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Hey guys

I recently bought a docking station and monitor to be able to work in home office more comfortable.

The docking, monitor and notebook are all of the same brand, mouse and keyboard are orher brand. and wireless being connected to the docking.

Nearly everything is running perfectly smooth except one thing I noticed:

One Citrix application does not handle mouse clicks on some locations. Some buttons work, others don’t. A different mouse plugged into the notebook didn’t help either. Keyboard seems to work normally with the application. Alone disconnecting the notebook from the docking and using the touchpad were able to click the non-working buttons.

So I am a little puzzled:

As all the other applications work normally but that one doesn’t, can I assume it’s caused by the application? What sort of problem can “block” mouse clicks on specific buttons but only via docking/mouse? 

I am quite puzzled. 😅

One important detail: 

At work I use a similar setup (docking etc.) and don’t have that issue... 🤔

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Is the notebook display on or off? It might be a mouse pointer offset. Set the scaling to 100 percent for all displays and try again. 

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3 hours ago, malelover said:

Is the notebook display on or off? It might be a mouse pointer offset. Set the scaling to 100 percent for all displays and try again. 

It was on and the screen was extended by the other monitor. 

Okay, will do the next time I am in home office. Thanks, Poogle. 😁

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On 2/14/2019 at 3:16 PM, malelover said:

Set the scaling to 100 percent for all displays and try again. 

You were absolutely right. Scaling to 100% worked like a charm. ☺️

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