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Blip's Special of the Day

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:blip: didn't go out because they kept saying that any time in the morning it was going to rain and thunder and hail and lightening and locust.



all that happened was loads of humidity



it's kinda difficult to tell if you are succeeding in loosing weight when you are blown up like a sponge due to the humidity



tomorrow :blip: goes for his diabetes 3-month check up. usually i am asked, "how are things? any issues?" and there really is nothing to say - but the series of reactions and the rapid weight gain (tho everyone is claiming it doesn't show but i can't fit into too many pants and i feel like a blimp) should make a 15 minute visit go to an hour. the doctor is a nice enough guy - but diabetes is a secondary thing to him. his focus is thyroid and i just do not feel i am getting the best care i should get.



diabetes has become an industry and finding a doctor who specializes specifically with diabetes is becoming increasingly more difficult because the notion now is that a clerk can simply hand you a brochure, give you a prescription for insulin and off you go. it isn't like buying a pair of tennis shoes.



well...at least it gives me something to do tomorrow - trying not to get pissed off at waiting more than 30 minutes in the waiting room than 15 in the examination room and then get a short shrift lookover



medical care in the US is a hoot.

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sadly....room has been made for another deserving of the title "legend"





















(heaven's sense of humor is now that much smarter.....we amongst the living will laugh less and think even more seldom)

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:blip: either sleep walks or lives with people who will not take responsibility for their actions


we have two tiny little dogs. only if it is genuinely warm outside - it is the rule not to open the downstairs windows because the dogs will get the draft and be too chilly. while it certainly was plenty comfy out by afternoon - the morning air had a brisk nip to it. :blip: even regrettably shut his windows at bedtime. ( :blip: has a tree that just reaches his window and now birds have moved in. :blip: can look into the nest from his crib)


when i went downstairs for breakfast it was clear the dogs were a bit too cool. usually they sleep near each other but not huddled together. i quickly shut the windows and they quickly warmed up.


asking who opened the windows so early nobody could recall or simply said it was not them. we have 5 people here and the windows sure were shut at night time.



maybe people are breaking in to just give the dogs a cold?

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another new So You Think You Can Dance


tonight they "almost" had Joshua dressed up just right. he and his partner did the samba - whatever that really is - and Joshua's shirt was open. it would have been nicer if it was completely off - but we takes what we can gets.


as suspected - Joshua does indeed have quite an impressive chest


however - the pants....


even the judges made comment about the tightness of the pants.


luckily, :blip: has a wide screen digital TV....and it appears Joshua is jewish





(if you know what we mean)

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if you know what we mean


Hello Hello


What's this...






It appears multiple personality is developing.


Lucas is his horse, right ?




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of course Lukas is our trusty horsie...and he talks too



(especially when we decide not to take those pesky medications the family insist "help" :blip: )



tonight was a double :yahookf9: :yahookf9: on So You Think You Can Dance



not only did Dominic make another appearance...but danced. (it was nice to see that hawk guy too. he is quite impressive. :blip: barely manages to cross a room without falling down)


but the real happiness is chris ... aka "The Tree" finally got his walking papers.


at the risk of this person possibly seeing this....:blip: must state "The Tree" seriously had NO personality whatsoever....and he was just too freakishly tall. (altho it appears someone else might be a tad taller....it seems to work for them)


now...if someone on youtube could just "post" a "duet" of joshua and dominic all would be perfect in the world....







if you know what cool_a means

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again the infamous "they" promised all kindsa storms from last night until wednesday and al :blip: got was real bad humidity


the people who dole out to me what little work :blip: gets for pay are out of town for another week so :blip: could have afforded o have thunder and lightening keep him off the computer. one can only hope that when i climb into my little crib that there will be a rumble and lights outside will flash and it won't be the mother ship (again) coming to check on me.


i run a big fan (yes....it is cool_a standing there waving a big feather) at the side of my crib to keep the still air moving and offset the humidity. for a normal person, the noise would keep them awake. i find the whirling noise rather soothing and it never fails to lull me to slumber


:blip: must make certain that cool_a is fed plenty of radishes to keep that "whirling" sound....but aim him near the window

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where is the rain they keep promising????



today some of the family went berry picking. (mom wants to bake pies)


it isn't much fun crouching in the humidity in a damp field picking blueberries and strawberries....especially when a sibling likes to see if he can topple you by just tossing strawberries at you. :blip: was drenched and covered in berry liquids. to get even - :blip: ate a percentage of said siblings haul and plans later to throw up on siblings bed or in siblings slippers


tomorrow :blip: will replace all the clean q-tips in siblings bathroom drawer with used ones






never piss off :blip:

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again the infamous "they"




They will hear you.


They see all, they hear all, they read all.






If your salt shaker suddenly gets all blocked up, then you know they are angered.


They may well come after your pepper shaker next.



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I'm Black . . . I mean Back! ;)

Didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?

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:blip: rejoices at the return of brownsugar!


