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Pay Site Reviews

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From Time I will pay for porn.

For the most part it is disappointing. Please Join Me in rating paysites to weed out the dreaded snoozefest.


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Vince Azzapardo $15.00 only fans

Snooze fest.

I was surprised that he had been able to keep so much under wraps but it is repetitive  and not in the least bit  erotic.





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Isitdustinkane only fans $15

It is getting there but not quite yet but he has piqued my interest and he is gorgeous!!!

the site is much better than when I joined a while back I will probably check back periodically every six months

his post rate does not justify the price.






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KjGuy  $9.99 Only Fans



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Trevor Adams only fans 11.99

Men of Thebes Look Upon Oedipus. This is the King who solved the Famous Riddle and Towered up most Powerful of Men yet in the end Ruin swept over him. 

Rating: Three Mourning Queens


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Nice thread.

I'll go with:

Jack Vidra, https://onlyfans.com/jackvidraxxx, Pice 9.99 USD

Category: Explicit.

A lot of explicit scenes: Bareback, BJs, Breeding, etc.

I am a fan of him but he doesn't upload that frequently to stay subscribed. Maybe I'll resubscribe in a few months time.

Still, my rating would be 9/10.


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Next one:

Bruce Jackson


Price 9.99 USD

Category: Explicit.

A lot of explicit scenes: Mostly Bareback and BJs; often interracial, a few times without cumshot though.

He has a few hot tops but Updates come too slow.

My rating is: 6/10.


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Beauxx Valkyrie


Price: 9.99 USD.

Category: Explicit.

60% of the scenes are solo: Jerking/ass play, rest is action with his Bf: Fucking, BJ, flip flop.

He's a black muscle stud, exactly my type of guy.

But he has a bit too few action scenes imo.

Updates also come infrequent.

My rating is 7/10, because he's so hot and I love some of his scenes.

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Aaron Savvy


Price: 11.99 USD.

Category: Explicit.

Most of his scenes are action with other guys, some are solo scenes. Scenes include mostly bareback or BJ scenes.

He's a muscle stud, former Sean Cody model: https://www.seancody.com/tour/model/298/ajay/

He reuploads old scenes sometimes, so that's a minus point from me.

Some of his scenes are pretty hot though, especially when he bottoms and gets bred.

Usually updates few times per week.

My rating is 7.5/10.

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Alam Wernik


Price: 10 USD.

He's a white muscular twink that only bottoms.

Category: Explicit.

90% of his scenes are explicit action scenes, usually bareback.

The quality of the scene usually depends on the top, some are on fire, others rather meh.

He has a post history to 2017 with hundreds of videos. Highly recommend a subscription if you have none at hand to subscribe to.

My rating is 9/10.

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Griffin Barrows


Price: 10 USD.

He's a white stud that excels at deepthroating.

Category: Explicit.

90% of his scenes are explicit action scenes, often BJs or hand jobs but also a good amount of anal.

The quality of the scene is usually very good.

He has about 300 videos but unfortunately seems to have stopped posting frequently.

My rating is 8/10.

Here's a refernce video from Pornhub:


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Malakhi Lavene


Price: 11.99 USD.

He's a black stud who's mostly active but usually gives a BJ too.

Category: Explicit.

90% of his scenes are explicit action scenes, usually bareback or BJs. Unfortuntately some scenes are missing some cum. 😞

He has piled up over 300 videos by now. I haven't walked through all of them but some are pretty good. 😄

My rating is 9/10.

Here's a refernce vid (he's getting sucked/topping):

That's his pornhub channel with snippets of the OF videos:



Edited by Sammy

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Daniel Shoneye


He's a London based black muscle god.

Price 9.99 USD.

I was very unsure at first about that one. I saw it in my recommondations and then checked out pornhub, where I found this video:

Of course I liked his body very much.

Then I checked out his description and it says:


100% Fully Nude!

Cock! Cock! Cock!

Man on Man Videos!

Only place to find my 18+ content!

Updated DAILY!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielshoneye/

So I thought: "Well that sounds pretty good!".

So I subscribed, just to be utterly disappointed. All of his videos are "just" flexing and showing off his amazing body. Usually he hides his cock and never shows it hard.

Not a single jerk video, no cum, nothing.

His "man on man" videos are in total about 3 out of 116 and those are snippets of 10-30 seconds where they just touch each other and not even in the private parts - shameful.

I messaged him about it and basically you can buy additional videos like jerking off.

Rating: 1/10 for his shameful try of lurking guys into his site which obviously works though, he has many likes. But everyone complains about it in the comments.

I'd give a 0 because I am so angry but his body is 100%, so that's an extra point.

There's basically nothing really extra to his instagram which is free except of a few flexing videos and some tiny snippets of his cock. Not worth the money though, having in mind what you get for the same price at other pages.



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i`m a huge Marshall Arkley fan. could i ask one of our members to check him out? please and thank you!! 

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Halif Faruk


Price: 9.99 USD.

I saw a recommendation of him on another onlyfans. And when I checked his page, I saw that he has over 1000 videos, so I was being greedy and tried him out.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

His page is mainly spam of recommendations of other onlyfans. If he posts some of his own content, it's always the same set of snippet videos over and over again. If you put away all the rubbish and combine all the snippets, you'll end up with one single action video. That's all.

Absolutely recommend to ignore this jerk and don't waste any money on him.

And what's even more greedy is that he sends you PMs of videos you can additionally pay for and the prices are hilarious: $69 for a 2:48 min video. Unfortunately you cannot even block those PMs.

So guys, we got it. The first rating of:



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Rhyheim Shabazz


Price: 9.99 USD.

Category: Explicit.

He's a black muscle top.

He's an exclusive model for timtales. You can check out what he looks like over here: https://www.timtales.com/model-videos/rhyheim-shabazz/

As I loved all of his TimTales videos, I had to subscribe to his page and I have to say it's pretty good. He even sends you a private PM and thanks for subscribing. I find that pretty cute. 🙂

He posts quite a few action scenes and usually posts a full session: around 30 minutes or even more.

His scenes are sensual/passionate. Unfortunately I have never seen him finishing in the guy, he always jerks the last bit.

He currently has 121 videos and I have not had the time to check all of them out, yet.

My rating is 9/10.

You find a few videos of him at Pornhub. Here's one:


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