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Thank you guys.


Now I am totally exhausted and haven't realised yet!... :D I worked four years for it but it took five because my university nedded a fifth(!) year till it was done. Yesterday I had the last oral exam (no jokes, please), now it needs to be published. I had a lot bad luck, because my professor got ill and I got a new one and have a quite bad relationsship to her. Which didn't make things easier. Anyway, it's historical science and the topic is "Crimes against humanity?: Early Nazi-trails under german jurisdiction in north-western Germany".


do you get to slice up people?


Yes, but only in my free time. It's more of a hobby, not a profession. :D

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we all need a good hobby!



interesting topic for your doctorate too



:blip: has a MA in humanities but so no reason to get a doctorate because :blip: didn't have the patience needed to teach.



i used to do alot of proctoring and tutoring while in college. the more intellectually lazy students made some complaints that i was "too difficult" they refused to comprehend that if they can not achieve a decent thesis statement for an essay then the rest of what ever they wrote on the page is going to be gobble-dee goop.


one grad student asked "my paper makes this hypothesis....what do i do if after the research it turns out not to be correct?"


i said to her that she could either do the research first before stating what the results of the study is or she could lie.


she actually chose to lie....and then wondered why her paper was not accepted.

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:blip: finally got to install the new operating system in his computer - and it took much longer than expected....but everything ultimately worked out flawlessly


now - supposedly - i should be able to install the bevy of new software i have been sent from various sources. the abode disk is causing some kind of odd issues in that the disk image can't be read. of course, we experienced this months ago when we first got the disk so this is not too surprising. it's just very frustrating.


even tho i have a wee bit o' paying work waiting for me i am determined to get this stuff installed tonite - so the work will wait till tomorrow. hopefully the work around on the disk i am attempting will succeed


if not - the shriek you will hear will be :blip: flinging his computer thru a window

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:blip: worked on the new software disks till almost 5 AM - but got to slumber fully victorious! not only an updated operating sysatem fully running smoothly - with the additional few utilities :blip: regularly uses - but all the adobe software :blip: wants and needs running too!


except for the operating system - much thanks must go to this great torrent site


now i merely have the less major software to install and then delete stuff and archive stuff


:blip: so enjoys getting new versions of software! it is like christmas morning with all new toys. growing up in a jewish household - however - kind of blemishes the image though. i suspect someone will tell me that because i don't go to a church that i can not play with my new toy if i consider it like a christmas gift in the midst of summer.


how about a birthday present then?


fine - you can play with it then.


:blip: never gets birthday presents though - so christmas will have to do



however - again - :blip: obtained about 8 new things so it's kinda like chanukhah gifts - one for each day!






oy! the guilt!

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Everytime I look here I see nothing but horses...

Why is that? :D

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Everytime I look here I see nothing but horses...

Why is that? :D



Dearest "ihno"


This is often a common occurrence when one falls asleep in a stable and/or often "dreams" about stable boys.


The person who "sees nothing but horses" might also have lowered his expectations within the dating pool and in viewing a possible "new acquaintance" might simply decide without a thought that any fellow might be - shall we say - "horse like"


On the other hand - "Everytime I look I see nothing but horses...Why is that?" could be a rather proudful boast. The "Why is that?" might be either a deceptive attempt at false modesty (ie - I am obviously so good looking nothing but horse hung fellows go for me) or the claim is not on the lower region but an allusion to the face (ie - What is it about me that I only attract guys who look like horses?)


Without proper analysis - and years of it at great expense - we might not get directly at the root of this dilemma or boast you are stating.





There is also the possibility that you got clocked in the head when a child on a merry-go-round and have developed a sever phobia to sight - resulting in everything looking like a horse.


management suggest some quiet rest time with a feed bag and some sugar cubes




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:blip: has managed to get all the new software installed and working



(never you mind how it was obtained! shhhhh!)



i don't think that these updated applications are exactly any improvement. microsoft entourage does not seem to come on any faster and for some odd reason a doc from MSWord would not copy and paste into the new version of Dreamweaver. :blip: did find a work around by saving it as a web page and opening it in Dreamweaver and then it cleaned up quickly


all the adobe stuff runs quicker and smoothly - including dreamweaver.


so - not surprisingly - the turd in the punchbowl is microsoft. i can see why people have been saying they prefer the previous version. but because i have to deal with so much PC crap i had little choice. plus, i like staying up-to-date.


all in all - it is fun just getting new stuff. it looks new and it spruces up the Mac in a happy way.

