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    • Steve
      By Steve
      One of the great pleasures in life

    • Nicolas
      By Nicolas
      Hi guys ! 
      I am a big fan of selfsucking and self facial scenes. I used to selfsuck myself younger...
      Some pics of this self satisfaction technique !  
    • JeffPorter
      By JeffPorter
      First of all this is the first time I had "sex"
      Today is was going to college, and this guy started following me, every time i looked back he used to grab his bulge so i could see.
      I went to the bathroom, and he followed me to the cabin, asking if i wanted to fool around, I don't know why, but when i realised I was kissing him already.
      I sucked his cock, for a while
      He wanted to fuck me right there but i had an appointment in 5min another side of the campus. so to let me go, I gave him my Phone so he could add his number to it, while i sucked him. told him i was gonna call later

      I went away, but now, i have This GIANT cloud on my head screaming "DST"
      what should I do? I kinda liked, and i don't my this is my first time.
      But I don't wanna him knowing about me, and I am afraid of getting DST
    • nicoperal
      By nicoperal
      For me to swallow an entire penis is not easy, is an art that requires technique and passion for the cock ... the truth is that I admire those who are able to swallow the dick of a single bite ... you guys, what do you think?

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