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Blip's Special of the Day

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How was your day today? Anything interesting that you would like to share - or, better yet - would be devastated if anyone found out?


(feel free to make crap up - especially if it is about someone else)



blip reports -


a relative started jury duty today.


the judge wears an eye patch and kind of looks like a pirate.


the defense attorney has touretts syndrome.


the clerk resembles martin short's character in "father of the bride"


blip looks forward to detailed reports!

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Well.. it didn't happen today, but it did happen recently.


At work, I received my very first obscene phone call.





He didn't heavy breathe or anything, it was quite civil really.


Until I hung up.



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blip salutes politeness!

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@Cool_a, you bastard....do you know how much that call was costing me??? At least you could have let me finish!!! :angry:

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today blip honestly thought that blip wasn't going to have much work to do today. (blip makes tiny bits of cash doing clerical types of stuff for sites.)


blip went out feeling that not much was going to be overlooked...and then after midnight a fountain of emails to update this and that and the other.


having 2.50 hours at the end of the day is not what blip looks forward to when blip thought he was going to have spare time to bathe Lukas and braid his tail - Lukas's not blip 's.

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At least you could have let me finish






For sure Nivek.





I work upstairs, but was downstairs training someone, when the phone rang a few times without having been answered, so I picked up the call myself


Good afternoon, this is *work place*


Hello, is Adrian there..


I'm sorry, we have no-one working for us with that name


Is Adrian there, you know, gay Adrian


Ummm.. sorry ? This is *workplace*. We have no-one working for us with that name


Well, how about you ? How about sucking my cock. How about it ? Are you down for it ? How about it, would you suck my cock ?


Ummm.. sorry sir, we have no-one here with that name. Good day


As I hang up the phone.... There is a gaggle of woman working downstairs. I'd dread them having that type of phone call.


It went a bit longer, but that is the basic conversation.









Has anyone else ever experienced something like that ?





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gee.....Amway is getting more agressive



or was it ARRP?

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only one thing... are we staff members the only customers in Blips bistro ?

since we are here only for the free meals, the chef really should start looking for some real paying clients ....



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blip agrees


the bistro serves more when more stop in. Lukas is quite social and can not get enuff carrots to nibble on

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blip was sorta bummed out that the relative that was going to be on the jury with all the curious characters has been dismissed. (either there was a plea bargain or they couldn't get enuff folk for the jury)


blip so enjoys people watching. it provides the greatest amusements at times


as for the evening....


blip was a wee ill this evening (a diabetic thing) and that's never a fun thing


once the sugar high wears off perhaps then passing out will be an option


anyone else get too hyper when sugar is consumed?

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this is what happens when you go to bed really really late that it is actually early......





you wake up at 3 in the afternoon



really odd [art - no one else in my household noticed/woke me up/was awake themselves


maybe we were gassed?


perhaps we need to lay off the leafy vegetables?

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perhaps we need to lay off the leafy vegetables


I would suggest it is probably a good idea to buy a mattress.


Cabbage and cauliflower can't be that comfortable to sleep on...






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Well, I wish I had something interesting to talk about, but alas I do not. My biggest disappointment yesterday was that I spent all day downloading a torrent file that I thought I would get to enjoy this morning and it turns out that all I got was 2 hours of AUDIO!

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audio can sometimes be fun


i spend most of my days listening to talk radio




oh....you meant "dirty stuff"



well if animal sounds are not exactly your liking...perhaps these will change your mind


blip is partial to the whale singing





otherwise...today i spent hours trying to upload an update to a site...but Frontpage kept loosing the connection


it was never my idea to use Frontpage



blip hates Frontpage...but it was what the people who originally designed the site made it in and at present they can not afford to have me change it to something less obnoxious



(and it isn't a dirty site.....blip leads a private and clean life)

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Well, thanks for the sound site and I'm sorry you are having trouble with your 'uploading'. Hmm, I hope others read your comments first or I may have just started some horrible rumors on your part (no pun intended, although it does make a pretty good one.)

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blip luvs a good....uh...pun



the trouble with holidays (tomorrow being memorial day) is that it puts a wrench in my radio listening. the only show that i can find lately that i could tolerate was a "best of"


why do radio shows call repeats "best of?" it is not necessarily really a "best"


i am bummed out that The Tudors has only one more episode this season. the show ended with so many beheadings. blip is not much into blood sport so blip kinda turn away. (Lukas started channel surfing...but it is difficult when you have hooves and not fingers)


i am surprising myself with how much knowledge i have in my tiny skull regarding henry viii


does anyone know if he has ever visited our forum?

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"i am bummed out that The Tudors has only one more episode this season"


I am only into the fourth episode of the second season, so no beheadings yet. I am really enjoying it also and getting quite an education in the process.

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So You Think You Can Dance was on tonite...and i thought it was just gonna be thursday. so flipping thru the channels i discovered it was on and i had missed the first hour of it. well - at least it will be on tomorrow to.


what was stunning is how on earth do people claiming to be 30 (but clearly in no way look a day younger than mid 40s) and are seriously out of shape think they can compete in this kind of show? what i like about this show - as oppose to american idol which is not exactly on the up and up and they have people sing saccharine pulp pop - is that you seriously can not fake the talent. you got it or you don't and it instantly shows. and - like me - you do not need to know how to dance in order to notice.


so there is this seriously obnoxious out of shape guy who is "going to do what ever moves him" and he moves - sorta - to the audition like a guy who breaks into a couple's dance like "fuck you guy. i'm gonna fuck your date and beat you up...but first i'm gonna throw up on my shoes."


of course they toss him out - but the stunning thing is he thinks that he himself IS what dance is.


can we dig up gene kelly so this drunk bloat can beat him up? (blip hates to see people unhappy)


then there was the sad sack who did his hair to look just like mickey mouse who was going to do a "chair dance"


now blip loves inanimate objects deeply but blip has never seen a chair actually dance


maybe the guy wouldn't have been tossed out if he had done a sofa dance?

