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Setting a Precedent - The Rise of Pete Buttigieg

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Thanks for sharing, @Steve .

7 hours ago, Steve said:

But has the road been paved for a minority citizen to become Commander-in-Chief?

What are minority citizens? Perhaps at some point in the US election campaign the question will arise whether the presidential candidates are circumcised or uncircumcised. The latter would then also belong to a minority.

Isn't the current POTUS also a member of a minority? How many Americans have German grandparents and a mother born in Scotland? How many are married for the 3rd time - two times with a foreign-born woman? How many American voters are billionaires?

I don't care about the person. It is important to me what a politician stands for and whether this is compatible with my ideas and my morals.

Unfortunately, as a LPR I am not allowed to vote, but at this moment Pete Buttigieg would get my vote.

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Vogue magazine is featuring Mayor Pete in its June issue with a photograph by Ethan James Green. There is much that sets this image apart from all the others spreading like wildfire all over the Internet. It’s in black and white. There is no background. Buttigieg is sporting a 5-o’clock shadow. His face is in full profile, set at a 90-degree angle from his torso, and his expression is a determined, but non-threatening frown, as if being photographed by a glamor magazine is something to be endured (because the man’s got better things to do). Even so, the photo strays not too far from his squeaky clean persona. He dresses like a Mormon missionary – no jacket, a white button-down, dark slacks (more likely cotton than wool) and a conservative Brooks Brothers-type silk necktie. Another preppy lifestyle giveaway is the leather strap on his wristwatch (not metal). 
Buttigieg is so honest and sincere that it’s difficult to believe he’s a politician. He actually answers the question he is asked, without deflection, and stays on topic. If he doesn’t know the answer, he says so, with a promise to look into it. So thoroughly decent is Mayor Pete that no one could take seriously the recent smear attempt by far-right conspiracy theorist/fraudster Jacob Wohl, who offered cash (and a house, even) to a male college student if he would fabricate sexual assault charges against Buttigieg. Wohl’s light bulb must be pretty dim, since he apparently learned nothing from his similarly failed attempt to discredit Robert Mueller.Perhaps one of the bravest strategies of Mr. Buttigieg is his takedown of Pence’s hypocrisy on the matter of Christianity. Here we have a young gay man casting serious shade on a so-called paragon of the Christian right. Buttigieg is a self-declared practicing Catholic who does not embrace a “porn-star” involved occupant of the White House. Buttigieg suggests that of the three of them (himself, Pence and Trump), Pete has superior rights to the moral high road.


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I don't know much about the guy, apart from a somewhat unfortunate name  -  I saw an interview with him on CNN, and he seemed like a nice, honest person.

Ah, I also know from "The Daily Show" that he is - and I quote the man himself -"Maltese American, left handed, Episcopalian, gay war weteran, mayor, millenial" . And he speaks 7 languages. And plays the piano. And his husband (Chasten - honestly, my American friends, what sort of names do you give  your kids?) is a really sweet guy. BTW what will he be called? First Gentleman? First Husband?




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Honestly I'm not American, but I'm hoping that all goes well if he wins the bid for presidency.

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