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Hello, just registered today


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I identify as a gay male. I am 56 years old (as of 2020).   Aging and being a gay male is um, interesting.   Through my early 40s I was a gym rat and was focused on bulking up and I had A LOT of sex.  And then all that anonymous sex just became complicated and stressful (I don't know why, not for moral reasons) and I settled down.  Why am I telling you this and why am I here?  I am not exactly sure but my sexual desires seem to be more channeled towards viewing than participating these days.    

I don't know if I will use this site a lot.   What attracts me to it are the art and film forums as well as the diversity of people.  

I like things that are slightly off kilter and am impressed by kind people who are unapologetically themselves, especially with sexual kinks.    I have a thing for men with hairy triceps; that is not particularly kinky but I have never seen a forum/site devoted to that topic.   Hairy forearms, yes, but not triceps.  

I am a retired librarian and I like to go down rabbit holes on topics - especially sexual ones.    I am not a collector of, but enjoy looking at gay erotic art from the past - artists such as Mike Kuchar, Etienne, Bill Ward, The Hun, etc.   I like reading about sexual pioneers and misfits, books about Boyd McDonald (publisher of Straight to Hell) and Chuck Renslow; so I am a fan of the authors William E Jones and Owen Keenan.   

I live in Michigan, USA.  

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Welcome to Adonis Male I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have questions just ask someone... most of the people here are really nice. I used to have friends who lived in Michigan some years back and I was lucky enough to visit them in suburban Detroit and visit areas  up north like Bar Harbour, Sagatauck and Traverse City. I was alway sorry I never had a chance to visit the UP. Me ke aloha!


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welcome to AdonisMale, SinisterDouglas!! i hope you enjoy your stay. it is nice to meet you!! with love from Wes!! Hugs!!! 

p.s. i am also a gym rat, i love going to the gym to workout. i have made many friends, but they are genuine friendships!! i have a great passion for weight training, and i`ll be 70 years old, as of April 10th, 2021!! i love checking out the hot male members of my gym, when they don`t know i`m looking, that is!! 

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SinisterDouglas, you are excused for being a retired librarian.  So am I.  Just older.  And for everyone else's benefit, as a librarian you do not have to know the answer to every question, but just know where to FIND the answer.

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On 12/3/2020 at 8:24 PM, SinisterDouglas said:

I have a thing for men with hairy triceps; that is not particularly kinky but I have never seen a forum/site devoted to that topic.   Hairy forearms, yes, but not triceps.

Challenge accepted!  Pinging @jpuleo1967 or @Vistafan69 or @BleuParrot.  They have a knack for coming up with some of the most creative albums!

On 12/3/2020 at 8:24 PM, SinisterDouglas said:

 I am not a collector of, but enjoy looking at gay erotic art from the past - artists such as Mike Kuchar, Etienne, Bill Ward, The Hun, etc.

Please proceed directly to the Gallery, then take a right at the Art category.  

(Or just click here: https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/category/487-art/)

You can also browse our Downloads > Comics section here: https://www.adonismale.com/files/category/270-comics/

On 12/3/2020 at 8:24 PM, SinisterDouglas said:

What attracts me to it are the art and film forums as well as the diversity of people.

One of the strengths of our website is the grand diversity of people, views, backgrounds, and interests.  The best way to connect with someone is to share a little, so I encourage you to join in the conversations in the Forums or to start a Blog and write about anything that tickles your fancy.  

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  • 1 year later...

Hi, not a librarian but I’m new too. I like the old beefcake stuff.

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By that I mean the old physique photos from the 50s. Or the amateur stuff of any decade. 

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Whoops. And Boy McDonald’s magazine. That’s a work of art. I have one compilation and one single issue. Wish I had more. 

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I am on my mobile and keep submitting instead of breaking the paragraph. There are a lot of photography books that I’d love to own but their super expensive. David Hurles, Kris, that sort of thing. Even the Bel Ami and Corbin Fisher photography books that aren’t that old are very pricey.  

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PS - I will be looking into the stuff you listed in your intro. Sounds like it might be up my street. Thanks for that!

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