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poor al



:blip: understands all too well that feeling of cabin fever


since someone else (not :blip: - :blip: was in the passenger seat and at the point of impact) smashed :blip: 's car he is at the mercy of trying to get rides from others if he wishes to get anywhere. my schedule never seems to mesh with anyone els in the household so i am regularly either having to cancel plans or leave when i really am not ready to go. and if :blip: is on time - :blip: is late. i hate getting someplace JUST in time. i want to get to the restroom so i won't have to bother later.....get settled into my surroundings...choose the seat i want....all that kind of stuff


if the opening credits are already rolling on the screen i would rather get a later show or just go home. i feel i missed something. (:blip: knows for certain that the coming attractions are in a code and are about :blip: )


tomorrow i get an eye exam so my vision will be highly impaired all day. hopefully by nightfall i will be able to focus more clearly. i should have prepared a dinner to just pop into the oven once we got back from my appointment - but making lasagna is not big deal and it will give me an excuse to listen to radio in the kitchen - as opposed to holed up in my room) for a change

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I know what you mean about having to work on other peoples schedules. I too like to be early and cannot stand getting somewhere either just in time or late. And what really gets to me is when we get to a movie early to make sure we get the seats we want and then some loon who shows up at the last minute wants us to move over to accommodate him! I hope all goes well with the eye exam and just so you know, lasagna is my favorite dish, so enjoy.

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second nite in a row with a killer diabetic reaction


it has been soooooo long since :blip: last ate lasagna that it has proven difficult to properly figure out the insulin dosage


hopefully really cutting back on it tomorrow will negate the problem


it appears i slept thru a killer thunder storm. i was told it woke up the dogs and everyone else in the house in the wee hours of morning. :blip: is distressed that with everyone else in the household wandering the hallways thinking the trees were about to fall on us that no one came to see if :blip: was dead or not.



:blip: is not insured for that much. maybe that is why


again the weather report just before bedtime made no mention of rain. when i woke up and saw that there was no way the lawn could be mowed because it was soaked i thought all the raccoons perhaps had suddenly suffered with a major bladder infection. puddles everywhere.


next sunday :blip: is to attend a classical concert. while this sort of thing is not exactly to :blip: 's liking - at least it gets :blip: out of the house. only if i get to control somehow when we all leave will i be able to sit in a more enjoyable place - one of the balconies would be nice. there the viewing is unobstructed and if you are bored - as i expect to be - i can pass out without major distraction to the entire audience

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it is still spring and today was the first day of summer temperatures. this wouldn't be so unpleasant except we have no air conditioning here. there was a difference of over 10 degrees from upstairs to downstairs. (maybe :blip: shouldn't have opened his bedroom windows for fresh air??)


actually, it was fairly comfortable for 85 degrees with humidity. monday threatens to press towards 100 - and :blip: has a doctors check-up. on such days :blip: would rather lay under a fan and suck - - - -


(you people can be so crude!!)


on TV tonite was the 3rd Shrek movie. :blip: enjoyed it just for the brilliant computer art work. everyone else in the household seemed to enjoy it to - even thru mom's snoring. the film was on after Mr Bean Takes a Holiday - not one of his better films but we always enjoy Mr Bean



(and no - Mr Bean is not cool_a......so far as we have heard)

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cool_a threatened to sue if it was mentioned...


My ears have been buzzing for the last week or so.


Now I understand why.


Mr Bean is not cool_a...


Today they started burning.


No wonder.







Time for an entry...


Dear diary


Am still waiting to see if I am invited to attend a second job interview for a company I attended last week. An hour long interview, which required a 6 1/2 hour return car journey to attend.






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I hear ya!!


This week I was traveling for 6 hours one way to a meeting that lasted 20 minutes :glare:


and as usual it was a senseless waste of time :angry:



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:blip: has you all beat!


:blip: traveled over 8 hours across the might sands in order to attend an event....where it turned out :blip: was not expected. every time :blip: opened his mouth butterflies seemed to fly out.



horsies were galloping off in a distant pasture and :blip: strolled to see them closer ... but the lawn turned into a candy shop and a display of sticky taffy fell all over :blip:


:blip: was struggling to get free of the confection for what seemed like hours - and no one would assist. :blip: tried to yell for help but could not get an audible sound out.


after hours.......and hours....and hours.....










