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image.png.5bf362e0527bc22eeb89ab1aa314ef8d.png sat down at image.png.ba380a69cf042899fa92694ffbc5e6e3.png 's computer less than 15 minutes ago

image.png.920f8b4a557119a5cf4f524921b103d2.png put on the live stream of the local news so image.png.95823b9cf5e5d869901365a6c30fa8a6.png would get a weather report

image.png.5f11c7a84370ba45f08fae827f2d681a.png - within 2 minutes hears the sad news

Peter Tork of The Monkess passed away at the age of 77

The Monkees get a huge raw deal in terms of musicality and their value

Mike Nesmith was already a song writer gaining a strong reputation

(Nesmith wrote "Different Drum" - Linad Ronstadt's first hit when she was with the Stone Poneys)

Micky Dolenz was from a theatrical family and already had a VERY long list of credits as a child actor

Davey Jones was already a pop star in England

The producers wanted a blond "hippy-type" and would have gone with a young Stephen Stills

but Stills did not have the greatest teeth

Stephen Stills suggested his friend - who looked so much like them at that time that they would be mistaken for each other

Stills' friend was a VERY serious musician. name the instrument, he probably could play it

His name was Peter Tork

image.png.cf7fda39c25c74a2fc1ffbdde959419c.png strongly advises you all to relisten to many of The Monkees songs

What Am I Doin' Hanging 'Round, Last Train To Clarkville, Pleasant Valley Sunday, Papa Gene's Blues, You Just Might Be The One (image.png.2a32add56eb504e3ff72720798b461f0.png's fave) and For Pete's Sake (written by Peter Tork)

These are SOLID works - most written by Nesmith.

Tork really did not care for much of any of what The Monkees produced

he was a serious musician, after all. he WAS NOT the character portrayed and beloved from the TV show

of all the works The Monkees did, however, there was one piece Tork did like. it was performed on their christmas special

Riu Chiu - read about it here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ríu_Ríu_Chíu

Tork said "It is the only really good piece we ever did"

Mr Tork - do not dismiss your work or that of The Monkees. they have a very significant influence n what occurred in the 1960s and thereafter

that said - Peter certainly might have had a point

take a listen. is is some serious and beautiful harmonizing


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i was 15 years old when the monkees made the scene!! i was a huge fan from day one, and i had all their albums!! i cherished them all. i was sorry to hear Peter Tork has passed away!! i was even shocked when i found out Davy Jones had passed as well. the one thing i don`t understand, is why didn`t we hear more about Peter Tork`s music after the monkees? i might be that it was a style of music that didn`t interest me, i do not know!! thank you Blip for letting us know about Mr. Tork`s passing!! RIP Peter Tork!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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saturday we ran out of heating oil

this is not exactly surprising as invalid parental unit insists that windows in invalid parental unit's room be open

in the middle of winter

and all because invalid parental unit can not really regulate body temperature


the oil fellow arrived - finally

and gave image.png.0b12006fd501013bc15a88f0c0929e75.png enough  oil to get through the night

"we will be back tomorrow"


so image.png.a5d9a0abc74760b5daa6a80868b1aefa.png spent all day waiting on the oil fellow to return

because image.png.4b508f11d71057b0100eb0aaefc20cfb.png thought image.png.165411bc357e8103d7d52a00adbd8f57.png would have to attend to the oil fellow

because image.png.29dec969b384c856ab43ce702ee45696.png did last time


after 8:00 PM image.png.e7350b802349cad6611b2f9c3407e007.png became concerned

"the oil fellow said he would returneth today" image.png.673445f23d047c4ecb57ec12e79a32b9.png mentioned in concern

"did you not hear the commotion this morning?" image.png.8a5d9dfa71fe11dfa5c446e95b908a5e.png was questioned

apparently the oil fellow did come back

at 6:00 AM


it certainly would have been nice if someone had informed image.png.fabfd26ce71abd6190ea0ed0e3e4039e.png earlier

waiting all day and thinking something was amiss or you were forgotten is exhausting

