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Sunday - 4th

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An interesting term for athletic wear, I've never heard of it before but thanks for introducing 'togs' to us 🙂  

Great album with a lot of delicious guys!  

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I think its a term used by upper-crust Back Bay ladies who lunch

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17 hours ago, ColtMann said:

I think its a term used by upper-crust Back Bay ladies who lunch

Are these ladies using the term to refer to the clothing worn by their yard and pool boys, except when they’re servicing the ladies’ other needs, or are they using it in the sense of Webster’s definition, “to dress esp. in fine clothing — usu. used with up or out.”  (This usage dates back to 1785.  Note the similarity to “toga.")  The Oxford Dictionary of American English defines it as simply “clothes: running togs” when used as a noun, and “be or get dressed for a particular occasion or activity: we got togged up in our glad rags” when used as a verb.  The dictionary definitions may more likely be what the ladies mean, even if they are a less interesting sense than skimpy garb for yard and pool boys.

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I think within the realm of referring to boy toys or toy boys, the use is somewhat ironic.


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