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thank you, Pindle!! i`m glad i`m still here to enjoy the acolytes!! i look forward to many more years of life on this planet, and it is great having friends like you to share it with!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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Well done Wes stick on in there  

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blip became allergic to birdies and the doctor prescribed prednisone

blip had previously lost 39 pounds and was so hap-hap-happy

but the prednisone made blip regain all of it


that was a few years ago

and loosing prednisone weight is hard because it really alters one's metabolism


last august blip was attacked by heat stroke

and landed in the hospital with ketoacidosis


the folks there said it was a wonder blip was still conscious and what would it take to get blip to stop biting


after a week in the hospital - not really able to swallow solid foods

blip lost weight!

now if blip could just shed these last 5 pounds


normally blip would not advise on hospitalization for weight lose

but it is easier than using a hatchet

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thank you bugrel!! i am going better today than i have ever been in the last 25 years!! after the surgery and my recovery, i felt like i had gotten 20 years of my life back!! i have no intention of returning to my unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise!! i love going to the gym and eating healthier too much to go back!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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There is nothing more important than good health!

I'm pleased to read everthing is OK now with you, Wes!


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Congratulations on taking control of your health and ultimately your life.Think about finding some fitness exercise regimes that really interest you to augment what you are doing as I'm a big believer of cross training for the best results... I go to the gym three days a week for an hour and one day a week I swim and another day I play tennis or racquet ball, and on a third day I like to do something like take a class like yoga or play golf and I take a day off every week. I think it's important to do things you like so it does not become  drudgery  to work out.... because if truth be told I hate going to the gym but I like the results and all the other activities   outside of the gym. You also may want to consider the Mediterranean Diet (You can find a good guide  by googling  Mayo Clinic Mediterranean Diet)  I follow it 6 days a week except during the holidays, my b-day and when I'm on vacation. Keep up the good work.

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spell much?
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thank you Youri!! you would have a harder time keeping me home from the gym,  than making me go to the gym!! i chomp at the bit, waiting for my time to leave for the gym!! i also take an hour long walk every day, rain or shine, etc. i was at the gym Christmas Day and New Year's Day!! if it isn`t on a Sunday, i`ll be at the gym for any other holiday. lucky thing my gym is open 24/7/356/366. they never ever close!! it is a private gym and all the gyms members have a card to unlock the door to the gym. if you`re not a member, you don't get in!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!! 


thank you Kawika!! if i could afford all these other activities, i`d certainly be out there playing them. my first born nephew has helped me for a 2nd year in paying my gym fees!! i have to try to do them on my own, as i don`t like being dependent on others!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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i am sorry to hear about blip`s troubles. i wish i could help blip, but blip seems to be recovering on his own. i am happy for blip that blip is doing better!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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I truly admire your strenght and determination, Wes. You seem to have bounced back after your health problems, changed your way of life and that requires a lot of courage.

As to your experiences growing up in a homophobic environment, well, I can relate to that. Hungary in the 80s was in that respecta bit  like the US Midwest  in the 70s. Although I personally never had any problems, I have friends who were insulted, bullied, even beaten up. 

Like you, I have always known I was gay - well, kinda known, but never admitted. I was on my school's swimming team, and the lockerrom was  always a challenge for me - lots of naked boys, swinging peckers and all that - so I would get a hardon (and who wouldn't?) which then I had to hide somehow.  As I was a fairly handsome guy with a nice tight body (sic transit gloria mundi!) I had my fair share of girlfriends, but I always felt something was missing. It was only when I got a scholarship to England (fabuluos Brighton, the gay heart of England, of all places) that I finally came out (thanks, Jean-Pierre, for dragging me into your bed...).