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the weather folks said that monday was gonna be very windy -

hurricane force winds -

but image.png.335ee6403beea3f75f1941c9cdf9767e.png has heard these "sky is falling" reports before

and chances tend to be more likely that the reports were more towards new jersey

than where image.png.b2fdfee7094c28827f66ce32a349196a.png is


image.png.c7eddff2bed4c40e0bee6e5f1ef10a70.png enjoys a nice LOUD nor'easter

image.png.6b12f6403cdedea7b01e5cfdf02ea66c.png suffered no large downed limbs

but at around 9 AM the electricity went out


there was absolutely nothing image.png.c7651bd6b7f800339d7840b59bfb8464.png could do

so image.png.46603968d3fef106205f5c83c679917e.png just rested in bed


at 3 pm - image.png.ceadce5e321cf6dc3abc4ae348c29480.png was searching for more toothepaste

image.png.829651a1b543fd56cbb0e69dc1faa684.png was convinced there were at least 2 more tubes

and - to assist image.png.e0981c79deba81c5787599d50f12aecb.png the lights magically went back on


however - image.png.d1e29f60ced2c37bf6c9307e7d000fdf.png did not get the internet back until 8 pm become the sudden power surge fried the modem


and invalid parental unit slept thru it all


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i hate it when we lose power. you lose touch with all your internet friends, and it seems like the end of the world!! i am sorry to hear about blips modem getting fried!! i`m glad blip got a new modem so blip could go online again!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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the difficulty with the internet being down is not that image.png.ab35e82e5cc038c07d210c8e3aaa6fd3.png's means of socialization is impaired

- image.png.d2902a3d656ad4e9261e7a9b3e296c69.png can survive that -

but if one makes an income via being able to get online

and there is essentially not enough income to pay for everything

one must grab at every job one can


so - when the internet is down - you simply can not work


PLUS - now that the cable is cut

and image.png.7207a299617604fa556b013b2f573bad.png is on Roku....

Roku runs off of one's wi fi


and invalid parental unit needs some form of entertainment

so television majorly important


thus far - everything is working

but they expect more inclement weather this weekend and on monday


image.png.0aa6885cc58f0d1317ba6f2a38fa819e.png keeps fingers and toes and eyes crossed

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hey blip, we have the same thing here!! except were supposed to get a 65% chance of snow for Saturday and Sunday, with a 6% chance of snow for Monday and a 25% chance of snow on Tuesday. the variance may be because i`m in Canada, and you are in Europe!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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it be snowing by image.png.f1c3dfb40c378239b84c0412a92b8437.png

already image.png.0dc53d1b2d1624220e8bb7b8e5089f68.png has well over 4 inches


but the reports are that there will be

6 to 9 inches



luckily, image.png.8d3c2b69b3aa9f029627be4bc80fc37e.png was able to get to the grocery store this afternoon

and many items not usually always available made an appearance

so image.png.15b5cf9ee53ba13a3af2f81788c06cf2.png and cohorts will be very well stocked for well over a week on food supplies


just one piece of grocery advise -

that Coke Zero Calorie that claims to be orange flavored

it tastes like bad orange soda mixed with flat cola

and an unwanted splash of vanilla


do not purchase

put on your shoplift list if you insist on trying it

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image.png.7466888908b991e33e1a2dbb4d74cef5.png can not afford to have image.png.8ff9408abc67b745c48772715345ca57.png 's driveway from hell plowed

it be a loooooong driveway

and image.png.3a169bca01aa277dff8b78166e3ead3c.png 's driveway is not paved

it is just gravel and stones


those that plow snow have become very snotty

and only want easy driveways -

driveways with pavers and blacktop or concrete

and the driveway can not be too long


you are willing to pay OVER $200 for just a single plowing

and that does not include sanding so it does not ice over


so image.png.04cb0e41ca948b83d0a1047a288eb001.png has to wait for help from a neighbor

or for the over 7 inches to melt and/or evaporate


on the plus side

even tho it is a relatively unpleasant trek up the driveway to check the mailbox

it has not proven impossible

image.png.b9ee2ce42c1b1064af47b8b13f0b7ff0.png puts on snow boots

image.png.887e4bc38f11a126833fbec35549330d.png raises image.png.8dd6e1d7caaaee12421a09d48d87ed34.png 's pant legs over image.png.d1e2b0f6b2113850e4a74c7a8b795623.png 's calfs

and image.png.14168495898d2fee56e912c4e1e8f447.png able to make the trek


the socks are coated with snow and soggy

so image.png.c4a7fb19de1372e3b860abd60672fdf4.png has to immediately change out of the soggy socks

but image.png.139a7051bafb9b14e5ca52cbb31a8f22.png aware it won't be forever

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image.png.f186d65df81532dd0fd067bc40382281.png getting seriously tired of hearing about the woes of taylor swift


if you have quite a number of relationships

where "the other" did wrong by you


and again

one after another

after another

there comes a point that somebody has to wonder

"is it them or is it you?"

it is kinda like image.png.a6ba00d7497354e76045a9473ac0eb4e.png's thoughts on elizabeth taylor

8 marriages?


could it be that perhaps liz was not a person who made particularly good choices in relationships?

could it be that liz did not have sound enough judgement to discern bullshit

or that this person might not be worthwhile hanging with

BEFORE putting in years and years?


