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Working with Images Inside Editor


Editor Image in Post.PNG

The editor contains powerful new capabilities to add pictures inline with text to create rich and beautiful posts.  

By default, the images will attach to the end of the post.  You can, however, add and resize the images to align with the post's text. 

Adding Images Into Post

Add Image To Post.jpg

In the attachment field, you will see a list of your image attachments.  Click on the + icon to Insert the image into your post at your current cursor position.

Formatting Images in Post

Image Properties.PNG

Once the photo is manually added to the post, you can move the photo by dragging-and-dropping the image wherever you want.  

You can also format and resize the photo by double-clicking on the image.  It will open up an Image Properties modal window where you can resize and align the photo.

Deleting Images from Post

Remove Attachment.png

To delete a file from the post, click on the trashcan button on the image within the Attachment area to Remove the attachment.  You must delete the file from the editor's Attachment area to fully remove the file.  

If you mistakenly upload the wrong file, deleting the file from the editor's body area will not remove it from the post.  Rather, you will need to go into Edit mode and delete it from there instead.

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