:blip: is trying to get serious about his diet - but with the humidity it is difficult to tell if weight is in fact being lost because :blip: blows up not only from veggies but from humidity.


my hair also has become a source of family amusement. the humidity makes it all puffy and stand on end and it looks like i have a pom-pom on the top of my head made of feathers. (:blip: - when he was microscopic - used to never take off his red sox baseball cap because :blip: felt he had large ears and felt the hat helped hide this.)


i might have to either shave my head or wear a hat if this weather keeps up.


or i can beg the folks to invest in air conditioning once again,

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it took too much juggling to (a) get the doctor to understand that because of how i successfully deal with my diabetes, jury duty really becomes an impossibility and (B) getting the court people to acknowledge the letter the doctor sent with the exact wording they - the court- dictated - say needed to be phrased.


the doctor did not seem to realize that one doesn't get to eat or do a blood test or even pee when ever they feel the need during a trial. one has to get the judges permission. if a bathroom break is needed - if testimony is going on - the judge will request you simply hold it in and wait until the questioning is done. it makes sense because otherwise the flow of the statements gets broken. but the doctor did not fathom this


i pointed out these issues on my last exam and that the court sends a form that has a check mark next to medical excuse. the guy did not know about the damn form!!!


this oddly put a whole new spin on things and he asked for a copy and my notes and decided he was going to ask the court himself if anything any diabetic would need to care for themselves would be provided during jury duty. three days letter the doctor's office called to say they were sending the letter.


today i get a form from the court acknowledging the permanent medical excuse - but i have to AGAIN give them all my contact info. OK



but the form says that i shouldn't be surprised if i hear another jury duty summons in the future...and if i do that i should contact them to tell them that the excuse is already on file.


they actually leave themselves an out to ignore their own paper work!




why even bother?



just kidnap people and MAKE them do jury duty...and at the end of the day offer them $1 and an apology

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it finally rained...and thundered and lightening too!


it was difficult getting out of bed for everyone in the household due to the storm lulling us all into slumber.


by noon it seemed to lag off and it appeared that the rain cooled things...but within 30 minutes it became oppressively hot and humid. but then - it stormed again! we had 5 thunderstorms pass through. it would have been nicer if one really major one happened overnight. :blip: enjoys a nice loud nor'easter to pass out to.


the household complains that :blip: sleeps through everything - storms, fires, movies, driving, funerals....


:blip: gets bored easily and finds the best way to get out of a boring situation is simply to pass out


take for example when one sibling was instructing :blip: in using a new online business source.


first, she said, you sign in here and then :blip: imagined he was being chased by dozens of spanish speaking bunnies. they wanted concert tickets which i did not have


it might have been around the time the raft we were on turned into a car and :blip: was driving from the back seat that :blip: lost track of what he was being told


"are you getting any of this?"




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:blip: regularly visits Benjamin Bradley's MySpace page. :blip: just likes looking at Ben...and wishes :blip: could have a build like that. yesterday i discovered that all the blog entries have been removed. this is more than unfortunate. the entries tended to be little videos and were quite entertaining. i also noticed that the status changed from "single" ti "in a relationship" :blip: suspects that Benjamin Bradley's new significant other might be the reason for the banished blog entries.


but there wasn't anything in the blog that could be considered unloyal or cheating. maybe the dancing around in his undies?



tonite was So You Think You Can Dance.


i must say - this Twitch fellow certainly has some significant abs. i still prefer Josh tho. there is something about how Josh really is able to take complete command of the stage. and he has thus far nailed everything tossed at him.



:blip: is related to a professional dancer who considers Twitch a natural. said professional feels Joshua does not have the classic dancers build - whatever that is.


i think it is the Gene Kelly v Fred Astair battle going on. :blip: has alwaysa been more a fan of Kelly than Astair



this could explain the preference as the professional prefers Fred



we both agree.... none of the white guys really can compete with Twitch, Joshua or Will


those three are serious contenders

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for someone who can' - and doesn't and will not - dance, :blip: is becoming a very good judge


tonite on So You Think You Can Dance they said goodbye to two more people....the very one's that from last nite :blip: was certain were going to be shown the door


if my track record for this season stays intact then the final 3 will be will, twitch and josh (tho the judges seem to like thayn - if that is the right spelling. thany's got this bizarre smile that looks so pasted on - but sadly it seems to really be the way he smiles and therefore there aint a damn thing he can do about it)


today :blip: made a strawberry pie. this was a first as :blip: 's cooking abilities have never ventured into desserts before. reports from the folks in the household are that it was a raging success....especially the fresh whipped cream that :blip: refused to consider fully whipped until it was nearly butter


maybe it is me.....but heavy cream does not seem as "heavy" as it was when i was little-er. there is so coating of fat that you should get in your mouth when you take a spoonful.


my uncle says this is due to the fact that the US used to be able to get aaa grade cream - like in europe - but no more


:blip: wonders why

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a raging success....


... fresh whipped cream


...coating of fat that you should get in your mouth


Is this some subtle type of sex diary ?


Are you actually discussing intense sexual encounters with strangers ?







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:blip: is an innocent and when :blip: discusses whipped cream he actually means whipped cream


some of us just dwell in the gutter....don't we?


