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Rules, FAQs and other support on how to use Forums
  1. About the Forums

    (This is part of a series of general information about different sections of the AdonisMale community.  This is also related to Forums.) The AdonisMale community forums offers a lively and engaging place for all members to chat, converse, and talk with other members on a wide variety of topics and to share their favorite photos of hunks in different boards.  Members are allowed to participate in all boards and categories. You must be a registered member to participate.  
  2. Forum Structure & Permissions

    (This is a comprehensive breakdown of the forum structure, permissions, and allowed content.) At the time of this writing, the AdonisMale Forums is split into 8 distinct sections.  For convention's sake, we use the following terminology: Category - The biggest division of the Forums are into categories.  Example: Pavilion, Colosseum, Adonis Beauty, Adonis Nude, etc. Board - Within each category are boards.  Example: Introductions, Male Beauty, B&W Beauty Topic - Within each board are topics.  There can be many topics of discussion within each board.   The following information is accurate as of Winter 2015. Permission Set for Forums Section Name Post Permissions View Permissions Pavilion Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Members Adonis Beauty Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Public Adonis Nude (X) Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Members Adonis Models Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Public Nude Models (X) Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Members Media & Art (X) Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Members Games, Men & More (X) Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Members Colosseum Members. Gallery Partners, Administrators Members In general, the Forums contain a mixture of introductory boards, general picture boards, model boards, misc picture boards, and general discussion. Any category that contains (X) in the name is not viewable by Guests, and you must register as a Member since it contains adult content.  
  3. Toggling Forum Categories

    (This article is part of advanced usage of the Forums.) Do you regularly skip over or ignore certain categories?  You can toggle the forum categories to expand / minimize the categories so they take less room, so you can focus on the categories that matter to you. Steps 1.  Navigate to Forums 2.  Click on the "∨" (down arrow) in the category bar.   3.  To un-hide, click on the "❮" (left arrow) in the category bar.
  4. Mark Category as Read

    (This article is related to marking content as read.) This article shows how to mark all forum topics as read within a certain category.  Categories that contain unread icon will show in full color.  Categories that are marked as read will be greyed out.   Steps Navigate to Forums. Click on the icon of the category you wish to mark as read.
  5. Topic Preview

    Steps Navigate to the Topic view. Hover over the topic title, until the preview box appears. You can choose to read the First post or the Latest post
  6. Start New Topic

    There are two methods for you to write a new topic. Method 1: Start New Topic Click on the "Start new topic" button. (The button will only be available within a Forum category or topic.)   Method 2: + Create Click on the "+ Create" dropdown menu. Click on "Topic." Select the category. (This method can be done from anywhere in the website, although you will need to know the target category in advance.)
  7. First Unread Post

    While viewing the forum topic listing, unread topics will be in bold with a ⚫ circle or ★ star icon next to the topic title.  Topics with a ★ star are those that you have posted in previously, whereas those with only a ⚫ circle are the topics in which you have not.  Clicking on the ⚫ circle or ★ star will navigate to the first unread post, regardless of the icon.   Steps Navigate to the Forums and the the topic listing. Click on the ⚫ circle or ★ star to navigate to the first unread post.
  8. Next Unread Topic

    This article explains how to access the next unread topic while reading an existing topic.    This can be useful when you would like to quickly cycle through all unread topics in a category.   Steps Navigate to the bottom of any topic Click on "Next Unread Topic"
  9. Share This Post

    Would you like to reference or share this post elsewhere on the website or on a social media website?  Each post contains a small  "share" icon. Steps Click on  (Share this post) icon. Copy and paste the link as needed.
  10. Sort Topic

    The sorting function in the forums allows you to quickly change the order of topics to help you find your desired content.  You can find the most popular topics, the oldest topics, topics by alphabetical listing, and more.   Options to sort Recently Updated Last Reply Title Start Date Most Viewed Most Replies Custom (which includes advanced sorting capabilities such as locked / unlocked, polls, topics I've started, approved / unapproved, etc.) Steps Navigate to Forums and the topic listing. Click on "Sort By" and select your option.
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