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Mike Arlen Retrospective

Mike Arlen Retrospective
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As a result of a request for Identification of a Certain model here on Adonis Male I came into contact with Mike Arlen who is an English Photographer who has been Creating Male Erotica for the past 4 Decades. I suggested to him that I create a profile for him on Adonis Male. He was gracious enough to send me Some Biographical information Samples of his work as well as an edition of one of his Magazines "Mike Arlen Guys". I am publishing his comments to me in its entirety. I will state that Mr. Arlen is still selling his work. I will state categorically that I have no financial ties with Mr Arlen therefore I do not expect that I have run afoul of certain Rules and Regulation of this Site. I am not promoting Mr Arlens Studio I am merely recognizing and admiring his substantial body of work and His Influence on Culture and History of the mid Twentieth Century.

I had in a previous post Linked to a documentary  about Gay Life in London in The 1920's. For anyone who wondered what happened after that... Well Mike Arlen is a window into that World. Must say it is much darker iteration of that previous World. Washed away are all Pretenses and Affectations of the Upper Class. His Men are the Sons and Grandsons of the men who triumphed in the Two world Wars. And yet...And Yet what had really changed for these men in all that time. They were still the Sons and Grandsons of the Men who Prostituted themselves in the 20's and 30's. These men are Hard, Bitter, and Hungry (and if I might be permitted a droll aside) They have a way of making the rest of us Thirsty.   



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Hehe nice! Got also these Samples incl. list and bio. I've ordered about 15 photosets and latest print mags from him. 😉 

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