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:blip: has discovered that there is something funky going on with his internet browser.


since upgrading the operating system - and the browser - and some other pieces - not only is Safari not keeping passwords - but some pages just do not load.


it is very annoying - and from what bit of research i have done in trying to figure out how/ if this can fixed it isn't exactly something unique to me. (well - the password part isn't)


luckily, i also have firefox - which i have discovered has considerably fewer bugs and annoyances. it just starts up a bit slower.


i have gotten used to how safari does things so now i will have to get used to firefox to avoid the annoyances. hopefully when there is an update of safari these issues will go away. i am not counting on it tho. three macs in this house and each one has a different issue safari can't handle.


sometimes the best one can do is accept that theres nothing you really can do......






so you find someone smaller than you and you beat them up

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Tonites episode of So You Think You Can Dance seems to have featured Will getting as naked as is permissible for the show.


Both he and Twitch have repeatedly been shirtless.


Joshua has thus far only been featured in a pair of trousers that let us know he is jewish.


Josh tonite wore a shirt that showed "some" chest....but said that "it was just a hint as to what is to come"



Could it be that maybe Dominic from last season and Josh will be featured in the finale in a "spin on your head off" both naked? It could be pay-per view! Think of the ratings!


:blip: indeed has a solid future should he become a tv network exec

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thursday's are the nite So You Think You Can Dance dismisses two more dancers.


frankly, :blip: doesn't think the girls are as good as they were last year. katie tho does seem to actually be showing some good degree of growth however and :blip: is actually quite happy to see her still in the competition


as for the guys...


the two white guys simply can not compete with the black guys. (that sounds so racist - but if you are watching the show you know it isn't. will is a student with debbie allen....twitch and josh have had some degree of training as well)


the production that the five guys did actually i thought made josh - still who i am rooting for - look a bit out of place. it wasn't that he wasn't up to it.he was fine. it is just that the other 4 guys have these slimmer dancers bodies and josh really looks like a football player amongst them. just looked odd...sadly


frankly...with all the background will has i think it is almost unfair for him to be there. he so clearly is the best dancer there. it seriously shows.


the bird-looking mark wasn't voted off. i knew it would be either him or gev. i just find mark disturbing to look at....and i was surprised at how unhappy i was to see gev voted off.


it must be his lack of height


we short fellows must stick together

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:blip: loathes microsoft


every time :blip: has to use microsoft frontpage....and especially when uploading the new pages requires it be done thru microsoft frontpage - the program almost never fails to loose the connection and :blip: has to start all over again!


what should have taken merely an hours work became 3 hours


to make matters more frustrating....the PC's fan is sooooooooooo much louder than what :blip: is used to with his mac. with two fans already running in the room...the additional noise of the pc adding to the microsoft frustration made for a very frustrating evening



people are expecting to see me venture out tomorrow....but the heat is rather oppressive and lately i tend to be handling heat worser and worser.


suddenly me personage is requiring considerably less insulin than about 3 months ago. i don't appear to be loosing any weight despite the trying really hard to cut down on the junk food


maybe that could be why?


perhaps taking a 12 hour soak in the tub will help keep :blip: cool?





as long as it is soap free and i don't have to get wet it wil be safe

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so...in the middle of making posts....the browser decides to die



ever since :blip: installed the new operating system this has been a regular occurrence. the browsers can't connect to the internet but everything else can.


thus far - the only solution has been to turn off the modem and have the computer run a diagnosis and solve the issue itself. that is a serious pain.


i was in the midst of doing just that last nite. i unplugged the cord and ZAP all the electricity went out.


:blip: was convinced it was something he did. from what i could see from the windows - no neighbors had lights working.


when i called the electricity people they had a recording that somebody a town over had hit a tree and the tree knocked down a poll and it would be fixed by 7 AM.


to say the least - :blip: was freaked out as the computer did not get to be turned off properly and we were concerned that something might have happened. that anxiety, plus the fact that now none of the fans could run made for an extremely unpleasant and unrestful night. i pushed my cribby as close to an open window as possible for any coolness outside to help.


there was no electricity until 11:30 AM.


resetting every clock in the house is a real pain - especially the stereo. i gave up on that one. at least it isn't blinking at me any more.

