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Which celebrity would be your ideal mate and why?

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Ok, guys, I decided to start a topic.


It might be kinda cheesy, but, who cares. So which celebrity would be your ideal mate and why?


Mine would be Ryan Reynolds because, he is funny, spontaneous, witty, and so over the top. I don't think I would get bored of him. He's alos gorgeous, has a body to die for and the most gorgeous smile. *sigh* :)

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...while i dont have a reason other then thinking he has a great personality and hes beutiful, but Brady Corbet :)

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Guest amocazzoduro
It might be kinda cheesy[/b]


It is NOT cheesy because I am assuming that cut dick-celebs are welcome in this discussion too! :penis:


THAT being said, I'm all for Tommy Lee Jones.




I like DIRTY OLD MEN !!!!!!!!!! :drool2:

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umm... COLIN FARRELL!!!! lol

He's kind of a bad boy, and he's SUPER hot!!!

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Mark Wahlberg.




Based on all those pix of his floating around the internets....I think it would be cool to have so many interchangeable penises!

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Shawn Christian,


He is sexy as hell, and well...... he is sexy as hell!!!!!



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he must be very poor considering the torn jeans he is wearing ...



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Guest foxfan

I'd have to say that Paul Walker would be high up on my list. He's got a gorgeous bod and the sexiest blue eyes ever...itb_wallpaper_jared1280x1024_b.jpg

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Guest soundlogik

Hayden Christiansen is my no.1 pick, mainly cuz hes stupid as shit and very pretty and would probably make a good trophy wife. could just pictured him cleaning my living room in tight undies yum yum

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Guest brendonbi

mine would be Nigella Lawson.....even tho im a great big gay! she is the one woman that can turn me straight.....her cookery shows are so laden with guiltless sexuality that it shouldnt be on tv before 7pm.......what could be more sexy than a curvacious, lithe woman, with an accent to die for dipping here finger in melted chocholate and sucking it off....she is one yummy mummy....clever and witty she would be a fantastic mate....who cooks.....what else do you need....


as for men, well i always had a crush on dean cain, they guy who played superman in the new adventures of superman, i think it was his dark looks and all that lycra! I dont think he would be a great mate though as there doesnt seem to be much going on between his ears....so i guess i would love to be friends with someone like simon amstell......an incredibly funny dude, who has made geek chic simply irresistable again.........woot woot!

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Harrison Ford





do not say that to loud or Kendrick start stalking you!!



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Guest buckzone

Oh that is a easy one! That would be Tom Wellings hands down! Why because he is superman/boy!

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There is too many hot celebs :/

Vin Diecel is hot :D




Diesel being barebacked...

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can it be that he looks a bit stoned in that picture ? :lol:



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Guest jlpeixotof

I guess i would choose Tom Welling. He has such a great smile and a great body too. As I always loved superman and guys in siuts I can hardly wait to see him wearing superman outfit.

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can it be that he looks a bit stoned in that picture ? :lol:




Yes he does or he's just really drunk! :lol:

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Guest bajesexy

There are too many sexy guys out there in the sports and celebrity world. I would give it to Halle Berry all how (wait that is a woman... sorry) won't mind getting reggie bush to.... But really, I think would definitely date Will Smith. Might not be conventionally pretty or handsome, but he certainly has a sense of humour and a body well... people can die for

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I think it would have to be Daniel Craig... he's hot hot hot!

Or Ryk neethling.... '

I'm not fussy ;)

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Guest moonpup77

Ummm... tough one... but I would have to say Ryan Phillipe. He is one sexy mofo -- i'm thinking in particular about some half naked shots taken of him a while back. *faint*

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definately a hot sports star like Michael Ballack or Andy Roddick, because they are toned and athletic

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