studios is here to tend to all the luscious things growing in your garden. Watch Ralph grip his heavy backhoe as he teasingly strips out of his plaid shirt and flops out his huge dong from his jockstrap. Thank you to @Steve for this photoset.
Post in Amateur of the Day
Amateur of the Day for Monday September 4 2017 Billy Huston

Post in Smoldering in Shirts
These hunks are in and out of shirts, oozing with male sexuality. Which one is your favorite pick out of this megapost of guys in shirts?
Post in The Brief View in B&W
Get in on our man-crush on Benji by Island Male Graphics with his oversized Baskit underwear and get more hot men in briefs in The Brief View in B&W.
Post in Hooded in Hoodies
Samuel Dixon by Luis Rafael. View more mega-hunks and sultry studs in hoodies in "Hooded in Hoodies," a topic dedicated to men in hoodies. Thank you to Loran for these great photos.
Post in tbill's Blog
"The Booth". Read about a sizzling hot story by TBill about a guy and his boyfriend Enrique in the private booth of a restaurant: "I made this mess.  And I'm proud to take credit for it. Enrique and I went out for dinner this particular evening.  He was looking pretty fucking hot, and I was feeling extremely frisky.  So I tipped the maitre d' when we arrived and got us a semi-private booth near the back of the restaurant.  It was just the two of us in the rather secluded dining room, and so after dessert I asked the wait staff to pull the table away from the booth, tipping our waiter rather generously as I leaned in to kiss Enrique ..."
Post in Amateur of the Day
Amateur of the Day for Thursday August 31 2017 Big monster dick. Do you think you can fit this monster inside of you?? Check out all the photos of his ripped stud and his swinging dong.
Post in Gay Love
"I choose you. And I'll choose you, over and over and over again. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you." Choose the power of love and marriage, and celebrate equality with AdonisMale. Thank you to Loran for these touching photos.
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