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It's never too early to start planning for Stonewall 50.  How will you celebrate your pride?!!!!@@aaaaastonewall50.gif.f322f3a38104d026ffbcdd8a0bcc7a3c.gif

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i know i don`t live under a rock, but what is Stonewall 50?

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46 minutes ago, bakersman94 said:

i know i don`t live under a rock, but what is Stonewall 50?

50 th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The birth of the gay fight.

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1 hour ago, bakersman94 said:

i know i don`t live under a rock, but what is Stonewall 50?

Just search for “Stonewall” on Wikipedia.  They have a nice overview (although I don’t necessarily vouch for the accuracy of some of the details).

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7 minutes ago, JackFTwist said:

Just search for “Stonewall” on Wikipedia.  They have a nice overview (although I don’t necessarily vouch for the accuracy of some of the details).

Wiki isen't always the most accurate. I saw an older documentary several years ago.

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2019 is an iconic and historic year for SAGE and the LGBT community as it marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, known as the birth of the modern LGBT movement.

LGBT elders fought for years for LGBT acceptance before 1969, but Stonewall incited a cultural shift. Although progress has been made for LGBT equality, LGBT elders—the very ones who started the movement and led it through the AIDS crisis and the battle for marriage equality—are still fighting for their right to live their lives openly and with dignity and respect as they age.

As we honor Stonewall’s 50th anniversary, we lift up and celebrate the fact that the milestones achieved in the LGBT movement were only possible because of the trailblazers who first stood up for their rights. That’s why SAGE is committed to fighting on behalf of LGBT elders by advocating for their right to age with dignity and respect. Our pioneers are Still Out in Front and paving the way forward.

LGBT elders describe firsthand accounts of the Stonewall uprising of 1969.




Edited by Steve
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thank you Steve!! this was the best explanation for Stonewall 50!! i had no idea this happened when i was 18 years old. then again, besides being from Canada, i was too busy smoking pot and partying!! plus i never watched the news, or read the newspaper!! 

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20 hours ago, wolfe said:

Wiki isen't always the most accurate.

Totally agreed.  That’s why I referred to it only as an “overview” and added "although I don’t necessarily vouch for the accuracy of some of the details.”  I would never cite Wikipedia as an authoritative source, unless I knew the primary author/editor professionally.  I’ve seen a couple of documentaries on Stonewall, too, but I can’t vouch for their accuracy, either. 

But within my academic career's specialty, I’ve found that most of Wikipedia's articles are quite good, while some others give a reasonably accurate overview of the overall topic, even if they err in some details.  I haven’t found any articles in my field of expertise that are seriously off-base.  (One possible exception is an article on a strictly analytical topic to which there’s a clearcut, technical set of conclusions, but the article has extremely contentious political implications.  The topic became one of Wikipedia's notorious “editing battles” between contributors who’re trying to maintain its analytical accuracy vs. those interested only in imposing their political views on it.)

So on articles like the one on the the Stonewall riot fall into the category of, “OK, I’ll buy their overview of the events, but I won’t rely on some of the particular details.”  Two details do seem to be widely agreed on, though:  (1) the New York Police Department's widespread practice at the time of raids on gay bars, and in particular their raid on Stonewall that night, was a primary impetus for the riots; and (2) drag queens played a prominent role in the initial confrontation with the NYPD, even if their participation may have been embellished over the years.  (You go, girl!)

BTW, after I referred to “Wiki” in a comment on a Wikipedia article, I was severely reprimanded by the Keepers of Wikipedia Purity, although they did have a perfectly valid point.  “Wiki” is a generic term meaning "a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users."  The term is derived from the Hawaiian expression, “wiki wiki,” meaning “very quickly,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, although I defer to @Kawika for any revisions to that definition.  Within Wikipedia, the "politically correct” reference to the site is “WP.”  (This is also the shorthand reference to The Washington Post, my favorite newspaper, even if it is allegedly “failing” — it’s not; both its print circulation and website views have increased since the 2016 elections — and a leading member of the “fake-news media,” according to a certain prominent tweeter and various “political commentators” from a particular TV network.)

Edited by JackFTwist
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