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Rules, FAQs and other support on how to use Gallery
  1. About the Gallery

    (This is part of a series of general information about different sections of the AdonisMale community.) The AdonisMale Gallery offers a comprehensive and full-featured gallery system in a wide variety of topics and themes.  You can create your own albums, upload and organize photos, and browse images in a slideshow with notes.   Here are several key things to know: 8 Galleries - The AdonisMale Gallery is not one, but eight different galleries each with its own focus.  From vintage erotica to Playgirl, fashion to underwear models, our gallery system runs the entire gamut of thematic interests and pursuits.  Organization - The AdonisMale Gallery is organized into categories > sub-categories > album > images.  This means that images are usually stored in albums, which are stored in categories.  Use the breadcrumb link or menus to navigate.   Member Gallery - The AdonisMale Gallery houses the Member Gallery, which is private for registered members.  Users are encouraged to post their selfies, candids, or other private pictures into the Member Gallery. Open Uploading - The AdonisMale Gallery allows open uploading into every gallery.  Members are encouraged to share, upload, and contribute their own amazing photos to help build the world's largest free gallery system of hunks.   Member Gallery The AdonisMale Community is pleased to offer Member Gallery, a safe community-only gallery that is restricted to registered members of the website.  No visitors are allowed to view or access.  The gallery allows you to add images and create personal and private albums for candids, self-shots, and self-photography of your family, friends, life, and location to share with other members.  The gallery also accepts favorite albums of your most favorite pornstars, favorite images, or favorite gay photography.  Main Gallery The AdonisMale Main Gallery is the flagship gallery of AdonisMale, proud to be one of the most comprehensive free gay galleries in the world.  The AdonisMale Main Gallery is an extensive assortment of gay images catalogued into a gallery system comprising several unique and diverse homoerotic collections, with each collection focusing on a particular theme such as gay sex, black and white, men's clothing, gay romance, and uniforms.  The AdonisMale Main Gallery is managed by @JoelR. DC Playgirl Gallery The AdonisMale DC Playgirl Gallery is proud to be the #1 Playgirl Gallery on the Internet.  With the world's largest and most comprehensive gallery of Playgirl hunks, the gallery showcases all the men of Playgirl Magazine: Playgirl Man of the Month, Playgirl Discovery, Playgirl Campus Hunk, Playgirl Real Man, and more.  The AdonisMale DC Playgirl Gallery is managed by @gomowad2000.  MaleSuperStars Gallery The AdonisMale MaleSuperStars Gallery is a premier catalogue of the world's top male models: male fashion icons and men's runway models, male underwear and apparel models, male fitness models, and Brazilian, Black, and Asian male models.  MalePornStars Gallery The AdonisMale MalePornStars Gallery is a all-inclusive database of adult male performers, gay porn talent, and both gay and straight porn superstars.  Step into the red light district of gay porn with the MalePornStars Gallery, whose goal is to serve as a definitive database of male pornstars.    The Archives The vaults of historic memorabilia are unearthed in The Archives, a gallery dedicated to throwback gay porn and classic porn from the early 1960's - 1990's.  Take a blast into the past with retro male fantasies, vintage male erotica and pre-condom classics from studios such as Bob Mizer's Athletic Model Guilt, Bruce of Los Angeles, and Colt Studios.  The goal of The Archives is to serve as a historic reference and preservation of collectible gay porn from those eras. The Waistline Go below the hip in The Waistline, a gallery dedicated to men's underwear, swimwear, and clothing brands. The Lens Photography at its finest, The Lens is an online showcase dedicated to master photographers and studios of male models. Website Management Repository for website-related official photos, insignia, and signage. Only Administrators can upload.  The Website Management Gallery is managed by @Administrator. 
  2. Gallery Structure & Permissions

    (This is a comprehensive breakdown of the gallery structure, permissions, and allowed content.) At the time of this writing, the AdonisMale community gallery is split into 8 different galleries + 1 website management gallery.  This information is accurate as of Summer 2018. Gallery Name Upload Permissions View Permissions Member Gallery Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators Main Gallery Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators ALL DC Playgirl Gallery Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators ALL MaleSuperStars Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators ALL MalePornstars Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators ALL The Archives Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators ALL The Waistline Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators ALL The Lens Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators ALL Website Management Administrators Members. Contributors, VIP Olympians, Administrators The main 8 galleries allow registered members to upload, and welcome submissions from members.  The last gallery is solely for website and administrator storage of important media used throughout the website.
  3. Best Practices on Uploading Photos

