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Add Images

There are two methods for you to add images.

Method 1: Add Images

Add Images.PNG

  1. Click on "Add Images" button.  (The button will only be available if you have permissions to upload.)
  2. Follow the wizard.

Method 2: + Create

Create new content item.PNG

  1. Click on the "+ Create" dropdown menu.
  2. Click on "Gallery Image."
  3. Select the category.
  4. Follow the wizard.

(This method can be done from anywhere in the website, although you will need to know the target category in advance.)

Add Image Wizard

After you start the Wizard, there are 4 steps to walk through:

Step 1. Choose Album - You first choose the category.  If the category allows, you can either "Create New Album," "Choose Existing Album" if you've previously uploaded an album, or "Continue without using an album."  

If you are creating a new album, you need to enter in the Album's Name and Description.  You can also choose album characteristics like Ownership, Privacy, and Album Features.  

Click "create new album" or "continue without using an album."

Gallery Choose Album.PNG

Step 2. Upload Images - Either drag-and-drop the photos into the upload area or "Choose files."  You should see your upload queue start immediately.  If there are any errors, delete your file and re-upload.  Click continue.  Note: You cannot upload more than 100 photos at once.  There is also a recommended file size of 1 MB limit per file.

Add Image - Upload Images.PNG

Step 3. Add Information - You can now quickly edit information on all files in the upload queue.  As you flip through each file, you'll see a green checkmark showing the prior file's information has been saved.  You can also set certain information like Copyright, Credit, and Notifications for all images.  Click through all images or "Finish editing images."

Add Image - Add Information.PNG

Step 4. Finish - Saving images may take a couple of minutes as the photos are moved from the server to our global distribution cloud.  As soon as the upload finishes, you'll be taken to the category or album.  

Edited by JoelR

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