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Jamie Dominic


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Jamie Dominic, also known as Jamie Monas, is a man of many talents. Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, in 1986, this tall and attractive stud was born with the voice of an angel. Naturally, that steered him towards the music industry and he has been singing since the earliest age. However, there's one thing even better on this hunk than his voice, and that is his appearance. It wasn't until he stepped in front of the camera that he started gaining the recognition he deserved. Jamie Dominic comes with a mesmerizing face and his gaze is ice cold. With a pair of big, blue eyes, and blond hair to match, you'll fall for this guy even before you look down and start admiring his flawless physique. Chiseled abs and big muscles on a toned, symmetrical body are his main attributes and the biggest reason his photos are breathtaking. Whether you're into fashion photography, lewd underwear pictures, or perverted nudes with his big, throbbing cock on full display, he has it all.

Early life and professional career

2008 was the year Jamie's life turned for the better. That's when he had his first photoshoot with Dennis Leupold and Steven Gomillion. Not long after, he started working with Rick Day and remained his favorite model to this day. Those photo sessions are also some of the steamiest and most erotic of this guy, with plenty of pictures being almost pure pornography. A year later, Jamie left for New York. At that time, he was still focusing on his music career, writing songs, and looking up to his idols. It wasn't long, however, before he started putting more effort into modeling. He was represented by Silver Model Management and Click Model Management. After a decade of ups and downs in the modeling business, Jamie switched completely to fitness and bodybuilding, looking for ways to improve his physique even further and to win awards while competing.



 (AdonisMale Biography added by the website, not by the original poster)

 Photographer was Rick Day

Jamie Dominic-01.pngJamie Dominic-02.pngJamie Dominic-03.pngJamie Dominic-04.pngJamie Dominic-05.pngJamie Dominic-06.png

Jamie Dominic-07.pngJamie Dominic-08.pngJamie Dominic-09.png

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@Steve and @JoelR earlier posted these photos of this hottie in the “Thema Thematis” > “Artistic Nudes” gallery at


Joel also posted a link there to a porn video with Dominic.

More photos of Dominic are posted in the “Adonis Models (X)” > “Male Models” category at:


Jamie Dominic Big One 9132.jpg  Jamie Dominic woodie 9156.jpg

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I accidentally ran across a photo of Dominic by Michael Stokes online, but with him identified by Stokes as Jamie Monas.  I checked Google Images using that name and found many of the same photos above identified variously as Jamie Dominic, Jamie Monas, and Jamie Dominic-Monas.  @Steve has also found a number of other instances of either the same model using different names with different photographers or the same photographer using two different names for the model on different photoshoots.  While this is fairly common among porn performers as they move from one studio to another or establish their own Websites, it’s very unusual in mainstream modeling.  It must drive agents and potential clients or photographers nuts.  Maybe Dominic is trying to keep his nude and may-as-well-be-nude photos separate from his mainstream modeling.  Or not.

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