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Profile & Account Help

Rules, FAQs and other support on how to edit your Profile or account information, upload profile and cover photos, changing your notification preferences, and editing your account information.
  1. Change Profile and Cover Photo

    This article explains how to upload a new profile and cover photo. The profile photo is your avatar that appears next to all posts.  The cover photo is the background photo to personalize your profile.  Uploading photos can help brighten and customize your profile to let your online persona shine through.   Steps to Upload Profile Photo Navigate to your profile.  To do so, Click on the avatar picture in the upper right-hand corner.  OR Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, then go Account > Profile. Click on the Profile Photo, which is the small gray thumbnail icon in the lower left corner. You will be presented with options to Upload a photo, Import from URL, Use Gravatar, or Remove existing photo. Click Save.  You will be presented with a grid to rearrange your photo.   Steps to Upload Cover Photo Click on Cover Photo > Upload Photo Upload a photo that covers the entire banner area. Click on Cover Photo > Reposition.  You will most likely need to reposition your photo.
  2. Edit Profile

    This article explains how to edit your profile details. Steps Navigate to your profile.  Click on your profile photo (upper right-hand corner) > Profile. Click on Edit Profile. A modal window will appear.  You can enter in information for Birthday / About Me / Favorites / Sexual Orientation / Community Interests
  3. Member Rank

    This article explains the Member Rank system used to reward members for activity on the community.  The community counts every forum post or gallery image as another activity item.  As you level up, you will earn additional pips and new titles.  Rise through the ranks of the Roman army, Heroes of ancient times, Gods of mythology, and even the primordial Titans and Deities of the cosmos.    0 PIP 0    Virgin 5     Grunt 1 PIP 10    Peon 15    Newbie 20    Apprentice 2 PIPS 25    Centurion 50    Quaestor 75    Legate 100    Imperator 3 PIPS 200    Achilles of Troy 300    Daedalus of Labyrinth 400    Ganymede of Troy 500    Hector of Troy 600    Jason of Argonauts 700    Odysseus the King 800    Orpheus the Musician 900    Perseus, son of Zeus 1000    Theseus, son of Poseidon 4 PIPS 2000    Aphrodite, Goddess of Love 3000    Apollo, God of Music 4000    Ares, God of War 5000    Artemis, Goddess of the Moon 6000    Athena, Goddess of Wisdom 7000    Dionysus, God of Festivals 8000    Hades, King of the Underworld 9000    Hermes, God of Travel 10,000    Hera, Queen of the Gods 5 PIPS 50,000        Poseidon, God of the Sea 100,000        Zeus, King of the Gods 250,000        Kronos, Father of the Gods 400,000        Aether, Deity of Light 600,000        Eros, Deity of Love 800,000        Hemera, Deity of Day 1,000,000    Gaia, Mother Earth
  4. Member Reputation

    This article explains the Member Reputation system used to reward members for quality posts in the community.  Reputation is different from Activity in that activity counts every new content item, but reputation must be earned by someone liking ("Stiffie") your post.  As you level up, you will earn additional titles and badges. 1    Positive 2    Favorable 3    Good 5    Admirable 8    Commendable 13    Worthy 21    Superb 34    Splendid 55    Exceptional 89    Prime 144    Marvelous 233    Grand 377    Sterling 610    Eminent 1000    Exalted 2000    Celestial 4000    Glorious 6000    Immaculine 8000    Transcendant 10000    Rapturous 25000    Angelic 50000    Heavenly 75000    Supreme 100000    Divine
  5. Status Updates

    This article explains how to post and write a new Status Update, read your Status Feed, and reply to other members' Status Update.   This can be useful when you'd like to quickly share quick updates, new events in your life, or how you're feeling with the community.  The status updates are a powerful way of broadcasting your thoughts and emotions.   Write New Status Update from +Create From any page on the community, click on "+Create" From the dropdown menu, click on "Status Updates"   Write New Status Update from Profile Navigate to Profile.  Click on your profile photo on any page, then Profile. Click on Status Feed. Write in the "Status Feed."   You may also visit any other member's profile to view their Status Feed.
  6. Follow System

    (This is part of a series of general information about different sections of the AdonisMale community.  This is also related to the Follow System.) The follow system is a notification system to follow members and content.  You can activate the Follow System on your profile, and view your followers.  This is useful where you want to stay track of important members or friends in the community and their new content.    
  7. How to Follow

    This article explains how to follow a member. This can be useful when you would like to follow a specific member's content.   Steps Navigate to the member's profile. Click on "Follow member" Choose whether or not you want to receive notifications for all content posted or specific content.  
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