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Serge Henir


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Serge Henir is a Russian fitness model, training coach, and actor, on March 8th, 1990. He was born in the small town of Slates where he spent his early childhood. At the age of 6, he moved to St. Petersburg, which is where he currently resides. He always seems to be eager to explore new places and new possibilities. In the big city of St. Petersburg, he managed to get many gigs as a model. He even got a few gigs as an actor during his career there. It wasn’t hard for him to find work in the field, given his astonishing looks and physique. Not to mention his dashing good smile. 

The way he got into modeling was quite peculiar. It happened spontaneously as if Serge never thought about becoming model before in his life! He met a photographer and when the guy saw him, he immediately wanted to snap a few pictures with him in the studio! The camera used on him for that first time was a Nikon D300, and it would only be a matter of time before some of the greatest photographers in Russia were after him. One photographer, in particular, caught his attention, and he went on to create many photoshoots with him.

There’s a famous photo shoot he did with this photographer, named Sasha Kosmos, and it was in 2013, also in St. Petersburg. With him, he produced some really great photos, and you could also say that they were really provocative in some instances. If it weren’t for Sasha, we might’ve never had the provocative pictures of Serge that we are drooling over today! They have done many shots since then and they have posted them on the internet for all to see. It’s incredible to look at and enjoy it at the same time.

The part Serge likes the most when it comes to modeling is when he gets to see the finished product. In reality, the process isn’t really all that exciting to him. He just wants to see the photos in the end and look at how he turned out in them. He only prepares for really important photoshoots, opting for a quick jog in the cases when it’s not as an important photoshoot. When he’s doing something high-profile, then he even creates a special diet for that occasion in order to have an amazing physique on the day of the photoshoot. As if his physique wasn’t incredible already!

When he was younger, he played American football, and this only tied into his entire athletic routine. Not only was he a big fan of American football, but he really loved to hit the gym. It definitely played into the sport which he trained for over 3 years. After he was done with American football, he continued going to the gym and achieving even better results than he could ever have hoped for. His physique is at an all-time high, and he has the gym to thank for it. He visits it quite often, and it’s almost like a second home to him.

He has favorite exercises when he hits the gym, and those are the bench press, the dip bar, and the pull-up bar. He loves compound movements, even though his physique screams of isolated movements in the gym. It seems that he just managed to make it work regardless, and it’s no secret that his diet is a big part of his success. Serge, however, isn’t all that satisfied just yet. He always strives to look even better and he always sees room for improvement no matter how much he trains. In a way, this is the thing that motivates him the most.

As far as cardio is concerned, Serge had to put some work into that area after he stopped training American football. That’s when he found out the secret to cardio and found out what kind of cardio, he likes the best. If you ask him this question, he will tell you that Sex is the best cardio for him, and he loves doing it as much as physically possible. That’s a great way to make yourself love an exercise that you absolutely despise. He fits his training routine in his life without an issue, mostly because he’s also a training coach.

Serge is a pretty tall guy, standing at 6 feet tall. He’s got some heft to him too weighing in at an incredible 200 pounds! Even though he weighs so much, you wouldn’t be able to tell because most of that weight is in his huge muscles. He’s got a massive chest at 46 inches, and his waist comes in at 32 inches, which gives him and incredible trapezoid look. He’s also got blue eyes, and blond hair. However, some people would describe his hair to go more towards the light ash color.

He finds his cheekbones to be his deadliest asset as far as his good looks are concerned. When you ask him what he would want to change, he would say that he would like a smaller waist. That’s pretty interesting given the fact that he has a really big chest and the waist works perfectly with it. Serge loves a good challenge, and he has built his entire career around it. He loves competition. In his spare time he likes to go to cafes and cinemas with friends. 

When it comes to some trivia there are plenty of interesting things about Serge. Greg Plitt is his role model. The thing he values the most in a relationship is trust. He loves listening to rock bands such as Nickelback, 3 Doors Down and Papa Roach. Dramas are his favorite movie genre. He loves a good cappuccino and he finds the camera to be the best invention in the history of mankind. For the future, he has many things in store for us including more photoshoots. As for himself, he looks forward to moving to a warmer country and starting his own business.


(AdonisMale Biography added by the website, not by the original poster)

Serge HenirSerge Henir-01.jpgSerge Henir-02.jpgSerge Henir-03.jpg

Serge Henir-04.jpgSerge Henir-05.jpg

Serge Henir-06.jpgSerge Henir-07.jpgSerge Henir-08.jpgSerge Henir-09.jpgSerge Henir-10.jpgSerge Henir-11.jpg

Serge Henir-12.jpgSerge Henir-13.jpgSerge Henir-14.jpgSerge Henir-15.jpg

Serge Henir-16.jpgSerge Henir-17.jpgSerge Henir-18.jpgSerge Henir-19.jpg

Edited by Steve
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He's ok I guess. Might do him good to smile occasionally, but I suppose you have to do what the photographer says. They seem to like their models looking superior or pouting. I bet he's a really nice person really.

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He's ok I guess. Might do him good to smile occasionally, but I suppose you have to do what the photographer says. They seem to like their models looking superior or pouting. I bet he's a really nice person really.

I can think  of a couple of ways to put a smile on this stud's handsome face. :D 

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Great collection, Steve!

Henir smiles at least partially in 2 or 3 of these, but he looks downright pouty in too many of the others, IMO.  In general, I agree with Doug -- with few exceptions, photographers -- or whoever is directing the photo shoot, perhaps a product's sponsor -- do seem to like their models to look serious, even stern.  Sometimes they look downright hostile or threatening.  

When I first saw Henir's early photos over a year ago on the old AM (mostly shown near the beginning of Steve's post), I immediately fell into lust for him.  (I've confessed my weakness for blonds many times!)  But I've tired of him since, not that I'd kick him out of bed for at least a few hours, though.  In some of his latest shoots, he seems to have put on a bit of weight, especially in the face, and not in a way that's particularly attractive.  (It may be just the result of natural maturing, or possibly from using "better living through chemistry" to supplement his physique -- not that it needed improving!) 

It was also disappointing when Joel pointed out that he does solo JO Webcasts under the the ludicrously pretentious name "Hercules X."  You can find copies of a few of them starting here:  


(As with YouTube, once you view any of his videos, many of the others appear as thumbnails.)  Note:  As with quite a few of pornhub.com's videos, the same one sometimes appears under at least two titles.  Here, the two that run 10:06 (e.g., "Serge Gets Freaky") are repeats.  Despite its length, there's no "money shot" in that one.  Either the viewers didn't pony up enough in "tips," or that part just hasn't been posted.  The two shorter videos are more, uh, rewarding. 9_9

Caveat #1:  This site is very addictive.  On the other hand, either by chance or through skillful searching, you can find some copies of videos from the major porn studios, including a few classics.

Caveat #2:  Videos sometimes disappear from these sites if the copyright owner requests it.  Although Henir's have been there for months, there's no guarantee they will be at some future point.

Edited by JackFTwist
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  • 2 months later...

Primary topic here:

The only two photos I've ever seen professionally shot of Serge Henir (I believe the photographer is Sasha Kosmos, although not sure).  

Images hidden from guests. Please register for free.

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LOL, I ran across photo #1 on some blog 8 months ago and just assumed it was a fake!  Thanks for clarifying that it's indeed authentic.  (I guess if someone were going to go to the trouble of faking a photo of Henir nude, they'd give him a raging hard-on!)

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Serge Henir is so handsome and well built.  I wonder if he has a boyfriend!  Thanks for your awesome site.  Hugs, Gordon

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