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Modus Vivendi - The Viral Vinyl Line

Modus Vivendi - The Viral Vinyl Line
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For the love of pantone like dressing we created the Viral Vinyl line and you are going to be obsessed about it. Looks like melted metal feels like what you want to express right now! Enter a silhouette that states loud and clear that its wearer is lavish, risky and inspired, craving to celebrate himself with looks incredibly chic and shiny, elegant and dramatic or grunge and bondage. The Viral Vinyl line is a personal tale of growth via harshness and play. Playful childhood in blue, blossoming puberty in yellow and creative frenzy adulthood. The autobiographical story of a boy discovering himself interacting with others and with art changing roles from victim to perpetrator and vice versa until finally one finds his identity and place in the world.

Oliver Lewis, Ricardo Paul & Guido Benítez by Joan Crisol for MODUS VIVENDI

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