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Nick Sandell


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Nick Sandell (born August 9, 1993, New Hampshire) is an American fitness model and personal trainer, best known for his Calvin Klein underwear campaign and his fitness company Model Trainers NYC. 


Nick Sandell was discovered on Instagram, where he quickly gained thousands of fans and received first business offers. Incredibly handsome and called "All-American ideal of beauty," he started working with famous photographers like Michael Hallenbeck, who calls him one of his favorite models to shoot. Hallenbeck describes Sandell as smart, forward-thinking, and ambitious while noticing that he is extremely polite with strangers, even when they invade his shootings. Taking advice from agencies and other photographers, he dropped 30 lbs and is now 185lbs paired with his height of 5'10," which gave him a more natural look. After this change, he got more business opportunities. Being in demand, Sandell moved to New York in the spring of 2016, where he currently lives and does most of his work. For editorial purposes, he traveled around the world and called Ibiza, Cayman Island, and Puerto Rico, his favorite locations. He wishes to do more shooting at other locales, calling Hong Kong his biggest wish.

Fitness career

Sandell specialties are resistance training, exercise physiology, athletic programming, nutrition, TRX, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, battle-rope, & kettlebell training and stretching. His training philosophy is that consistency is vital as the best results come over the long haul. On his site, he expressed the view that physical fitness is all about the effort, but it needs to be followed with the right diet. His goal is to make training plans sustainable and realistic according to the specific demands of his clients, based on their line of work.

Nick Sandell on social networks

Nick Sandell has an Instagram profile with over 600k followers, where he posts his personal and professional photos. During his interview in 2017, he revealed that he made serious money on this platform after reaching 20k followers. He was selling his used underwear and socks for $300, which he found weird, but harmless as he was getting money for doing nothing. That money helped him during his move to New York and to set up his training business. Still, he had boundaries and refused to sell socks with his sperm on them. Sandell uses Instagram to spread his brand and receives business and modeling opportunities that way.

Sandell is also active on OnlyFans, where he publishes his provocative images, while his Instagram profile is family-friendly as brand and companies are checking it. On his Onlyfans profile, there is no such limitation as he posts his unpublished images taken both recently and in his earlier career.

He is less active on Twitter, where he has just above 10K followers and posts irregularly, usually promoting his OnlyFans shootings.

Building a personal business

After years of working for famous brands, Nick Sandell decided to create his training company named Model Trainers NYC. He developed it together with his business partner and best friend, Sean Alexander. They signed fitness models and are promoting health and wellness. While the company headquarters are in Manhattan, it has also expanded to other states. His goal is to build Model Trainers into a global company that will provide clients with top personal training. He believes that this goal is reachable by the end of this decade.

TV Personality

Sandell appeared on national TV, debuting on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live." After significant reactions from the viewers, he became a regular guest, where he usually poses shirtless.  Sands has appeared in other talk shows like The Insider, Today, and People Now. Together with his friend Michael Dean he is taking acting classes every week. He revealed that he was already offered some TV opportunities while suggesting that his fitness model carrier and his company are still his priority. He had a role in the Male Model documentary, which started filming in 2013.

Private life

He is often called the "sexiest man alive" by media such as People magazine and was named by Tinder as the person with most right swipes. Nick Sandell prefers to keep his personal life private, but is currently single and has no children or known relationship. He never spoke about his sexuality. He moved to New York to build his fitness model career in 2016. He often praises the gay community, acknowledging his popularity in that demographic, which is mostly responsible for his rise. He loves doing provocative shoots, although admitting they may be hit or miss. He rarely accepts personal meetings with fans, even though admitting he did it once and was paid $4,000 for a two-hour conversation with his shirt off. Sandell's hobby is photography, explaining that so many feelings and memories are attached to photos. He prefers landscape images, believing that the way we capture photos says a lot of or physiology and how we perceive life at any given moment. His favorite actor and actress are Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams, while his favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries. In an interview with Fashionably Male, he discovered that he is a proponent of sleeping naked.

OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/nicksandell
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SandellNick
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nick_sandell/

(AdonisMale Biography added by the website, not by the original poster)



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He hasn't leaked any webcam nudes, so he's done a pretty good job of preserving his image.  With that  said, he has hinted that he's done some other things for money:

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

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Nick Sandell photographed by Edwin J. Lebron for Aronik swimwear.

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

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Sandell photographed by Frank Marando for “ADON Magazine.”  

There are also many other photos of him spread across various Forum topics, as well as the Lens and Waistline Galleries.  Just search on “nick sandell” using the “All Content” option.  


Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

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More candids of Nick Sandell

One of the shots (the one with two of his torsos is further confirmation of his nude photos from the same set by Tom Watkins)

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

[Image removed at request of Joshua Chin [email protected] Nov 14 2018]

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Nick Sandell compilation pack available for VIP Olympians.  Includes more nudes including frontal hard-ons


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Nick Sandell by Brent Chua

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Black & White 


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Guest DTM
On 8/19/2018 at 7:52 AM, JoelR said:

Nick Sandell compilation pack available for VIP Olympians.  Includes more nudes including frontal hard-ons


how do you get access?

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11 hours ago, DTM said:

how do you get access?


Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

 the file, along with several others, are available for members who pledge as a VIP Olympian.  You can explore the options here:

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Guest GlenCoco

Nick Sandell is an American Model, who was born on August 9, 1993 in The United States. In-demand fitness model and personal trainer who’s been dubbed “sexiest man alive” by notable media outlets. He rose to fame for his enticing Calvin Klein underwear campaign. He’s also been a Six Star Pro Nutrition sponsored athlete. According to media sources, Nick Sandell's zodiac sign is Leo.He’s originally from New Hampshire. He’s also called Rahway, New Jersey home.

Nick pursued exercise science at Manchester Community College. Nick stands at a height of 1.78m tall.


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