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Jerry Sims & Tico Patterson

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Ciao, September 1977.  Jerry Sims and Tico Patterson.  Photos by AMG.

Jerry Sims & Tico Patterson-01.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-02.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-03.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-04.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-05.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-06.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-07.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-08.jpg

Jerry Sims & Tico Patterson-09.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-10.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-11.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-12.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-13.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-14.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-15.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-16.jpg

Jerry Sims & Tico Patterson-17.jpgJerry Sims & Tico Patterson-18.jpg

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