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Davidson, Linden

Davidson, Linden
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playgirl model also known as Dad D Linden


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sexy, hot....☺️

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    • I want to suck this penis!
    • How all wars should be fought 😁
    • Nice floppy balls 😀
    • I get lost in his eyes. I wish I was with him to make his cock hard. I would fondle and lick it and suck him until I heard that heavy breathing. Then, I would bring him to cum so he would always come back to me for more. 
    • I love his hairy chest!!!
    • He is sooo gorgeus!!! I remember seeing this cover when it came out and I fell in love.
    • I’ve been attracted to hot muscular Caucasian studs with beautiful thick tightly Circumcised COCKS with big delicious looking full plump flared HEADS ever since I can remember. I used to jack off while looking at my sister’s Playgirl magazines when I was only 11 years old. I’d wait until I was “HOMO-alone,” grab her magazines, undress, place the magazines on her bed, kneel down by the bed, and flip through the pages of that glorious magazine. My skinny little penis got so hard looking at all of those delicious looking, full, plump, flared HEADS on those hot Caucasian stud’s beautiful, thick, tightly Circumcised COCKS. It didn’t take long before I would Cum.
      Now, I need to fulfill my destiny and become a fully-fledged FAGGOT, undress in front of a hot muscular Caucasian stud like Chase Hunter, who has a beautiful, full, plump, flared HEAD on his gorgeous thick tightly Circumcised COCK, and have a raging hard on just from seeing my stud’s COCK, thereby exposing myself as a HOMOSEXUAL.
      Then, I want to stand in front of Chase and play with his COCK in my hand, rub my skinny little penis on his big thick COCK to show the size difference, then drop to my knees, lovingly kiss the beautiful full, plump, flared HEAD of Chase’s gorgeous thick tightly Circumcised COCK, give it a few tongues flicks, and then wrap my moist quivering lips around the CORONA of that delicious looking HEAD, tug on it with my lips and stroke on the thick shaft up to the CORONA with my dominant hand while stroking my skinny little penis with my subordinate hand until Chase’s COCK explodes in my eagerly awaiting mouth and I have simultaneously the most intense orgasm ever!!!!!!
    • his deep blue eyes🤩
    • Gorgeous
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