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2019 02 05: State of Community Survey

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A great  idea @JoelR!!!!!!!!@@aaasurveysays.thumb.jpg.c0b0d84faf71b6349d3cdf5b932bc9f9.jpg!!   I am a sucker for surveys!!

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13 hours ago, JoelR said:

I'm aiming for 100% participation. 

That’s a very big aim btw. 😲

I followed your invitation earlier already 👍

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An excellent idea.  

I have filled out my survey already and I like the idea that after it has been registered you can do another. 


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@Doug so you're the person behind all 100 surveys so far? LOL 🤣

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6 hours ago, JoelR said:

Joel: The response on this question is a major surprise.  Google Analytics tells me that more than 50% of all visitors to the website are mobile, but that includes thousands of visitors who never actively participate or register.  This survey overwhelmingly tells me that - of the users who actively participate and who care - the desktop experience is the most important one.  

It’s definitely an interesting outcome, but I was a bit puzzled, when I saw the question:

I am outing myself of never using a tablet but doesn’t tablets use the mobile version of the site too? So the big blue is a mixture of desktop/mobile version similar to the red part of the responses?

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The website actually has three sizes: mobile tablet and full.  You can try it by taking your browser window and dragging the corner.  

I think, though, that true tablet use is extremely small.  Most people use either the desktop or smartphone; it's one or the other.  

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In opposition to Sammy, I frequently use my tablet. It's about 40 % of time. The tablet's browser always requests the desktop variant of the site. It's my default setting because mobile versions of sites are often displayed strange.

Never trust Google analytics or other statistics. 😁


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What do they say?  There are lies, damn lies, and statistics LOL.  

I wanted to post the free-form responses in their entirety here and address some of the ones that especially stood out.  I will mark my answers in blue.  


