Messenger Help

Rules, FAQs and other support on how to use the Messenger system including writing a personal message, contacting other members, and deleting a message.

  1. About the Messenger

    (This is part of a series of general information about different sections of the AdonisMale community.  This is also related to Personal Messenger.)   The AdonisMale personal messenger offers a private form of interaction between members to send and receive personal messages.  Members are allowed to message any other registered member. You must be a registered member to participate.      
  2. Compose New Message

    This article explains how to compose a new message. This is useful when you would like to send a personal message to another member or members. Steps Click on your name (upper right-hand corner) > Messages.  You will redirect to Inbox. Click "Compose New" A modal window will appear.  Enter in the recipient's username, subject, and message.  
  3. Delete Message

    This article explains how to delete a message or leave a conversation.  Leaving a conversation will remove you from the conversation; the message will be deleted when all members have left the conversation. This is useful when you would like to clear out your Inbox.   Steps Navigate to the message you would like to delete.   Click on Message > Leave Conversation.
  4. Mark All As Read

    This article explains how to mark all messages as read. Steps Click on the gear icon Click "Mark all read"  
  5. Create Folders

    This article explains how to create a new folder to organize your Inbox. This can be useful when you have many messages or want to organize your Inbox.  For example, you can create folders from other members who have become friends, important announcements from the website, and more. Steps Click on Inbox Click "Add Folder" and define new folder name
  6. Empty Inbox

    This article explains how to empty your folder or delete all messages. This can be useful when you have many messages and you want to mass delete everything inside your folder, such as the Inbox.  You will not be able to selectively mass delete.
  7. Filter or Sort Messages

    This article shows how to sort and filter your messages to organize your messages. This can be useful if you have many messages and want to sort all messages in a folder, such as the Inbox.  There are multiple options for both filter and sort.   Filter Conversations I Started Conversations Others Started Start Time Recently Updated Start Time Replies   Steps Click on "Filter By" or "Sort By" Choose the appropriate selection
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