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Levi Poulter

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Guest TonyP

Levi has a face to match his body and cock. Lucky guy.

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OMGOMGOMG..........finally a whole album for our A&F boy, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :x

last i heard our beloved levi was turning himself into a real estate tycoon in florida, any more news about him? just heard francois sagat is dipping his toe back to porn again this summer ! ^^

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This has been posted before, but it doesn't have the watermark.

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On 2015-07-19 at 6:42 PM, Steve said:

Levi Poulter-01.jpgLevi Poulter-02.jpgLevi Poulter-04.jpgLevi Poulter-05.jpgLevi Poulter-06.jpg


Levi Poulter-07.jpgLevi Poulter-08.jpgLevi Poulter-09.pngLevi Poulter-10.jpgLevi Poulter-11.jpg

Levi Poulter-12.pngLevi Poulter-13.jpgLevi Poulter-14.pngLevi Poulter-15.jpgLevi Poulter-16.jpg

Levi Poulter-17.pngLevi Poulter-18.jpgLevi Poulter-19.pngLevi Poulter-20.jpg

Levi Poulter-21.jpgLevi Poulter-22.jpgLevi Poulter-23.jpgLevi Poulter-24.jpgLevi Poulter-25.jpg

Levi Poulter-26.jpgLevi Poulter-27.jpgLevi Poulter-28.pngLevi Poulter-29.jpgLevi Poulter-30.jpg

Levi Poulter-31.jpgLevi Poulter-32.jpgLevi Poulter-33.jpgLevi Poulter-34.jpgLevi Poulter-35.png

Levi Poulter-36.pngLevi Poulter-37.pngLevi Poulter-38.pngLevi Poulter-39.jpgLevi Poulter-40.jpg

Levi Poulter-41.jpgLevi Poulter-42.pngLevi Poulter-43.pngLevi Poulter-44.jpgLevi Poulter-45.jpg

Levi Poulter-46.pngLevi Poulter-47.pngLevi Poulter-48.pngLevi Poulter-49.png

Levi Poulter-50.jpgLevi Poulter-51.jpgLevi Poulter-52.jpgLevi Poulter-53.png

Levi Poulter & Paul Francis-01.jpgLevi Poulter & Paul Francis-02.pngLevi Poulter & Paul Francis-03.png

Awesome looking guy!

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It really is.  Some, and possibly all, of the nude shots appear to be new; at least, I don't recall seeing them before.  In the first segment, he appears slightly older than in the photos above and seems to have bulked up a bit.  The extra weight looks good on him, IMO, and he's aging very well.

Note:  Similar to YouTube, links to other John Falocco "bodyscape" videos will appear at the end of this one.  I sampled about half a dozen of them, but none showed any full-frontal nudity, as this one did, just plenty of discreet shots with strategically placed hands, thighs, gauzy cloth, etc.  (Three of the videos I sampled also started with the same waterfall and pool scene that Poulter's began with.)

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Thanks Whatever happened to him? I wish he was still active.

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