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Wash That Thing


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Classic porn stars edition:

#1 :  Lance      #2:  Lee Ryder     #3:  Steve Kelso

Kelso has a mighty think tan line.  I’d love to see him strutting around on the beach in the speedo or bikini that left it.  It’s amazing he could even get that piece of meat into something so small, and if he started getting aroused, it would be quite a show.  Lance’s and Ryder’s tan lines are much more sensible considering their endowments, but the bulges in their swimming trunks would still be a sight to see.

Lance 03 shower.jpg   Lee Ryder 6818_006 shower.jpg   Steve Kelso 51738_03 shower.jpg



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1 hour ago, JackFTwist said:

John Pruitt, Colt Studios Iconic Man and one of their most popular models of the Jim French (aka Rip Colt) era.  The last photo was shot by French, who was himself a well-known photographer of artistic male nudes.  (I wish I had a copy in a larger format.)

John Pruitt 14 - Shower 3.jpg  John Pruitt 15 - Shower 1.jpg  John Pruitt P_0015 W_Outdoor Shower 2.jpg  John Pruitt, Jim_French_05 torso shower.jpg

Love it when the water runs off the dick like they're pissing. But then again maybe they are.

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3 minutes ago, JackFTwist said:

Thanks, tbill.  I agree, “beautiful penis” is somewhat redundant — emphasis on somewhat.  I’ve seen a few over time that weren’t all that appealing, though.  It’s usually been at a strip club, but a few have been here on AM too.  I’m not a big fan of body piercings in general, but most I can tolerate.  For some reason, though, a Prince Albert is a total turn-off for me, and some of them ruin an otherwise perfectly beautiful cock.  Obviously, all this is only IMO.  Other members will have their own views.  I’m not a fan of a lot of ink or any facial hair, either, but a nice-looking cock can offset those pretty damned fast!  A hot body helps, too.  (Damn, I’m a choosy old fart, aren’t I?) :P

I agree, Jack.  There are tasteful tattoos when done in moderation.  As you know from my stories, barbedwire bicep tattoos on a muscular body make me fucking horny!  But I agree.  I won't name names, but I can think of one Playgirl model in particular who was fucking hot with moderate tattoos.  Then he went nuts and tattooed himself from head to toe and is a total turn-off now.  His once beautiful body now looks like a graffitied overpass.  Too sad!

Prince Alberts....for me, also a huge turn on!  Other dick piercings - not so much.

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On June 4, 2016 at 8:27 PM, Steve said:

@JackFTwist Obviously a photoshop job.  Attached is the real photo

@Steve : Thanks!  But it “obviously" wasn’t obvious to me before seeing the original, though!  There’s maybe some suspicious discoloration in the area where his speedo would’ve been and down the top two-thirds or so of his left thigh, but those could’ve been caused by the shadows and slightly dim lighting in the shower.  Also, comparing the two photos, the volume of water cascading off his cock in the fake is probably too much to be explained by what’s flowing off his left elbow, especially since he’s not standing directly under the shower.  Oddly, also notice in the fake that the muscles in his upper right thigh appear much more flexed than in the original.  But without the original for comparison, none of those would’ve been terribly convincing to me that the first image was a fake.  Live and learn!

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