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While we await the new arrivals - brownsugar and electro....



More on So You Think You Can Dance....


I certainly hope that this twice a week episodes continue...tho blip is certain that it won't. Tonite gave good reason not to watch Olberman's interview with Simple Scotty.


Only note on his book - What Happened...what is remarkable here is how unremarkable the disclosures are. Anyone who has been paying attention since the stolen election of 2000 knew ALL of this. the "media" did not fall asleep on any of this. they made a conscious decision NOT to cover the news. they all sicken me. ever since i stopped watching network new blip has become far more informed.


back to the day...


soon i will be able to put the quilt back in the linen closet. but at nite it is still too cool. (if only blip actually had a Lukas to cuddle with for warmth)


my room desperately needs to be dusted and cleaned...but blip is way too lazy...despite mom bitching at him to do it for the past week. it is either vacuum or cook dinner. blip can not do two major chores in one day.


but....yippee!!! 2 hours of So You Think You Can Dance. No one this seems as cute as last years dominic (to me any ways. blip just loves a good set of dentures) but there was one guy who is seriously built and got thru. sadly neither blip or Lukas recall his name. the guy is seriously built tho and quite a good dancer. i was disappointed that the couple from DC didn't get thru. i thought they were quite good.


hopefully you all will add commentary t the commentary here

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earlier this week the broiler element in the oven burnt out.


as i am the cook in the family - anything regarding the oven falls to me. initially i just thought it was way over due for cleaning and that something had gotten on the thing and it was burning off. but the flame slowly crept around the entire element and when it finally finished it broke in crumbled pieces. mom was pretty pissed but was put at bay cause it turns out that after 8 years - so we have been told - one seriously should expect this to occur.


i was supposed to take a phone call today (my sister had to deal with it for me) because just as the business associate called the repairman called to say he would arrive "any minute." "Any Minute" turned out to be over 30 minutes and i could have taken the call. (luckily my sister handled it ok and the money that will come from it will cover the cost of fixing the oven.)


what really irks is someone saying they are right around the corner and will be there "any minute" but they apparently don't really mean it.


or maybe it is my inability to do mathematics being translated into being able to read a clock?

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hmmmmmmmmm only waiting 30 minutes for a repairman to come ?


here in wonderland he can advertise himself with "I´m here in a second" then :glare:



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blip was all prepared for a nice big storm. thunder and lightening and the whole works. Lukas was well stocked with carrots and hay and an assortment of Pony magazines in the stable. blip even managed to get work done extra early


but no storm!


why do the weather people lie? did someone tell them how much blip enjoys a good lightening strike?


the weather did not turn until it was time to prepare dinners for the family. it is rather difficult to be in the kitchen trying to control two dogs that demand the salad belongs to them and grill a steak when the wind is blowing the curtains all over the place and maybe the electricity will go out and blip will have to try to pass a raw piece of steak as merely "rare"


blip once did manage to pass a piece of raw steak...but that is another story and blip does not kiss and tell and cool_a threatened to sue if it was mentioned...again...online...in a blog like fashion....like on CNN the last time



so this time no pix of it



(blip still is waiting to here from Ripley's Believe It Or Not)

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while i am glad The Tudors will indeed be back next year for a 3rd season...i have to say i feel a wee bit ripped off by the 2nd. maybe it is faulty memory....but i could swear that the first season was longer - and i had hopes of more scene with peter o'toole. i fear they were merely using him for ratings and he might have had all of two pages of dialogue in total.


i still remain terribly screamish and could not watch the beheading scene. from what i did see it seemed tastefully done and the producers are sparing the blood. there was a hint that they might start "fattening up" King Henry. i hope not.


he looks just fine the way he is!



for the first time this year we got to keep all the windows open without getting a chill.



blip so enjoys a pleasant breeze

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i was expecting to assist with the marketing today - but mom was unwell.....so blip got to sleep in!



oh the joys of sleeping till noon!



this - of course - threatens tomorrow having to be the market day instead. blip would rather do the shopping his lonesome than with a sibling because once blip gets to the check out, the sibling is nowhere to be found. and during the shopping is never of any help. this i gather is why the carts have those straps in the seat in the cart. if i could find some that had locks then the annoying part wouldn't be so bad.



it was just as well i stayed in because i was emailed an unusually large amount of work for the beginning of a month. normally stuff starts around the 5th and then builds up.



if this is a trend then the summer will be better then in years past because usually summers are slow.....but last month blip got a raise





(and more money too!)

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I am depressed today. We were planning on going on vacation today to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore and just take in the beauty of the 'old west'. However, the weather was predicting thunderstorms all week and the flights were all over booked (we fly standby) so we decided not to risk it. I want to visit there, but not be stranded there for days! Besides, I am singing in a wedding on Saturday and couldn't risk not getting back in time. So now I have a week off and nothing to do. I know, that doesn't sound so bad, but I want to go somewhere, do something, ughhh! :mad: At least this will give me more time to visit the bistro and check out the daily specials. :blush:

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