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Sunday - 28th

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boy! Easter blew by fast, and I didn't even get any chocolate. on my diet, I can have a chocolate bar after May 1st. in the meantime, I can feast on the jollies of the jentlemen pictured herein. BTW, got a new toy - my new scanner, and I scanned 4 photo sets, which see. then, as the end grows near, I did the last four named models, of which I feature David Zurborg, only because of our long-standing relationship. I never knew if I admired his hair or his muscles more. I did like that pompadour! so tomorrow, look for the first of category models. I am told it is poor netiquette to write in all caps, so I will merely emphasize that I would dearly love to get names for these unknown soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and coast guards. I need help, and I am willing to reward clubmembers with 100 points for every model they identify. please help - you are needed!!









Doug01.jpg Doug03.jpg Doug05.jpg Doug07.jpg Epke01.jpg Epke03.jpg Epke05.jpg Epke07.jpg Davide01.jpg Davide03.jpg Davide05.jpg Davide07.jpg David001.jpg David003.jpg David005.jpg David007.jpg
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