now image.png.2cf5b4ad9cbdf7a6add0027727189662.png hearing how taylr swift dealing with a stalker


image.png.52564388002190b1c49afb3e11fa02c9.png sorry that swift being stalked

stalking really is wrong

but honestly

image.png.2bee0ec99255336714b228d415bf1f95.png really bored of hearing of how hard it is to be taylor swift


HEY TAYLOR - BETCHA WOULDN'T WANNA SWITCH WITH image.png.491354797ace1cceda6f3134d50cbc81.png

with fame comes consequences

suck it up and say Thank You

with sincerity to your success


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image.png.6f5a85d7f5f412e7310ffbe31f8b3dd9.png actually doesn't mind daylight savings time

image.png.7e274df65844b559b49b54a7ef051652.png blip kinda likes the sun still being around past 7 PM

what image.png.21e21bc33160578e9a66d7b9c976ed51.png don't like is being the one that has to set all the clocks

because apparently nobody here seems to have any comprehension how their clocks work

or the clocks in the living room

or the kitchen


so it just turned to daylight savings right at 2 AM

so 2 AM turned to 3 AM

and invalid parental unit wakes up and demands to have a meal


no matter what image.png.ea8250df69d81b39db0c61d070781221.png said

that eating at that hour was going to raise invalid parental units blood sugar well over 300

because taking another shot

at that hour is not the thing to do

- and then invalid parental unit informs image.png.df20742b53d93fd5fa166491426fbf79.png that image.png.2773bccd75aeed7394dbf74ee7b90c47.png apparently knows NOTHING about diabetes

even tho image.png.13a21cc99b5c785ac09d1c369610544f.png has had diabetes since elementary school

but that does not count


so image.png.32e67ad093f98e8ade33c6d575bf2b7f.png finally marches down to the kitchen to make the meal

because image.png.d1131775b1fe57535ba92e034113eae7.png just did not give a damn any more

only then to discover that invalid parental unit had shut the door in a hissy fit

because invalid parental unit did not care for not getting a meal IMMEDIATELY

and image.png.c9dda56acc01b17d2e380cb14c15b9c0.png discovers invalid parental unit has gone to sleep


evil, awful, obnoxious doggy was presented with a sandwich

which no doubt made evil, awful onboxious doggy go OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



evil, awful, obnoxious doggy then started screaming because EVERY meal must include a rawhide afterwards


image.png.ca02cd7f67d10e19a20943ff61f7eb48.png still exhausted


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image.png.cff1edfc277a607dacc18d99eb8c6930.png was bullied throughout school

image.png.79d606ca6e26c319fe1e58e199d6a7c0.png mentions this because it seems that the bullying is starting up again


image.png.232422691f30389fe67bcb268fbcf90b.png wandered up the long driveway from hell -

that a friend of sibling's shoveled all by his nearly 60 year old lonesome

and probably at risk of a heart attack -

to check the mail


there is a tree that overhangs the driveway

just as it turns from the garage and goes uphill


image.png.bd282392e5e748b837d1782a9ba9fe4e.png passed the tree and felt a tiny little snowball hit image.png.144a41476b859487cf2d0ec0b30ed1f8.png in the back of the next

image.png.a63b8d3f9a6f5394129fc703594fda8f.png looked up at the tree and there was a very loud squirrel sitting in the branch

image.png.c016cdde82200566a8634187ee8037a7.png went to get the mail

then returned

and just as image.png.f7df8c535214f55c22afe34861065ae6.png passed by the tree

image.png.8d4390995deaebbb47338ffa90e3c774.png was hit by a little piece of dirt

and the squirrel seemed to be yelling at image.png.c4c842d6791eec2fc7226c556f3f8fc2.png


apparently this squirrel has it in for image.png.5b39e89813b0832aa30de30a1719a16e.png

image.png.93476061a4c3c51c22e8f9c54ec53f61.png wonders if the squirrel is going to  make image.png.704f7f217d4c3b171a557f36304b76fd.png do it's homework too

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image.png.c65d645bed0e8dc14993479cf751bb40.png really likes this pict of the baby squirrel


image.png.3df17adeacf398b5f1e9c0351459d5bb.png was outside again today

and things are thawing

Spring is clearly just a few days away


As a result - the squirrels and chipmunks have started coming around more frequently

this could be due to the fact that last year a tree limb fell

but it did not break from the tree so it is still alive


this limb - while it prevents being able to mow the lawn -

has proven to be like a cafeteria for all the woodland fauna


image.png.dc1ba63b3ad6fcf8de4f6f0cb0331378.png walked by the tree overhanging the driveway like image.png.851786bb135cf5b06be05c62b6d62671.png did previously

and the squirrel was back

(image.png.2865c377069ebcb198939bcd158ce7c0.png recognized the squirrel with its little white mark above it's tail)

but the squirrel brought a couple of friends

and the three of them screeched at image.png.dbdf0cd5f123f76e17a828c46550fcf7.png



image.png.45156f3efc2236cec75161aaa034c4fb.png does not speak Squirrel but image.png.35af85972b16f2eda881f6191aa37844.png has a feeling they were making fun of image.png.403dd388dd96eeff6cd763f73066563c.png


