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Best Practices on Uploading Photos


If you're a big uploader or would like to start uploading to the Galleries, this is a guide of best practices to ensure you and the community get the most out of your photos!  These best practices, when followed in order, walk you through preparing your files all the way to polishing up your photos once they're published in the gallery.

Filter, Filter, Filter

Filter and delete bad photos.  You should visually filter photos for aesthetic quality:

  • Obtrusive text, logos, borders;
  • Poor quality such as pixelation, fuzzy edges, blurriness, distorted coloring, or bad content;
  • Artificial adjustments such as morphing or photoshopping;
  • And any extreme or prohibited content.  

We recommend the following guidelines:

  • High-resolution photos at least 600x600 pixels and 60 kb or larger
  • High-quality professional photos with sharp focus and bright colors

Rename Your Files

You should try to rename your photo's filename with a descriptive and relevant filename, such as the model name, photographer, or subject.  You should also put the series in order with file numbers such as 00, 01, 02.  You should also eliminate any spaces, and only use dashes or underscores.

Minimize Your File Size

PNG,  GIF, and BMP are notoriously large.  BMP is not allowed.  You should always try to convert your file into JPG or JPEG.  Also, you should use an image optimization software to shrink the file size, which makes both uploading for you and viewing by others a faster experience.  It also helps reduce the overall bandwidth and storage costs of the website, which is important to lower our environmental footprint and reduce our webhosting costs.

Search for Duplicates

If you have a large collection, you will inadvertently save duplicates.  To prevent redundant images, you should sort and filter your photos beforehand.

Last Review

Right before you upload, take another last glance to review your photos.  You might be surprised to discover some files that don't belong, and you can save yourself wasted time by an incorrect upload with a quick glance.

Choose Your Category

There are multiple galleries and categories to choose from.  In general:

  • If the focus is on a fashion model, then you should upload to Male Models
  • If the focus is on a male pornstar, then you should upload to Male Pornstars
  • If the focus is on clothing, underwear, or a brand, then you should upload to Brands
  • If the focus is on vintage, then you should upload to Vintage
  • If the focus is on a photographer, then you should upload to Photographers

Choosing the appropriate category can help others discover your content easier, and will also save you wasted time trying to move and fix your album after you've uploaded.

Album & File Descriptions

During the upload process, you will be asked to insert descriptive information for the album and photos.  It's highly recommended to include as much information as possible about the album and photos, because the text helps other members discover and search for your content easier.  

  • For Album Description, suggested descriptions include the model name, clothing brand, photographer and stylists, editorial, publication, studio, location, publish date, and a general overview of what's contained in the album.  
  • For Images, you should add the Copyright or Credit.  You should also add unique file descriptions if the images are from different photoshoots or editorials, or contain interesting material that you want to highlight.  

As you add more textual information, the photos become richer with information and data.  

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