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The Hint of Man


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On 1/14/2017 at 7:27 PM, JackFTwist said:

Damn, that’s a hot photo.  It reminds me of the style of some shots of classic Colt models.

And as it turns out, Ray Mars is one of Colt’s classic models from its golden era.  This photo is from Mars’s solo JO scene in the Colt Studios DVD “Minute Man 2,” part of their long-running “Minute Man” series.

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On 16/01/2017 at 11:47 AM, zach19 said:

No, not really.  :D

Well, I'd find those trunks (I'm a helpful lad) but I'm keeping them - he's not getting them back, no way.

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1 minute ago, JackFTwist said:

@Doug & @macnasty :  This one’s for you, mates.

Chris Mears, UK diver at 2012 London Olympics.

Chris Mears-002 UK Diver 2012 Olym hint.jpg  Chris Mears-004.jpg   Chris Mears-005 hint butt.jpg   Chris Mears-006.jpg   Chris Mears-011.jpg   Chris Mears-008.jpg

You sure post some hot hot Brits, @JackFTwist  and they are FULLY appreciated.

But where are these guys when I need them?!! I even go to some of the  the same places - but they are not there!!

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4 hours ago, macnasty said:

But where are these guys when I need them?!! I even go to some of the  the same places - but they are not there!!

I know — it’s the story of my life!  But I do remember Mears from the London Olympics.  What a cutie!  (Tom Daley must’ve either still been a teenager then or at least looked like one, and so been “off limits," because Mears left the stronger memory.)

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On 11/15/2016 at 9:10 PM, Steve said:



On 11/16/2016 at 5:28 AM, zach19 said:


This has been one of my favorite photos since @Steve posted it, and my initial reaction was the same as @zach19’s.  Alas, it turns out to be a morph, so another dream is shattered.  I ran across it earlier today on “BuiltByTallSteve’s” blog of morphs and other photo-manipulations:


The hunk in the photo is South African bodybuilder Louis Bessinger and was apparently shot for “Oohlala Magazine.”  The original photo and a slightly different shot are shown below.  Photos #3-4 are more recent photos of him, and #5 shows him ripped and shredded for a competition.  IMO, he looked much better in the first two photos.

Louis Bessinger ORIG (S Africa).jpg   Louis Bessinger ohlala 2.jpg   louis_bessinger_rsa_cowboy.jpg   Louis Bessinger rdqm shorts.jpg   Louis Bessinger pose-off.jpg

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Nick Youngquest, Aussie swimwear/underwear model and former rugby superstar, has never seemed reluctant to bare a little skin in support of a worthy charitable cause.  If only some hot US athletes were similarly bold!

#1-2:  “Mr. June” in a “Naked Rugby League” calendar (in his pre-ink days); #3-6: various other “Naked Rugby League” shots; #7-8: modeling for the UK “Checkum” campaign for testicular-cancer awareness.

Nick Youngquest 01 - 06 Naked Rugby League calendar.jpg   @ Nick Youngquest 01-C-L Peekaboo.jpg   Nick-Youngquest-Naked.jpg   nick-youngquest-01 butt mirror.JPG   Nick Youngquest pin b1f butt b&w.jpg   Nick Youngquest 11 - naked rugby league.jpg   Nick Youngquest 'Checkum' poster.jpg   Nick Youngquest steve rugby bw 2001 peekaboo ball.jpg

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