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    Knock knock ... ha, I'm already in. My nickname is Tomster, but friends usually call me Tom or Tommy. I was born in 1984. The year George Orwell wrote about in his novel. My native languages are Bavarian and German since I am a native of Munich. Yes, I grew up bilingual. English is the third language I speak. Please be aware that my English is perfectly inspired by German grammar. 😊 Physical fitness is important to me, especially since I work in an office. That means I spend about 1-2 hours per day at the gym. Fortunately we have our own company gym in the office building as well as in our houses. Cooking and Baking is another passion...
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    From the album: Mixed Favourites

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    Good evening boys and Girls. Some of you may know me from other forums. It's been 4 years since I was online in such a community. Many many years ago I was a member, later moderator and for a short time administrator of a dark forum. At the same time, I joined a straight community as an administrator. The owner had asked for help but did not inform the other administrators. I will never forget their reaction. ROFL We became friends in no time and were banned together from the forum. Now, for the first time in my life, I became a member of a community without joining it myself. I was kidnapped. Help! @JoelR , your shackles were a...
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    this buddy went from unidentified to most favoured model just like that! has a sweet, smirky smile that I find enchanting. some enchanted evening . . .
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    David and Matt Studding a couple of hot twins.
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    has had a storied career and has modelled under various names. I like the blonde pix the best, thinking him better than caviar on toast!
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    blonde and bumptious, Alec has an ungenerous mouth. wish he was more kissable 🥰
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    From the album: Over 40 and Hot

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    From the album: Spectacles and Testicles

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    I don't know what he is larkin' about, but this is one cute dude. beautiful eyes!
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    Paul Freeman (Probably my most favorite photos of him)
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    these gentlemen have at least a vestige of clothing, which can be removed at will.
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    American actor. He played the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel😅
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    From the album: Volpe, Dominic

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    how - how to go from -0- to the top of everest! Zach has many talents and seems to like showing them off. he looks very loveable!
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    aaand we segue into hunk lite - this studlet is so cute it's a caution.
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    Bay Area based photographer, Mark Jenkins, specializes in male fitness, travel and black & white fine art photography. His prints have been exhibited at gallery shows and his work has been published in numerous calendars and books, including his solo book “Watermark” published by Bruno Gmunder.
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    The Bedroom Sessions - Photography by Stavros Christodoulou
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    Brandy Martignago is an Australian model and surfer, cocktail bar owner, and cuddle enthusiast. https://www.instagram.com/brandyboy/ https://twitter.com/burleyboyau AussieBum
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