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Sexy athletes

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Hi guys.

I thought I might ask a question.

What sports do you think have sexy men?


An obvious one first up for me is gymnasts.

gym2.thumb.jpg.4e30634f3b2f34c37848f0c5661e8ac3.jpg gym1.thumb.jpg.b81fc850342ee2513f8417e9d7de032e.jpg gym3.thumb.png.8c6914471b585d94be25f11942b2f282.png




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I think gymnasts and male ballet dancers are damn sexy.  They have a lot of power but they also carry themselves gracefully.  They usually have great butts 😉

On the other end of the spectrum are the rugged sports, like rugby and American football and wrestlers.  Big hulking masses of muscle.  

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Another sport which provides rather pleasant eye candy is diving.



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Tennis anyone?


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Apparently, there are a few football players..




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