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Who was your first celebrity same-sex crush?


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Hey guys..care to share a story about your first same-sex celebrity crush? Mine was Sacha Distel. My French teacher introduced me to him..first through his jazz recordings and then through his greatest hits. Hoping to find pictures of him, I spent many hours in my school library perusing back issues of Paris Match. If I struck gold, I would then run to the photocopier with the magazine and a handful of dimes. (This is in the days long before the Internet.) Mon Dieu – what a talented, gorgeous man.


afternoon in paris.jpg

sacha distel.jpeg

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my first celebrity crush was George Lazenby, he only did one James Bond movie. Her Majesty's Secret Service.

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My first celebrity crush was Glen Campbell. I was 4 and too young to know why I got so excited when I'd see him on TV and cried when his show was over. He always looked so boyishly cute. Then I developed a crush on Mike Connors from Mannix. Sexy man driving sexy machines. Once I went to black/brown haired guys, I never went back...lol....Okay John Schneider from DOH was an exception, but it's been Dylan McDermott for years now.

Actor Mike Evans who played the original Lionel Jefferson on All In The Family and The Jeffersons. Sooo Sexy!

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18 hours ago, bakersman94 said:

my first celebrity crush was George Lazenby, he only did one James Bond movie. Her Majesty's Secret Service.

i have a correction. my first celebrity crush was actually Steve Reeves as Hercules. when i tried looking back when i read the question originally, i only went back to when i was 18 years old. by the end of the movie i had a raging hardon. i was with friends, and lied to them saying i wanted to see the credits. i was actually stalling for time, to give my hardon time to go down, lolol!!

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Hmmm ...  let's see

Michael Stipe (REM)  (that voice, oh my gods ...)


Henry Rollins


Oh, and Bruce Springsteen and his jeans-clad butt on the cover of Born in the USA

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Nice ... I have this album, too, but more because I was (and am) a great fan of John Lewis's music and piano playing. 😉 

Otherwise, one of my early same-sex crushes was French actor Lambert Wilson. 

Lambert Wilson | Actrice française, Acteur cinema, Actrice     Lambert Wilson - Wikidata

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Ralph Taeger of the tv series Hondo.  I was about 11 years old. His long sideburns and hairy chest mesmerized me. 

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Robert Conrad in The Wild Wild West and Ken Berry in F Troop, which were both on around the same time.

I was really into Westerns when I was a kid.  Almost every Saturday, I would watch the all day marathon of Cowboy movies, sponsored by Cal Worthington and his "dog" Spot.   If you lived around LA or got its TV Channels, you will know what I am referring to.

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3 hours ago, Perren65 said:

Kent McCord was my first celebrity crush, I was only two or three years old and didn't know what I was feeling (I later understood I was sexually attracted to him) I just knew I wanted to be held in his arms for all my life .

012_1_6.jpg 01c432eee9716275ec0e570f1a6442da.jpg 1836bdd6a8593a0d71445f72285c958a.jpg 2178312_kent-mccord_1.png 252cc5ab78b5b28b4eb7ebc3f34e9421.jpg cb1966528fe006b4e220f183809fec73--wet.jpg dad_buck~2.jpg 817e998b61f5d6657c296401f00d40ba.jpg

He was a hottie!

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