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How do you de-stress?

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What do you guys do to de-stress after a long day?  

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In General, I do not have a Problem to leave the stress at work at my workplace when I leave, so I do not have a big issue with de-stressing at home.

Last week, I got home from work at about 9 PM after being en route for about 15 hours (which is rare for me though) and I just spent an hour on the couch. I initially planned to beat my meat but I was too tired. 😂


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i like to think i`m stress free, but then i realize i`m not!! i just chill at the computer. i love hitting the gym and getting a good workout in, and then walking home afterwards, always seems to help me de-stress!!  if i am being stressed at home, going to my bedroom to get away from it seems to help as well!! 


in general, talking my daily hour longs walks, and hitting the gym 6 days a week are my best de-stressors!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! 

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Generally I tend to listen to classical music, although on stressful times I tend not to listen to Wagner!

Although music has always been important in my life, I tend to like all genres of music  - with the exception of rap and punk music. 

If music doesn't work then I will take the dogs out for a walk.

The thing to remember is, you cannot "do" calm, but you can "be" calm.  Try changing how you feel about something and change your attitude towards it if it is causing you stress.


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I regularly practice Buddhist meditation - the basic techniques like mindfulness and samatha (concentration).  I have been a lot less stressed-out since I started, and this calmness and patience tends to stay with me through the whole day.

Then again, wild, uninhibited sex, or failing that, a good wank is always a surefire way to relieve stress.


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The best solution is to avoid stress. I have learned to slow down my life. Years ago I got a bad conscience when I missed a phone call or when an email was not answered promptly. Today I read emails every few hours. In the meantime, my email program will remain closed. At times, I turn off my phone. As long as I have to focus on one task, the call is disturbing.

I'm more productive than before, not stressed out and my clients just accepted it.

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I find cooking very relaxing... that being said if I had to do it for large groups every day it probably would not be... I also find going to the gym or playing tennis or racquet ball a big stress buster... failing all that...reading or something along those lines!

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