1 squirrel is cute

a group of squirrels - that's a street gang

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A little squirrel joke:

A father and son went hunting together for the first time. The father said "Stay here and be very QUIET. I'll be across the field." A few minutes later, the father heard a blood curdling scream and ran back to his son. "What's wrong?" the father asked. "I told you to be quiet." The son answered" "Look, I was quiet when the snake slithered across my feet. I was quiet when the bear breathed down my neck." "But when the two squirrels crawled up my pant legs and said, should we eat them here or take them with us?" "I guess I just panicked"." 

Watch out for that street gang of squirrels @RunItsBlip

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image.png.2203fa406469f79a1d7606d938778088.png made a big blunder last night

NEVER go to sleep after watching a film that will depress you


image.png.16b3c239e52b66d5f62699f89f917983.png found the recent film - Stan and Ollie - online last night

as a fan of Laurel and Hardy image.png.ecd66c43e7339f2930a4ea21a1ff28f7.png decided to give it a look thinking that maybe it was about how the two became a team

- how it was Hal Roach who put them together -


sadly - it was not.

the film really takes place in the 1950s as the team or trying to reestablish their film careers

Laurel and Hardy went on a tour throughout Europe with the notion that that would help in bringing them back to the public's attention and garner the funding for the film

alas - the tour was their swansong


of ALL the comics from the days of Vaudeville very few survived passed the 1940s in the public's heart

TV - in the 50s - was not intelligent enough to allow Fred Allen to do what Fred Allen wanted

all we had left really was George Burns and Jack Benny

but once Burns and Allen went off the air due to Gracie's health we almost forgot about George until the Sunshine Boys

and then the respect for him was not what it should have been

he was treated like a relic of days gone by


Jack Benny entered official God status and his appearances became characters of  the persona he created


ONLY the Marx Brothers could have kept a foothold in film into almost 1960

the great Billy Wilder had a concept that the brothers so loved that they were eager to do another film together

but Chico was just not healthy enough

indeed - if Chico had been healthy enough the Marx Brothers - as a team - might have had a TV show


it is a tragedy that Oliver hardy's health gave out during the tour

and made him go into retirement


image.png.97852827d2b75c2a8b6569083f46ae49.png made a point of looking away in case there was a death scene

(spoiler - there isn't)

Stan and Ollie is a sweet film and really does display that the two really did love each other with the greatest of respect


what image.png.77dc77946cecb26a28ef6c4a5b73f2b6.png could not handle is when it stated that after Hardy died, for the next 8 years, until his own death, Laurel continued to write material for laurel and Hardy

and that Laurel went into retirement because he simply would not work with anyone other than Hardy


go in to learn about Laurel and Hardy

leave with a bitter sweet tale of what friendship and loyalty really is

Edited by RunItsBlip
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tomorrow invalid parental unit's medical team is sending someone to draw blood from invalid parental unit

image.png.ad7a8b08f7725f9d5a979968b051388a.png informed invalid parental unit a month ago

when this appointment was made

and invalid parental unit dismissed with invalid parental unit's traditional "who the hell knows"


image.png.44875b2c3de55ea5c600355bafc174b0.png LOATHES that because it is a demonstration that whatever image.png.cf6396d3cb515ce711a31124cd835336.png is saying is either being dismissed or ignored


today invalid parental unit questioned sibling

"is someone coming tomorrow?"

sibling said "yeah. to take some blood"

"ain't gonna happen" invalid parental unit responded

sibling tried to reason "they need blood to make certain that invalid parental unit's medications are working right"

invalid parental unit pointed out that invalid parental unit does not like needles

(image.png.8ce8d6cc5b4fef38252803304f660a80.png knows as image.png.c87ef4e3e1e3e40d37ce5b062c779649.png is the one who gets to do the insulin for invalid parental unit)


image.png.d22b904a241938bf1b0690a069dc013c.png has suggested "why not just hit invaliad parental unit with a 2x4? invalid parental unit should bleed then"

everyone looked at image.png.717d1625d2c7e25a08ef7c42d948475e.png blankly

HEY! it ain't a needle!



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image.png.717d1625d2c7e25a08ef7c42d948475e.pnghas a wonderful sense of humor!!!

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