:blip: managed to free himself of the linen that was wrapped around him so tightly it nearly was cutting off his air supply





and went downstairs for a late breakfast of cotton candy and butterflies







(later that evening :blip: tried to view "Hairspray" - the musical version - on TV....but just really couldn't stomach it)

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is Ecstasy not a nice thing to have ? :lol:



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:blip: had had a doctor's check-up today - but the doctor's office called to cancel. seems they did not want anyone coming out in record heat that really had no medical emergency or need to.


how nice of them.


of course, do to the heat, :blip: canceled a meeting that he had in the early evening. the meeting place has no air conditioning and a couple of years ago :blip: collapsed from the heat.


i had always wondered what fainting was like. turns out that because i was unconscious throughout it i missed it dang!


:blip: spent the day staying wet and staying under the fans - which are still running into the night and will remain so overnight so the dogs are ok.


the exciting thing occurred at the end of the day, checking email, :blip: learned that Dennis Kuccinich at 7:30 pm took to the floor of the House and introduced Articles of Impeachment. It took him hours to read all 35 counts. frankly, :blip: is extremely dubious as to anything really being followed through on this. Dennis read Articles of Impeachment for Rove months and months ago and nothing occurred.



one wonders why Pelosi has to obstruct justice.


:blip: suspects Nancy's hands are as shit coated as the bush crime family's.


if i was in california i would vote for cindy sheehan without hesitation

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the heat wave finally broke this evening - with a all too brief storm with thunder and lightening.


:blip: seems to be the only one in the household who vastly prefers colder weather. every summer the fans get hauled upstairs and the most annoying part s how loud they are. once the rain started and there was a strong breeze the fans got shut off - and again :blip: was reminded how damn loud these machines are.


:blip: actually sleeps better when there is lots of noise about - so the sound of the fan in his room (and Lukas' clipping his hoof nails) always lulls us to sleep. in waking hours - however - the noise is so bad that one can not hear ones self think.


as soon as the fans were off :blip: was able to hear the unmistakable sound of a squirrel whirling around on a treadmill in his head.....




so mentally "blip: remains sound

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no fans needed today!


the house was not deafening for the first times in days.


right now - at the very moment of this typing - the news is reporting how Oprah Winfrey is the most "powerful" of celebrities. is it just :blip: - but what is with this oprah worship? frankly, :blip: has found damn near every book oprah said to read was horrendously bad. (even the author of Bridges Of madison County said he really does not want to be known or remembered for the book because it is - his words "sub-par") i just find people who truly believe that they are in a position to tell other people how to function is this world way to pretentious to be bothered with or taken seriously.


:blip: knows how to empty any gay club - scream "I HATE MADONNA!"


years ago madonna said "every man should know what it is like to have another mans tongue in his mouth"


uh - why?


this presupposes that every female knows what it is like to have another females tongue in her mouth.


what if the guy is genuinely straight and really has zero desire to kiss another guy like that? that automatically means he has a sexual hang-up?


madonna is so hung-up on terms of sexuality - witness her insistence that only she is liberated - that her entire being is a world of obfuscation





plus :blip: thinks madonna is a horrendously bad actress. hell - she made Evita a snooze-fest!

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every man should know what it is like to have another mans tongue in his mouth


I would have said is was more important for every man to know what it feels ike to be given a blowjob by another man.


Oops. am I getting a bit too philosophical ?



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I would have said is was more important for every man to know what it feels ike to be given a blowjob by another man.


Oops. am I getting a bit too philosophical ?



cool_a is always so meta-physical.


a sibling has been in desperate need of a new computer. he does everything with an old PC laptop and has been trying to raise funds to buy a cheap one. there was even a friend who said that for $400 he could build one for him.


imagine :blips: surprise today when - while no one was home early this morning - and :blip: was still too groggy to be able to negotiate around possible dog droppings - a delivery of a new desk top computer is made.


it seems that siblings employers has decided to simply purchase the computer for sibling.