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hey majikthis, thank you, my hat is off to you too my friend!! although i did know i was gay, i never admitted it to myself. i did try dating girls, but it was so awkward, none of them lasted. i did it mainly to get my mom off my back about getting a girlfriend, LOLOL!! my first crush was Brian Wise!! he was about 4 years older then me, i was 11 at the time. mom knew the family, and offered to let Brian come to our house after high school each day, and his parents would pick him up from there. i was head over heels nuts for this guy. he was so handsome, and a lot of fun to hang out with!! we became good friends during the time he was coming to our house. one time he got the girl upstairs on the main floor of our house to go on a date with him!! we rented the basement apartment and they rented the main floor. she came down to babysit my sister and i while my mom and her common law husband went out. i started goofing off trying to make them laugh. after a while of goofing off, i suddenly realized i was humiliating myself in front of my crush. i ran to my bedroom and started crying hysterically. Brian came to comfort me, but that only made it worse. i didn`t want to be around him when i wasn't at my best. a few years later when Brian was in his early 20`s, i saw him on the street. he walked right passed me, he didn`t recognize me. thankfully by then, i was over him!! so it didn`t hurt my feelings in that way, but i was a little miffed that he didn`t even know who i was. after all we were pretty good friends, at least i thought we were!! 

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On 1/13/2019 at 12:46 PM, bakersman94 said:

hello, my name is Wes, and i have been with AdonisMale for several years now!! i will be 68 years old on April 10th, 2019!! i want to start off my talking about a challenge i joined at my gym. the object of the challenge was to lose weight and body fat, and gain muscle. the challenge ran from Oct. 14th, 2018 through to Jan. 6th, 2019. i didn`t have the money to join the challenge until 2 weeks and one day after it started!! i opted for the supps, but felt i was doing well enough on my own to not need the aid from a personal trainer!! i found out that the supps were not supplements like BCAAs, Glutamine, or whey isolate protein to name but a few!! they were actually more for health. i got meal replacement shakes, which can be drank before a meal, as well as a meal replacement. i never got the supps until Nov. 4th, and never started using them until Nov. 7th, because i wasn't sure how to use them in regards to the challenge. i also got cleanse for life!! cleanse for life burns off the visceral fat around the organs, but also helps burn off fat throughout the rest of the body. i was with the challenge for approximately 10 1/2 to 11 weeks. i lost 12 pounds of fat, gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost 22 pounds in weight. i didn`t win anything though, as i wasn't eating enough food for it to be beneficial in adding more muscle!! i may not have won the challenge, but i did win in regards to my personal goals of losing body fat, losing weight and putting on muscle. when i joined the challenge i was 294 pounds. when i weighed in at the end of the challenge i weighed in at 272 pounds!! i was so pleased with my results, i went and bought a months supply of the meal replacement shakes and cleanse for life. i figure, by the end of January, i`ll be very close to if not at my goal weight of 244 pounds!! all this after having had quadruple bypass surgery on March 9th, 2017. i had 85% to 90% blockages in 4 of the arteries to my heart, i was having a burning pain in my upper abs, lower chest area every time i tried talking a walk that was longer than 5 minutes, and i was out of breath trying to do any activity as simple as putting the garbage out. for 8 months leading up to my surgery, i was confined to the house. i was able to cook a meal, or walk to the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or my bedroom without discomfort. my existence was limited to one floor of a small house. i think because the blockages were so severe, it caused my heart to beat wildly at times, as though it were trying to pump more blood throughout my body. i really do not know how i was still alive by the time i went in for my surgery. i am doing so much better now. i can breath normally again, i can walk to my hearts content with no pain, and i can go to the gym and weight train 6 days a week. i will continue adding to my blog with more about me as time goes by!! thank you for reading this, with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

Wes truly amazing I admire your perseverance and determination congratulations on losing the weight it’s really hard been there great that your health is doing better take care all the best in your new move in Canada 

yours truly 


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thanks, Tim!! i really appreciate your support!! you'd make a great a friend too!! 

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blip looks the other way so as to not embarrass the folks here



it looks like they might need to - as the sating goes - get a room



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