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:blip: has switched from Safari to Firefox and the internet issue - with the browsers not being able to connect while everything else can - seems to have passed.



Safari has some helpful features that Firefox on the Mac does not - such as being able to view PDFs in the browser as opposed to having to download them. There is also a speel check - which :blip: most definitely needs. but at least Firefox remembers all the passwords and settings and doesn't crap out on the internet connection.



oh well.....i shall do my best to suffer through



i watched batman begins - or whatever its title was - on tv tonight. talk about filming in the dark. with everything in shadows and dark like that, this certainly is not a film for those feeling sun deprived.



before i tried watching a john lennon docudrama but it was so horrendously bad. plus -knowing lennon is killed when he is 40 made the entire thing too depressing.


ultimately i settled on Dexter. others in the family could not fathom what the hell was going on. i have only seen bits and pieces of a few episodes. all i know is is that dexter is a cop who is also a serial murderer.


what puzzeled me was -








why would anyone bother giving a cop a tv show? how is being a law enforcement officer supposed to entice audiences?






:blip: confuse-ed

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what a very long day. too many chores...and then finally get to do paying work at 11 pm










:blip: had thought the issue with the browsers losing internet connection was solved by changing browsers. apparently it now seems to have something to do with the routers firewall. now if :blip: turns it off all things seem ok.


this is not exactly the solution i was hoping for.




maybe just too tired

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sometimes the best one can do is accept that theres nothing you really can do......





so you find someone smaller than you and you beat them up


I'm a bit disturbed about where this conversation is heading.






Unless a blip is smaller than a sperm...



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I ran my own foot over with my own car this morning.


I left it in drive and didn't put the brake on properly and when the air con triped it reved up and rolled a couple of feet.


If only the swelling was in a different place.

Atleast its nearly gon now,

yes it hurt and

yes i'm bloody stupid

and no I won't do it again....


atleast not for a while

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tris is indeed a talented individual.



i once tried to chase myself down the street....but i ducked into an alley way and i lost sight of myself




"blip: 's favorite traffic incident was one from the HBO series Six Fee Under....




a woman is driving behind a truck filled with inflatable dolls. why these dolls were already all blown up made no sense. :blip: thought those kinda toys cam in flat envelopes so you could easily store the item in a file cabinet. anyways...the truck hits a dip in the road or something of the like which sends the inflatable dolls flying all over the place. the woman driving behind is convinced these are real people who are being "raptured" up to heaven. she leaps out in the middle of the highway pleading with god to take her to....and she gets hit by a car




tris....please do not drive with inflatable toys. you might injure yourself far more severly





PS - @ cool_a... :blip: is microbs smaller than a sperm

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There's only like 2 more weeks of So You Think You Can dance






it is becoming clearer that the final two guys that will be left will be Twitch and Will. Mark - who resembles a chicken - is (in :blip: 's less than humble opnion) is destined to be sent packing tomorrow. this wil leave Joshua to say goodbye next week



:blip: has been informed that josh sorta doesn't have a "dancers' build and that could be the reason why - while he certainly can give a good performance - there are times he looks a bit out of place. kinda like a quarterback on the chorus line.



not that this is such a bad thing. josh is much better to look at than the mark character. one sibling said of him, "he looks like someone should toss him a grape"

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so tonite was the nite on So You Thunk You Can Dance that another guy and another girl get voted off



while :blip: has been rooting for Josh - something about his demeanor, he seems so quiet and there is a strong humility streak in him - :blip: has had to admit that Will is clearly the guy there who without question is the best dancer. Will's training with Debbie Allen really shows thru. when the alvin ally troop was on, Will did a solo that outdid them! two of the dance numbers that he was in were truly the stand outs of the season.


so :blip: certainly expected that this week the chicken-looking guy (Mark) would likely go this week and then next week would be josh


twitch has no formal training - but he really takes control of the stage when he is on and knocks the ball out of the park in everything asked of him


so who two were the guys the voting audience went against? will and twitch!!!! and the ultimate vote was to vote will off!


this really makes no sense to :blip: from the looks of the others on the show there really seemed that at this point this season belonged to Will. he just simply is that good.


the chicken-looking guy was truly shocked that he himself was safe. when twitch was told he would have to do a solo he seemed truly stunned. joshua and the girls and even the judges were looking like "what the hell is the audience thinking???"


so - i would now say that this season belongs to twitch - or katee. as of late, she has been surprising me. her performace last night was superb. she stole the stage from twitch and owned that production.


