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Studio Jenkins - Daniel Rumfelt

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  • Image Comments

    • yeah, I remember watching the vid awhile again / thank you for all your posts
    • Edwards's other Falcon video was another scene on the same DVD, with Mike Gregory.  Actually, it’s another “half-scene” — he gets sent out of the room again.  Poor lad just couldn’t catch a break.  Sorry, but I don’t have any photos of him in that one.
    • you are right / also the director and camera man should have been there to fix things also / what was the other Falcon vid. Ryan Edwards did,if you know and have any photos / too bad about Mark Reardon-he was hot / I suspect, if had been a scene with just Ryan & Mark, it would have been HOTTER, and the 2 both would have gotten their nut  / THANK YOU
    • You’re right, Ryan Edwards (the cute blond) was in 1 other scene on “The Pledge Masters” DVD.  But those were the only 2 videos he did with Falcon.  Amazingly (and disappointingly) there’s never a frontal view of his cock, only the very briefest of glimpses of it soft, from the rear, with the view of it through his legs partly obscured by his (very cute) balls.  
      This was the only video Reardon did for Falcon.  I don’t know if either one ever worked for any other studio(s).
      You never know why any of these guys only do one or a few scenes for a studio.  Maybe they found out the porn business wasn’t for them; or that Falcon wasn’t a good fit for them; or they were just desperate for cash, made a few bucks, and moved on.  
      Maybe Reardon was scared off by being impaled on Steele’s huge cock, even though he did get to top Edwards in the middle part of this scene, although without cumming in that part.  And maybe Edwards didn’t like that he wasn’t allowed to get his nut off in either scene, after getting topped in this one and abused with big dildos in the second.  (Maybe, maybe, maybe…this is starting to sound like Buddy Holly’s classic, “Maybe Baby, I’ll Have You”!)
      Based on their performances in their scenes, it’s hard to believe Falcon wouldn’t have wanted to use both of them again, especially the cute-as-a-button Edwards.  Admittedly, his performance in licking Steele’s cock and balls was far from hot, as these still photos illustrate,.  But in fairness, Readon’s head was in the way most of the time, as he made the most of his opportunity to go down on Steele’s rod.  Edwards should probably have been more aggressive in going after that pole!
    • lol / I met Mark Reardon is hot and Ryan Edwards
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