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Hoyt Kogan | Denek Kania

Hoyt Kogan | Denek Kania
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Beauty is subjective, but in reference to the face that belongs to Hoyt Kogan aka Denek Kania, we can all accept it as a universal truth, even though we may disagree on everything else.  It is an obvious if not safe decision to choose this rare beauty of a man to inaugurate our Tribute Gallery called "The Nines".   This website and its community is dedicated to celebrating male beauty.  Since perfection does not exist in nature, we use a decimal-based system between 9 and 10 to score potential candidates in three categories: Face, Body and Cock.  

Hoyt Kogan's scores:

Face: 9.7 - At the start of his career, Hoyt's head was shaved clean to the scalp.  I still recall how stunningly beautiful he looked without hair; there was nothing to detract from those captivating blue eyes, the porcelain skin, full red lips that made for an alluring yet angelic face.   Since then, he has grown out his hair and maintained a signature clean-cut look throughout his career at Bel Ami.   There are times when his hair has been dyed  bright yellow (not blond), styled spiky, gelled, combed or tucked under a hat; whatever is required by his work in the fashion industry.  No matter how outrageous the grooming, there is no diminishing the ethereal beauty that radiates from his face.

Body: 9.5 - Throughout his career, he had the work ethic and discipline to maintain a lean, muscular frame.  This worked well for Bel Ami as he managed to extend his career by holding on to his teenage years. His frame and stature was ideally suited to high fashion so it was a double blessing.

Cock:  9.3 - Hoyt was also blessed with a beautifully straight, larger than average-sized cock.  His cock size helped him to be cast as a versatile performer at the studio, which meant more opportunities, more exposure and more time to make his mark.  

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