Helps give me a feeling of community interaction, even though I mostly lurk.
Joel:  You shouldn't lurk!  We'd love to have you participate 🙂  
The variety of pictures
Love the variety of men although more black men would be nice.
Joel: I agree that diversity of skin color is fundamental to the LGBT experience, which in and of itself is a rainbow spectrum of sexuality and tastes.  It's not just black men, but also Latin Americans and Asians that are underrepresented in our gallery.  Part of that is the collective sexual tastes of the uploaders; part of that is the Western ideal of beauty is still heavily Caucasian-oriented.  We'll try to include a broader variety of skin tones and men types in the future, and we look forward to being a rainbow umbrella of men.  
Gallery. To look at nice pics.
The members in the Club itself
Galleries are well ordered by themes or alphabetically
Nathing to said
Decent quality images. Nice to my faves of the past appearing!
The content
Loads of super hot pics
The varied downloads that are available.
revisar los albunes de fotografias
Joel: Gracias por el amable comentario. Esperamos ofrecerte muchos más álbumes y hombres para que los disfrutes.  [Google translation]
Pictures and Photo Sets
didnt know exactly
the layout
I really enjoy the photo archives and the PG collection. It is very unique!
Joel: Thank you, we're very proud of our unrivalled gallery of Playgirl men.  
great photos of great men
Featured personality show through the years
The photos
free form questions answers and discussion
i have not visited other galleries. I should - so much stuff, so little time.
Joel: Grab your favorite lube, lotion, sock, cum rag, cucumber, or whatever else you use to jack off and join us more often 🙂 
Everything seems to be pulled together in one place.
I enjoy the ease of using it and seeing/meeting new people and viewing what they're into.
the variety, now with BGP's Play
Joel: They're a very playful bunch, aren't they?  
Great information
The pictures of old Playgirls magazines. The downloadable stuff, but some I am not eligible, I do not know why. I like others galleries in general. Thanks
Joel: Hi, downloads are capped at 3 files in a rolling 24-hour period. This is to ensure equal access to our files to as many people as possible.  Each file is usually a photopack containing dozens to hundreds of images, so we want to watch our bandwidth.   
Content and quality.
Great content
I like the daily emails where I can access pictures for the day. It makes it easier than searching for them myself.
I like reading peoples'different ideas and comments. You can get some surprising views, and I do like surprises.
My primary interest is in vintage beefcake photos and films.
Joel: We have a wonderful Vintage collection in the Gallery.  Be sure to check it out.  
The beautiful bodies and dicks.
I like the main forum and the clubs. It's nice to get an idea of other cultures, ways of life and so on.
Sharing pics
Joel: Glad to have you join us!  
Images are varied and enjoyable
Is it lots and lots of images
Questions and responses, Pictures, Also, go to Clubs as much as Forums to get to know more about the other guys.
The possibility to find rare materials, photos, outtakes etc and the comments.
Lots of images
The vast selection of hot men.
Models archive
As a former BGP member I came over with the gang. It is nice to continue with the camaraderie and the banter here. I also love the gallery section.
new and interesting photos
It contains the most recent postings, including reactions and commentaries to each new file.
I love the wide variety of guys.
High quality and hard to find (rare) photos. Vintage treasures.
I'm a member of Son of PicJIm. Most of the time I use the links in his news letters (or the AMdigest) to go to the site. I especially like the named models galleries. I appreciate having access to zip files for some of the models.
Joel: Kudos to @ColtMann for the awesome job he does with Son of PicJim.  
Interaction with people
Sexy ...Sensual...Hot...
I mostly visit pics of playgirl models, straight-gay action, and handsome/cute guys/hunks.
Well laid-out pages, with lots of opportunity to interact/rate and enjoy!
I love the diversity of photography - from vintage Playgirl, to contemporary porn,to art nudes, and so on. Adonis Male celebrates men of all ages and backgrounds.
Large selection of photos
i like the men
1. The Forums: Any member can post additional photos in any topic, which isn't possible in the Galleries. When the forum topic is a specific model, this allows us to build a "crowd-sourced" collection of images of that model as various members discover new images of him. This is particularly important for a relatively new model who has fairly few images available initially, but has more images that become available over time. (Again, it's worth stressing that such crowd-sourcing isn't possible in the Galleries.) A few examples of the now-major models we first noticed when they were still new to the biz and relatively few images of them were available, then built large collections of their images, include: Attila Tóth, Michael Dean, Tyson Dayley, Ivan Gudkhov (and numerous other Russian and East European models), Max Wyatt, Alex Mecum (both mainstream and porn images), Cameron McElroy, Quinn Biddle.... You get the idea. A forum topic is the only place where we could build up such a huge collection of photos with the same theme, like swimwear, briefs, jeans, poolside, etc.
2. The camaraderie and friendships.
3. The variety of topics, and the variety of posts within those topics.
4. The banter among members is all in one place, in one continuous string of posts, not scattered across numerous separate images, as it is in the Galleries. That makes it much quicker and easier to scroll through the various posts and see the comments. Until recently, there were relatively few comments on Gallery images compared to the number of posts in the Forum topics.
Joel: Hi, thanks for your thoughts on the forums.  I agree that for the active members, the forums really are the heart and soul of the community.  One of the most interesting statistics that in the first 12 respondents to the survey (which corresponds to highly-active users), all 12 stated forums were the most visited section of the site.   
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It’s tough to navigate. It always goes back to Page 1
Joel: I'd love to learn more about your issue if you privately contact me.  Can you explain what you mean by go back to Page 1?  And in what section?  What button do you click?  Any screenshots?  
Seeing posts in the forum topics with broken links. I know this has been a problem and hopefully will get corrected with the next software update.
Joel: We're taking steps to improve that at both the software level and at the moderator level.  
Occasionally, when I respond, the last 4 or 5 comments do not show. Particularly frustrating in the games which are usually pretty quick moving.
Joel: I'd love to learn more about your issue if you privately contact me.  Can you explain if this is because the website is slow to respond to you?  From what country do you access the website?  Our website is optimized for North America and Europe, so other parts of the world may be a bit slower although I've recently taken steps to make it go faster in the Asia-Pacific region.  