:blip: is jealous and really pissed off now....especially cause :blip: has already be asked to set the damn thing up. :blip: could use a more powerful PC himself. (Lukas has downloaded so many things from any site offering pony downloads, heavens only knows why the PC runs so damn sluggish now. luckily, :blip: 's main computer is a Mac)


tonite was So You Think You Can Dance's first result show. i has to say i am rather disappointed at the first guy to be dismissed. there are two freskishly tall guys - one looks like a chicken and the other has the "personality of a tree" (according to nigel who is correct.


there is one guy :blip: is cheering for - Joshua


:blip: can barely walk across the room - but has family members who dance professionally. the following ain't easy...not only the PERFECT unison...but the move where Joshua is brought back to his feet like he is on a rubber band.


truly flawless.....the dance as well as the shoulders!

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:blip: was very surprised to hear of tim russert's sudden death today


journalistically - :blip: seriously had issues with ALL the official corporate media. punches have been pulled since the 80s in order to protect the corporate bottom line. reagan started it and clinton - with the communications bill - totally destroyed what integrity was once there.


for years :blip: has not bothered with network news and as a result has become far better informed. (there is just no journalism in the US. one is forced to use the internet and get information elsewhere)


ALL the journalist were well aware that bush/cheney's lie about weapons of mass destruction was garbage. anyone paying attention knew we were being lied to. if the US journalist had bothered paying attention to what they had reported the day before they would have to admit that what they are reporting today just does not compute.


the press release is never the story. any time a politician/governmental agency or government puts out a press release the REAL story is what is REALLY behind the press release. today, people like russert merely repeat the press release and think that that IS the story.


that harshness said -


there is no doubt that, for tim russert, his family came absolutely first. the adoration for his father, his wife and his son was all too clear to dispute.


in that itself - one certainly can forgive any foible. ultimately, he knew what really was important.

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so the sibling with the new computer - from the employers - set the thing up today and :blip: is mega jealous. it has like 500 gig of storage and a 22 inch flat screen monitor with real high resolution.




:blip: was informed that there is a certain party that likes to buy major electronics as a comfort sort of thing that this person never keeps. usually he either returns it or he sells it for a fraction of the initial cost. :blip: supposedly will be kept in mind - via this sibling - should such a deal come about.



we remain highly doubtful tho.



the new computer runs a version of vista that is one rung above :blip: 's pc's being able to handle. the micosoft thingy that checks compatibility also warned of some wireless connection issues that "might" occur should vista be placed on that computer.


so -


best to leave things alone

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:blip: heard very upsetting news today.


apparently there is some seriously deranged anti-child cretin in a town nearby who does not like kids riding bikes in their own neighborhoods. taking things into his own deranged hands, he strung some fish line across the street and it killed an 8 year old boy.








there isn't anything to add to that...other than being both very depressed and enraged at the same time

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:blip: is exhausted.


early early appointment today followed by many involved household chores that involved going about town



then - not only new work assignments but an important favor only :blip: was able to assist with...involving restoring files to someone else's crashed computer.



tomorrow :blip: has to go out again....mail off the CD of retrieved files....then another meeting early in the evening



:blip: is suddenly high in demand



i wonder if anyone is going to ask for my autograph

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so....what happened to the weather?


just a couple of days ago :blip: was bitching about the very unpleasant heat and humidity and now - especially at night - it is getting downright cold.


once we open the windows for the season we kinda expect to be able to keep things that way until late autumn. obviously, there is something to this global climate change stuff. there have been a series of tornados around the area - and :blip: does not dwell in areas that have ever been known for such things.


the residents of one place say that they are certain that they were hit be a tornado - but the "authorities" say that it was just a water spout (or something like that)


this town is relatively inland - and there was no water involved.


maybe :blip: simply is no longer capable of believing "authorities" here in Cheneyland - but what would be the motivation to tell people that they did not experience what too many say they did when all the damage that goes along with a tornado and not a water spout is all over the place?

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There are so many different potential conversations your diary could start.


You talk about "the real story behind the press release", which leads me to an observation.


Okay, it's a little bit obtuse, but I don't expect thats a problem.





One of the channels my tv has is China TV. Basically a channel in English played across China and available to the rest of the world as well. It is fundamentally a news channel, as well as a vehicle for the usual propoganda as you would expect..


