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A World of Men & Gods

Monday - 22nd
today's posts are something of a short ration, although meaty. especially with Erik Estrada and all his teeth. and boots. dreamboat. we appear to be in the thrall of the Attack of the Animated GIFs, and by the time we get to Clark Gable, you may be somewhat tired of them 😛 hope you like!

Return of "The Oasis" Group for women to AM
Hello to any & all female members of AM.

Those active & those hiding behind the curtain. 😂 I want to get a general idea about possibly bringing back the women's only group, "The Oasis".  "The Oasis" was once an established group here at AM for the women members to have a place to unwind & be women, to discuss, share thoughts, & even gossip. It disbanded due to lack of participation among its then members. I understand that everyone has their own personal comfort level of participation, but for as many members there were at the time, just seemed that there wasn't enough.

Thank you & much ❤️
Sunday - 21st
I got a bunch of scans done, and been working on the collection. I've posted a couple more calendars for your delight. my feature must be James Ellis. how can I describe all the things he has meant to me. so, so cute. note I have included a couple of zip files, too!

Saturday - 20th
rather quiet day around the ranch. I have posted my E miscellaneous models, which include Tyler Eliasen our too cute young weatherman on Channel 13. sadly, unless he runs for public office, I doubt there will be compromising picture 😧 anyway, I have a nice selection for your delectation. Mark Edwards has been a long time passion - his complexion is so satiny, one just wants to run a tongue over it 🤩

weather alert
So not looking forward to the weekend. Friday (tomorrow) and saturday and sunday are supposedly going to be well over 90 degrees (f).

A couple of years ago, Blip wound up in the hospital. The official diagnosis was ketacidosis and the doctors and nurses said it was a wonder Blip was still conscious. it was not due to lack of medication.

What ultimately lead to the hospital was a heat wave. Blip does very poorly in heat.

Blip is very nervous.
An invitation
So my chat room discussions have been fun (and interesting) to say the least. Most people I have met and chatted with multiple times seem nice (at least on line).

Of course I have more in common with a select few of them than others, and one of them has invited me over whenever I feel comfortable. It's definitely tempting, but I have obvious reservations about meeting someone in their home who I have only chatted with on line.

I do enjoy our chat (which have gotten a little steamy as of late!), but I think I would rather meet him for dinner first....any thoughts? 
Nick Lord
Nick Lord 
Men in Speedo's.
a collection of men pics, clothed and not - ENJOY!
Post in Ripp Baker
Post in Ripp Baker
Post in Draped in Towels
Post in Draped in Towels
Post in Ripp Baker
Ripp Baker - Photography by Frank Louis
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