:blip: 's rock is near the gutter but not actually in it.



cooking is sort of a hobby of mine - since everyone else in the household for a while had been too busy some years ago to make dinner and it fell on to moi. i would have been happy enuff with macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly - but the diabetes made that sort of diet impossible. hence, i learned to cook. and because what little monies i make i obtain by working from home, i am almost always the one now that prepares dinner.


i could share recipes - but i know coo_a finds that sort of thing offensive and we must keep strictly to discussions about religion, knitting and penises.





now then - anyone know what goes into spotted dick? or is it something that got on it?

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:blip: thought he could save $$$$ by using torrents to obtain the latest Mac operating system.



whoever posted the torrent put it on a double sided DVD. :blip: should have heeded the warning regarding the double sided DVD issue as :blip: has no means to use or burn on such a thing.



i thought that somehow i could "outsmart" this and somehow get the whole thing onto a disk for storage after installing....but no dice.



what i did manage to do was cause major havoc on my computer - resulting in my having to reinstall the initial operating system and then all the updates and then get everything set back the way it was. that got us to 4:30 am



today we are 95% back to where we were - which is good enough. the remaining 5% wil keep until the OS gets updated because i surrendered and purchased the software the legit way.



:blip: feels shame but relief

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tonight :blip: finally got to see The Simpson's Movie.


i must say - i found it far more entertaining than the TV show. admittedly, i have not seen the show for a bit. i almost hoped the movie would have been just a teeny bit longer.


what i really noticed was the credits. is it moi, or does it appear that it takes many more folk to put together an animated film than one with all live actors?


also - even tho we have a fairly large screen tv, most films nobody can read the credits - even if we get up to the set and try to read them. most films make the credits microscopic. the ones here were nicely legible.


:blip: has some family members who work in the entertainment industry. no xxx rated stuff.


oh well.


maybe a grandparent can obtain Lukas Ridgeston's autograph for me?

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The Simpson's Movie.


i found it far more entertaining than the TV show.




I am a big fan of The Simpsons... I haven't seen the movie yet. Basically waiting until it comes onto tv.


The most recent series of The Simpsons aren't even particularly funny, so I've been in no rush to see the movie.


Nice to hear you enjoyed it.



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much of the family was interested in seeing the film to view Bart's "doodle"


the creators of the film put in the nude scene for admittedly gratuitous reasons.


those that are REALLy into XXX cartoons will have to watch for it really quickly.


from what one could tell - at the tender age of 10 - bart simpson looks like he will be very - er - uh - "popular" when he grows up.


and for those seriously dwelling in the gutter.....he is yellow all over




(is this technically a spoiler?)

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:blip: is sooooo mega tired from very long unpleasant day


i seriously thought i was except from having any responsibility regarding getting a parent's car tuned up. another sibling was going to handle this. i was slated to assist another in taking the dogs for their annual check-up at the vets. imagine my very unpleasant surprise when i am ordered out of bed early in the morning - well...early for me - to go and pick up this sibling because after 3 hours the car is still not ready and the mechanic wants to do a whole bunch of things to the car that clearly are not needed. (this sibling walked into the place obviously and they knew they had a live one)


so i was denied both my breakfast and my am insulin shot.


sitting at the mechanic's garage - not air conditioned - for over an hour....it is a wonder i did not collapse


then...with less than 30 minutes to spare getting back home i get to force feed myself a lunch and get the leashes on the dogs


another sibling and i head out to the vet and when we get there there is a "closed" sign on the door. it turns out the receptionist was sick and the vet was not sure he had any appointments - so he was hiding out in the back. after my having a fit - sibling finally called the doctor and he was happy to see us.


then...back home......clean up the mess the dogs had made earlier...that i did not get to do earlier because of the fiasco at the mechanic's...prepare dinner.....shower....and pass out for little over an hour when someone else booms into my crib and whines "are we eating or what?"




what an unpleasant lot


but to make matters more appealing....there was an ozone warning today due to the massive amount of humidity


don'tcha love breathing air thru a wet dishrag?

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Yeah, there's something to mention from my side. Little Ihno became a doctor today. :)

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LITTLE IHNO is a doctor now!


:blip: rejoices!


what kind of doctor? phd? md? do you get to slice up people?


of course one does not actually need an diploma to slice people up - but society does seem to frown on those that do so without all the proper forms filled out.


tonite was another episode of So You Think You Can dance and joshua finally got to show some chest! he certainly has the pecs - but apparently twitch and will both beat out josh in the abs department. ( :blip: still prefers josh's impressive shoulders)


while not exactly a favorite - i do have to say that gev was quite impressive tonight. while the choreography was very solid all evening, nobody had a really "great" performance and it looks like the girls really are not as strong as they were last year.


what surprises me more is that while i really have no actual idea about dance - i find myself being able to judge things more solidly. i quickly made my criticisms and was surprised to hear the judges echo my comments.


perhaps i should produce my own series?


last season they asked all the dancers what they wanted to accomplish and dominick said he had hopes of spinning on his head naked.


:blip; knows a ratings grabber when it is offered

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Big congrats Ihno.


How many years of work has this taken to achieve ?







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