:blip: will have to take over the show's voting so these errors don't continue

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:blip: has his computer set up in a wee little space under his rock



it seems every time :blip: enters this area....within 15 minutes the overwhelming need for a nap overcomes him



i am beginning to wonder if it is the lack of air - despite an open window....or maybe dust?



there is something about this room that puts me into a sudden coma. i would put the computer next to my crib - but that certainly would make it difficult to climb into the crib as there is already all sorts of collections within the cribby room as is. for example - under the crib is :blip: 's collection of MAD magazines. i have yet to find a naked picture of alfred e newman - but most certainly there most be one out there. also - there is a collection of the dog's toys. my crib seems to be the place of choice for them to store their stuff.


once :blip: woke up with a bone in his crib



not only wasn't it his own....but it was half eaten!

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since last evening we have been nursing one of our little dogs.


they are siblings - brother and sister. SHE makes HIS life a living hell - and HE completely submits not just to HER but anything and anyone



during the day HE was just fine - but at dinner time HE somehow injured his foot or hind leg. HE was most unhappy and had to be soothed beynd reasoning just so HE would come out from under the sofa. (HE appeared to be of the mindset that somehow it was HIS fault and/or HE would be punished - but HE acts like that so frequently it becomes difficult to tell if something is genuinely wrong or it is just another bout of doggy guilt)



for the rest of the eving he limped around - but HIS mood improved.


this morning both HIS appetite and mood were considerably improved - and he was not humoring HIS leg nearly as much - tho there was still limping



our suspicion now is that SHE did something to HIM. SHE has convinced herself lately that SHE runs the family and tries to discipline literally everyone in the house. we caught HER putting both her front legs on HIS back side to sit him down. either this is trying to nurse HIM or SHE is seriously beating the hell out of her brother



now :blip: understands what is meant by "bitch"

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while one dog continues to mend (HIS leg is a bot swollen but he is running around and being HIS old self although there seems to be a hesitation to jump on the sofa) the other one has decided to pretend she is injured.


when SHE is asked "Did you hurt your foot too?" SHE goes about limping. HER problem is forgetting which foot to limp on.



SHE got caught on that this evening.


"Oh! Poor baby! I thought IT WAS YOUR OTHER FOOT!"


immediately SHE stops the act - gives her "poor little orphan match girl" look - and then runs to attack HER brother. (apparently, not only is HE responsible for keeping HER safe - HE has to keep track of HER lies as well)



one would think they were an old married couple

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one more week until the olympics



:blip: does not particularly enjoy the opening ceremonies - with the exception of the one years ago in los angeles. that one was like a very long, tacky but well produced show that didn't seem to have much of a point other than hiring every extra in the county


since then - there has been a sad notion that every other country needs to come up to that high production. most are just freakish - like american idol on acid - but at least it is something to watch


:blip: is so eagerly awaiting a new tv season. we are addicted to tv watching after dinner under our rock - and the writer's strike was frustrating. now the long summer repeat syndrome is becoming quite disheartening. So You Think You Can Dance has only 2 more episodes left. america's got talent - at least - has finally gotten past the horribly produced auditions. it looks like over 1000 acts were sent through. i have lost track of the earlier acts already


i always enjoy the swimming, diving and gymnastics - things that i have no ability to do myself


it is a very good day when :blip; can walk across a room without tripping over himself



but at least the coma after hitting my head on the piano provides for the chance of lovely dreams....so long as they are not repeats

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the opening ceremonies..


hiring every extra in the county..


Back when I was knee high to a grasshopper I participated in the the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games when it was in NZ.




Not to say it was a solo presentation though...



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:blip: has had no sleep in over 24 hours



my laptop computer - my emergency backup and only real radio i have - completely lost its wireless internet connection



apparent the 600 series of the hewlet packard pavilions have this fatal bug in it - and i got hit last night.



i tried anything and everything i could think of to get it to work again for hours and hours - but it is a loss and i can not afford to replace it


now i have no radio and that makes it even more impossible with my serious insomnia. without the rdaio to listen to i can't fall asleep









very very very unhappy



from now on it looks like 3 hours of cleaning up after filthy dogs with nothing to listen to but people yammering at me and the dogs yelping



serious depressed

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