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Michael Dean/Michael Dean Johnson

Michael Dean/Michael Dean Johnson

Michael Dean Johnson is an American fitness model, reality TV star, professional bodybuilder, and online personal coach. He was born on February the 28th, 1996 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Even in his early childhood, he was incredibly active. He never wasted a single moment without turning it into some kind of activity that he could benefit from. At a young age of 10 he started training wrestling. He was in the sport for over eight years and he has even competed for his school. After that, he went on to compete for the Tennessee National Team which has given him a lot of insight into the world of professional athleticism. This experience would serve him greatly in the future. 

It was obvious to Michael that he had to get into the world of athletics in some way while still allowing himself to live a free lifestyle. He liked to travel so he needed a job that allowed him to do so on a regular basis. He has gained a fair amount of discipline from his wrestling career and it has even taught him the valuable lesson that strength is a choice and not something you’re born into. That’s why he kept pushing himself to achieve the best possible performance over the years. 

After graduating from high school, he started to look for other venues in the field of athleticism. Two of them have caught his eye and he was dead set on meeting the thresholds needed to compete in both of them. The sports were weightlifting, as well as bodybuilding. He has participated in four bodybuilding competitions where he managed to snatch 1st place in three of them and he even achieved an overall victory in one of those competitions too. After achieving so much in the field of athleticism, he wanted to try out something new for a change.

That’s when he traveled to New York, in hopes of becoming a model. With his insane physique and chiseled body, it wasn’t hard to start getting gigs all over the place. He quickly became an established fitness model and he started to get featured on popular TV shows such as “Are You the One” and he even made appearances on live shows as well. He never gave up on his modeling career and he has become a familiar face in the world of published modeling and it’s not hard to see why he has earned this title either. 

Since then, he has gone on to start his own fitness agency called Philosophy Fitness. There, he has helped many people achieve their goal physiques. He started creating personalized plans for training and nutrition and he even hosted online coaching 1-on-1 sessions. These were where he excelled the most as he knew exactly how to approach each individual person that he has worked with. IT wasn’t difficult for him to actually get in touch with all of his fitness clients and he has learned a lot of things while working with people in his own brand.

According to him, when you hit the gym, you should be doing so to relieve yourself of stress. It should be enjoyable more than anything, and it should definitely not be another reason for you to be worrying about things. He has always stated that you should know what your goals are from the get-go and strive to achieve them. His fitness routines reflect this as they are goal-oriented more than anything. That’s how he has managed to not only achieve but also preserve the chiseled muscular physique that he wows people with to this very day. And it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down at all.

Michael Dean Johnson is just shy of being 6 feet tall at 5’11’’ and he weighs a surprising 85 kilograms. His zodiac sign is Pisces, and he’s married to the beautiful Cassie Pierce. Outside of his entrepreneurship and athletic success, Michael has also gotten a sort of celebrity status on social media. He has amassed over 414k followers on Instagram. A little less successful, but still staggering numbers can be seen on Facebook and Twitter, where he has more than 50k followers each. He even has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs and even instructional fitness videos. The videos themselves have gained hundreds of thousands of views when they’re all put together.

He has a sister; Rachael and he seems to be in touch with his family values. He’s got light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a smile to die for. Other things that you may find interesting is his shoe size which comes in at 11. His physical features are definitely one of the reasons why he has gained so much success in the world of modeling. He has even gained sponsorships from different brands such as Aronik Swimwear, Leorever, MuscleTech, and even CLIO Snacks. 

When it comes to what his favorite underwear apparel is, Michael can’t resist a good pair of Calvin Klein Briefs. He also likes wearing Jordans and Nike sneakers. Footwear seems to be pretty important to him as far as those brands are concerned. However, when it comes to his daily apparel, he likes to a good pair of boots, some jeans, and a v-neck t-shirt to match. He loves Reese’s Pieces, which is pretty funny considering that he’s a fitness coach and a fitness model. It just goes to show that you don’t have to give up on the things you love in order to achieve the physique that he has. 

He also loves to take vacation trips to Venture, California, and he isn’t shy when it comes to taking multiple vacations every single year. The business he started at the beginning of 2018 allows him to be flexible when it comes to traveling which is incredibly important to him. Something else that Michael finds important are his two cats, Dash and Luna. And while he loves his cats, what most people love about him is his bodybuilder physique and dashing smile.


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Thanks for the beautiful photos of a very fit and sexy man.  It must be difficult for any photographer to snap a poor picture of this photogenic hunk.  

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Michael Dean is so handsome in the absolute manner.. I just want to have a closer look of his glutes and manhood!

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He's almost perfect.  His feet are not perfect.  Yet I would give my eye teeth to partake of such imperfection.🦶:wow:

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Posted (edited)

On 9/10/2022 at 4:26 PM, Fabienfab said:

💦 ...🤫

@Fabienfab: Thanks for the videos! :drooling-emoticon: He looks quite a bit younger in both of them than he does now, especially in the second one.  He's not as ripped and muscular in the videos as he is now, and he rarely seems to wear the ear piercings anymore.

Edited by JackFTwist
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he's to beautiful, handsome and effortlessly sexy to be real, also he should get back to modeling

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