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Short Shorts


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3 minutes ago, crashman61 said:


Welcome to AM.  You done a couple hot posts @crashman61. Thanks!    Here is a link to the help tutorials in case you haven't found them.       https://www.adonismale.com/help/help_forums_7/  They will show you many ways to do and see more.  Hope to see you posting more.

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7 minutes ago, mrfafa said:


Not only do those 2" inseam shorts look good, but the FEEL BETTER TO WEAR, too.  Being in shape with good looking thighs helps, too!  Some might consider this to be "body shaming" for those that don't look good in them, though . . . There's a message there!

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1 hour ago, teddy0012 said:


Melbourne, Australia

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9 hours ago, lowie said:

brand seobean24a9bc2f829067199ef08e7da70954ee.thumb.webp.55a5abe6d2f8bf0c3a80d047aa27a686.webp92930346-b44d-4e9c-b994-a21aa84477f6.thumb.webp.67b2f114bbcc484c474c276e995f31ee.webp5a276e6c92990fc777673cbaf70da404.webp.2fc2c417ba752814f1d30fbae89b9ecd.webp

sexy hot:hubba_hubba-404:

In many brands, how good the shorts might look can relate to thigh-length.  What looks short on somebody over 6' tall can be too long on somebody 5' tall, by comparison.  Get the ones which match your body.  Otherwise, look for the 1-2" inseam shorts.  On the RIGHT guy, the short running shorts, full-split, can look very alluring and sexy!  On others, the "half-split" or "quarter-split" can be sexy as hell.

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On 6/4/2016 at 8:52 PM, Steve said:

Cut out shorts.  Where would you wear these shorts?  This guy wears them well, but they aren't practical at all and you can't go commando in them.


I can think of a number of guys that I would LOVE to see go commando while wearing those shorts

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