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  • Welcome to the AdonisMale Gallery, one of the world's largest free gay gallery including the DC Playgirl Gallery.

    • Upload your gay porn images and selfies
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    All gallery categories unlock for Registered Members.

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    • Agreed.  Definitely not Beckham, who is not only covered in tats, he's skinnier than this and not nearly as hairy.
    • Brock with superstar Jim Pulver.  See the additional comments to image #023.
    • Like #020, this is a collage of screenshots from Matt Sterling's classic video, "Bigger than Life," in which blond stud Jim Pulver fucks Brock in a subway car.
      In "Inch by Inch," Sterling's "prequel" to this scene, Pulver gives hottie Jeff Quinn a similar pounding on the same subway car, with two ... count 'em, two ... separate cum shots.  At the end of the scene, Brock walks into the subway car, setting up the scene in "Bigger than Life."
      This album contains numerous larger images that are screenshots from this scene.
    • Oh, lucky, lucky, lucky Kevin Williams, to have been in such an enviable role at his tender age.
      @ColtMann has an extensive album of Williams's images here:
    • Dearie, I was recently reviewing my files of darling Kevin Williams and rewatched this scene.  Williams's flat (aka "apartment," in US English) was neither squalid nor little, just sparsely furnished with only the necessary items for a studmuffin in Southern California, in particular, a workout bench on which to get fucked by Douglas.  
      It's not a metaphor at all, mixed or otherwise.  He's merely confused two different video scenes.  The technical term for that is "confusing two different things."
      But I don't remember the name of the performer who played the paperboy, either.  (I'm not even completely sure that was a Chad Douglas video -- it's such a common plot vehicle.  But Douglas was never one of my personal favorites, despite his megastar status and ... um ... asset, so I readily defer to others on that point.)
    • Duplicate of image 058.
    • There is a problem with the links to images in the forum topics and those posted in comments to gallery album images, as a result of the site migration.  See Joel's announcements and the other posts here:
    • Hey, Babes, you have it all!
    • Very nice.
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