But, it is fascinating to see the perspective relative to world events. For example, the war in Iraq from Europe's perspective rather than Americas.


Being from NZ, our news is pretty much funnelled through the Western world news media. To see alternative perspectives on world events is fascinating. For example, Japan's commentary on the recent politics in America etc.


There is no doubt the items shown are in line with China's perspective, but I find it really interesting to see the same news event from totally different angles.




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as many say here in the US - "the news has been canceled"


if :blip: wants to know what is going on in the world, :blip: listens to progressive talk radio and watches BBC on cable. sadly, the BBC provided on our cable ystem is BBC America so it gets a filter - but it is certainly more involved than anything the networks here ever say.


:blip: is very sorry for the russert family for their loss - but the extent of the coverage on MSNBC today with coverage of the memorial services for Tim Russert i honestly started to feel was an exercise in network masturbation. ok - russet was a big player in political journalism and was loved by many. but it seems to me the coverage was going beyond what we give to presidents.


russert worked for NBC. so let them mourn. i get that. but larry king on CNN has nothing other than this to discuss as well? does larry king have any curiosity in the world? he considers himself insatiably curious yet he has never used a computer and swear he never will. nd he wants to know everything?


hu huh.



at least a new So You Think You Can Dance was on


:blip: still is rooting for Joshua. (so well built - good looking AND humble) but that Twitch guy seems a real natural born dancer - and he danced with an open shirt and he sure ain't anything to sneeze at.



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:blip: has decided "blip: must loose weight.



family says "maybe 10 pounds" but :blip: feels 15 would lead him back to where he felt best



the difficulty is that the diet is already so controlled that - other than the horrifying notion of actual exercise - there ain't that much to cut



some studies have come to light recently that lack of sleep can also cause weight gain. :blip: feels that this really might be at the root of the gain. with chronic insomnia. however, it is difficult to get oneself to be willing to just lay in bed for hours hoping sleep finally comes. as it is, :blip: already does that



but i suspect there isn't much choice



so - for someone with no athletic ability or finances to join a gym and get a personal trainer - are there any low impact exercises a person can do that will not only trim a waist but will build some stamina?


masturbation only seems to work out the wrists









:ww: has very strong fingers

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:blip: had yet another one of those really pesky diabetic reactions again today


despite insulin adjustments the system seems to want even less than expected. counter balancing the low blood sugar sure was not helpful in the goal of loosing weight. so tomorrow again we shall attempt for a first official start to shed the additional weight.


because the diabetes has decided to do what it does despite excellent control - that might be the reason for the sudden increase in weight. hard to tell for sure. but the 15 pounds MUST go.


we had a wonderfully loud storm today. they keep occurring in the middle of the afternoon though and not late at night when it would be far more highly appreciated. ( :blip: is now hearing rumbles of thunder at midnight now. :blip: is hopeful. a good loud storm could do wonders in helping one pass out.)


the weekend promises to be an active one with visits to and from people. whether or not it will be enjoyable is another issue

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pesky reactions


Are you type 1 or type 2 matey ?


I'm a recently diagnosed type 2.





Hey.. let's share notes on a deadly disease...



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:blip: is type 1 and has been nearly from early childhood when :blip: was tiny-er than :blip: is now


:blip: again made a pastafest for dinner - but no reaction this time. we seem to have settled on a proper evening dosage now. how it is that my persn has decided that suddenly i need so much less is a curiosity. the morning dosage might have to be reduced even more


:blip: has fantasized about "diabetic holiday" - it is when the pancreas suddenly decides to work for real and no insulin shots are needed and one can function like a regular person. in some cases of this rarity the diabetes didn't come back - but usually it does. sadly - it is reportedly very very rare


tomorrow they threaten major thunder and lightening storm! ( :yahookf9: ) but it might mean that the excursion in the morning might have to be canceled


so....it's sleep in time!




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The body is certainly a complex thing.


I was actually very lucky.. it was diagnosed for me when I was applying for income insurance. Hence I began the protective meds before any of the usual damage leading to diagnosis.




tomorrow they threaten major thunder and lightening storm!


Hey.. there are always people worse off matey.


The forecast is for a storm coming up from Antartica, here.


I kid you not.




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