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Michael A Downs

Michael A Downs
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Michael A. Downs is a Photographer/Director residing in Tampa Bay, FL. Most of his shoots take place in Tampa Bay and Miami, FL. He was born in Washington, DC but also spent considerable time during his early years in San Andres, Colombia.

Michael is considered the authority on ultra sexy photography of both male & female models. Not only have the masses enjoyed his work but popular culture and the media have also taken notice. Tyra Banks, NBC-TV and Ana Nicole (to name a few) have booked his model discoveries for their shows. Various fashion, lifestyle and fitness magazines seek him out for layouts and photo shoots.

He and his work have been featured prominently in national newspapers, magazines such as Glamour, US Weekly and on national television including E! Entertainment, Inside Edition, FOX News, Ricki Lake and numerous other TV shows. Top agencies have also sought him out for his work and his keen eye for scouting models.

His discoveries have landed major campaigns with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, JC Penney, 2xist, and Macy's to name a few. They've also graced the pages of GQ, Cosmopolitan, Details, Men's Fitness, and other top world publications.

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