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Kelan (no last name)

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    • ColtMann
      By ColtMann
      great news on the diet front, I lost £327 today (car repairs) what a bummer! but the old bus needed some attention, if I am to get around. my feature for today is Brian Williams. I always found him so enchanting, and was sorry that a smear campaign was mounted against him. I always say, big feet, big sox, and I think he would make a terrific husband for me.

    • ColtMann
      By ColtMann
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    • Indeed it would, on whoever it belongs to.  Here, it’s been Photoshopped onto an image from a studly young supermodel Daniel Rumfelt’s earliest photoshoots.  You can find the original, along with other images from this photoshoot for DNA Magazine, in @Steve’s album here:
      As some of the other images from this shoot show, Rumfelt did some tantalizing peekaboo shots, but alas, there aren’t any verified nudes of him, much less any with a raging erection.
    • Williams with Lane Fuller — two favorites.
    • Duplicate of image #05, which is much larger.
    • some dick...😋
    • lovely tiny conck hiding in the bushes
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