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    That's what you get for 1 million miles as a trophy.
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    I know he was somebody back in the 50's and am blamed if I can remember. always attractive, he did not set me on fire. blonde.
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    From the album: Hairy guys at most

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    an attractive lad - for the life of me, I can't understand why the marketing department attached the sobriquet "Babycakes" to him! in my fantasy, I see him as a raging Cajun.
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    From the album: Redneck type of guys

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    seems to have survived the heat wave been waiting all evening for he rain they say is due that will ultimately lower the temps by over 10 degrees mid-80s is MUCH more livable than upper 90s as to invalid parental unit? invalid parental unit was relatively uncooperative yesterday but all issues were nothing abnormal today - or rather this evening the heat seemed to get to invalid parental unit and invalid parental unit did not want to eat anything other than ice-cubes which has no nutritional value the issue concerning is the refusal for the medication one night is OK but - even when it is just one night - gets nervous about any hallucinations returning which will happen eventually...
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    been kept up late to past 2 AM almost to 3 AM for several days doing extremely low paying web work so might have been mentally groggy when checking 's twitter suddenly the horrid NEW layout appeared can not find anyone keen on it and jad previously succeeded in reverting to the "old" layout but could not recall there had been a place on the right to return to the old layout but could not find it so investigated if you are suffering the same fate simply try deleting all your cookies and refresh twitter it worked for
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    From the album: Emory, Charles

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