    If you're a big uploader or would like to start uploading to the Galleries, this is a guide of best practices to ensure you and the community get the most out of your photos!  These best practices, when followed in order, walk you through preparing your files all the way to polishing up your photos once they're published in the gallery. Filter, Filter, Filter Filter and delete bad photos.  You should visually filter photos for aesthetic quality: Obtrusive text, logos, borders; Poor quality such as pixelation, fuzzy edges, blurriness, distorted coloring, or bad content; Artificial adjustments such as morphing or photoshopping; And any extreme or prohibited content.   We recommend the following guidelines: High-resolution photos at least 600x600 pixels and 60 kb or larger High-quality professional photos with sharp focus and bright colors Rename Your Files You should try to rename your photo's filename with a descriptive and relevant filename, such as the model name, photographer, or subject.  You should also put the series in order with file numbers such as 00, 01, 02.  You should also eliminate any spaces, and only use dashes or underscores. There are recommended and free tools in Tools & Software to help batch file rename.   Minimize Your File Size PNG,  GIF, and BMP are notoriously large.  BMP is not allowed.  You should always try to convert your file into JPG or JPEG.  Also, you should use an image optimization software to shrink the file size, which makes both uploading for you and viewing by others a faster experience.  It also helps reduce the overall bandwidth and storage costs of the website, which is important to lower our environmental footprint and reduce our webhosting costs. There are recommended and free tools in Tools & Software to help reduce your file size. Search for Duplicates If you have a large collection, you will inadvertently save duplicates.  To prevent redundant images, you should sort and filter your photos beforehand. There are recommended and free tools in Tools & Software to help identify and remove duplicates.. Last Review Right before you upload, take another last glance to review your photos.  You might be surprised to discover some files that don't belong, and you can save yourself wasted time by an incorrect upload with a quick glance. Choose Your Category There are multiple galleries and categories to choose from.  In general: If the focus is on a fashion model, then you should upload to MaleSuperStars If the focus is on a male pornstar, then you should upload to MalePornStars. If the focus is on clothing, underwear, or a brand, then you should upload to The Waistline.   If the focus is on vintage, then you should upload to The Archives. If the focus is on a photographer, then you should upload to The Lens. Choosing the appropriate category can help others discover your content easier, and will also save you wasted time trying to move and fix your album after you've uploaded. Album & File Descriptions During the upload process, you will be asked to insert descriptive information for the album and photos.  It's highly recommended to include as much information as possible about the album and photos, because the text helps other members discover and search for your content easier.   For Album Description, suggested descriptions include the model name, clothing brand, photographer and stylists, editorial, publication, studio, location, publish date, and a general overview of what's contained in the album.   For Files, you should add the Copyright or Credit.  You should also add unique file descriptions if the images are from different photoshoots or editorials, or contain interesting material that you want to highlight.   As you add more textual information, the photos become richer with information and data.  
  4. Add Images

    There are two methods for you to add images. Method 1: Add Images Click on "Add Images" button.  (The button will only be available if you have permissions to upload.) Follow the wizard. Method 2: + Create Click on the "+ Create" dropdown menu. Click on "Gallery Image." Select the category. Follow the wizard. (This method can be done from anywhere in the website, although you will need to know the target category in advance.) Add Image Wizard After you start the Wizard, there are 4 steps to walk through: Step 1. Choose Album - You first choose the category.  If the category allows, you can either "Create New Album," "Choose Existing Album" if you've previously uploaded an album, or "Continue without using an album."   If you are creating a new album, you need to enter in the Album's Name and Description.  You can also choose album characteristics like Ownership, Privacy, and Album Features.   Click "create new album" or "continue without using an album." Step 2. Upload Images - Either drag-and-drop the photos into the upload area or "Choose files."  You should see your upload queue start immediately.  If there are any errors, delete your file and re-upload.  Click continue.  Note: You cannot upload more than 100 photos at once.  There is also a recommended file size of 1 MB limit per file. Step 3. Add Information - You can now quickly edit information on all files in the upload queue.  As you flip through each file, you'll see a green checkmark showing the prior file's information has been saved.  You can also set certain information like Copyright, Credit, and Notifications for all images.  Click through all images or "Finish editing images." Step 4. Finish - Saving images may take a couple of minutes as the photos are moved from the server to our global distribution cloud.  As soon as the upload finishes, you'll be taken to the category or album.  
  5. Gallery Home

    On the main landing page of Gallery, you'll see the categories for AdonisMale Galleries (top half) and New Images (bottom half).  This will help you navigate to your desired location or to quickly catch up on new photos. Each category contains information such as last updated time and the number of photos, albums, and comments.  
  6. Image Rules

    Each uploadable gallery contains a slightly different set of Image Rules, which govern what can be uploaded and the guidelines for uploading.   Image Rules: All images should fit with the style and theme of category.   All images are moderated. All images may be removed without notice. Prohibited content that is FORBIDDEN: Pissing, blood, scat, extreme BDSM, or underage Anything that violates our website's Terms or any sovereign laws that govern our website and / or your use of this website.  Please use the "Report" button for any photos that need to be moved, moderated, or deleted. Please request new categories in Forums > Feedback & Suggestions.
  7. Sort Album

    The sorting function in the gallery allows you to quickly change the order of albums to help you find your desired content.  You can find the newest images, images with most comments, and more. Options to Sort Newest Image Most Comments Highest Rated Album Title Most Images Steps Navigate to Gallery and the album listing. Click on 'Sort By" and select your option.
  8. Change Image Display in Album

    You can view images in an album in three different ways.  This can be useful if you'd like to view larger previews or more information about each photo.  "Show as list" is good when you'd like to view the images in a linear stream with information about the file such as filename, uploader, comments, and upload date.  "Show as large preview" is good if you want to view larger sizes of photos in a linear view.  "Show as thumbnail" is good if you want a more modern layout filled with thumbnails.   Options Show as list Show as large previews Show as thumbnails (default / recommended) Steps Navigate to Gallery and album Toggle one of the choices for "Show as ..."
  9. View Image

    Viewing an image gives the most information and functions regarding the photo.  You can view the image in a carousel and read details underneath.   Carousel Add note Rotate View in Lightbox Navigate to prior / next photo Clicking on "View in Lightbox" will allow you to open the image in "Full Size," which opens up a separate window with just the photo. When navigating prior / next in the carousel, you can also use your keypad buttons left / right.   File Details Uploader Date Number of views Find uploader's other images Follow Album information Report Like / Stiffie  
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