i cannot think of anything i don`t like about it
Cannot navigate
Joel: Hi, I'd love to learn more about this issue if you're able to privately contact me.  What exactly do you have difficulty with navigating?  
When you are looking at particular model and you want to go back to the list the back button takes you all the way to the beginning of the list and not where you were on the list.
Joel: Hi, I'd love to learn more about this issue if you privately contact me. Are you browsing on the gallery or the forums?  
The models section
Images are limited. I think there are more images out there!
Joel: We'd like to think that we have a modest collection of photos 😉 but I agree, there are always more great images out there!  Would love to have you contribute the men that you love the most.  
To be honest, I cannot think of anything that I do not like, sorry.
None out of this time.
I would like more speed with the uploads. I sometimes have 2 or 3 sessions going at the same time so I can work on one folder while a previous one is loading. Please don't block that capability!
Joel: Hi, the speed of the uploads is actually dependent on your upload speed and the server.   I'll reach out to the server admin to see if anything can be done.  
It be great if there was more information available
Joel: Can you explain?  Are you looking for more information about the models, and what kind of information are you seeking?  
I wish the photos could be viewed as a automatic slide show
too much to look thru. not into twinks at all
Joel:  I promise you that there's more to the website than twinks!  I would encourage you to join Son of PicJim or MuscleManHeaven clubs, which both focus on hunks and bodybuilders.  No twinks in there!  
Nothing in particular
There is nothing not to like.
nothing really
Club has too few zip files, downloads laborious
Joel: I'm sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with clubs.  I encourage you to reach out to the club owner who can better assist you.  With that said, we have 10,000 free files to download in the main downloads section.  
navigation is not that straight forward
Joel: Hi, I'm sorry to hear that navigation is not that straight forward and you're having difficulty browsing.  I'd love to talk to you privately to hear your concerns in more detail.  
desnudos, fitness, hunk. maduros.
I like everything
Like everything
I wish each section had a way to download the files I’m interested in instead of one at a time.
Joel: Hi, are you referring to albums?  While I would love to offer the functionality of downloading an album, I've investigated it with three different developers and due to our setup, it's not possible.  With that said, our images are permanent and can be enjoyed forever on the site.  
There are so many topics in the forum
Natnhog to said
Nothing comes to mind.
I like it all.
the downloadrestrictions
Joel: Hi, sorry to hear that you're frustrated at the download restrictions.  The download cap is meant to ensure a broad and equal access to all visitors of the website without blowing up our bandwidth.  We'd love to have you step up and pledge to the site, which increases the number of downloads.  
having to hop over the different pages if the subject has multiple pages
Joel: Hi, were you aware there's both pagination AND skip to page number?  You should see the option to click on the page number (eg. 1, 2, 3, 4, next >>) or you can immediately go Page X of X.    
Trying to get the image at its largest size, not always easy to do.
Joel: Hi, are you referring to Gallery images?  You should see an Options button in the lightbox, which has a one-click download.  
signing in is another hurdle
Joel: Hi, you can leave yourself signed-in.  You can also set-up alternate sign-ins with Google and Facebook.  
Difficult to enlarge the photos
Joel: Hi, do you mean the photos in forums or the gallery?  The images in the lightbox should be sized to your screen, which I agree may not be the full original view.  I'll try to investigate another method of browsing where you can more easily access the original, raw photo.  
I really have no complaints
trolls and judgemental folks
Joel: Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you might have encountered trolls and judgemental folks on the community.  We have no tolerance for harassment or hate speech, so if you feel like a post is worth reviewing, please use the Report flag.  
not enough visits to dislike anything
The multiple cliksk requires to get from the image back to the main site.
Joel: Hi, you can always click on Home which will take you back to the main site.  
Although I have'nt seen anything involving the very young.children or animals being used in an inappropriate way, I would not want to see this kind of thing here. If I did I would leave this site never to visit it again.
Joel: Hi, I hope to never see any objectionable content like that in our community as well.  Please use the Report flag if you feel a post needs to be reviewed. 
I'm 78, it's hard to remember what I have and have not downloaded
Joel: Hi, we offer multiple ways for users to manage what they've downloaded and not downloaded.  The first method is Bookmarks, which you can use to save items for later.  For users who pledge, they get a new tab on their profile for Downloaded Files, which shows a log of all downloads in chronological order.  And the last method is to simply use paper-and-pencil to keep track of your files offline.  
Sometimes when there are a lot of posts, it is difficult finding the last post, since there could be hundreds of pages posted. The newest posts aren't first, but last.
Joel: Do you mean posts in the forums?  The best way to quickly go to the last read post is to click on the topic title, which will take you to the last unread post.  OR you can click on the dot in front of the topic, which will also take you to the last unread post.  
There is nothing to dislike
Organisation of the pictures, would be better if they would be full pictures as thumbnails and in a better order for the same model. The possibility of browsing per year would be a nice feature.
Joel: Hi, you can use the Sort function in the album to change the order of the model.  
Joel: Hi, I'd love to hear more about your concerns if you message me privately.  I'm not sure I understand.  
Low res photos
The links do not always work correctly the first time.
Joel: Hi, please let me know if any links are broken and we will fix or remove.  
Nothing comes to mind I'll think on it!
I'm not a fan of excessive tats, body shaving, or photoshopped images.
Joel: Hi, there are a wide variety of images in AdonisMale due to the diversity of users and tastes.  However, for the most part our guys are very clean-cut and I invite you to start an album of your own favorite guys.  
excess muscle, excess ink, excess facial hair.
I am new and just learning so really don't have much that I don't like.
Joel: Welcome to the website!  
Sometimes it's difficult to locate the pictures or files by the name, to reach them.
Joel: Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulty.  If you reach out to me privately, I'd love to learn more about your problem.  
Interracial pics
Joel: Hi, we'll try to upload a greater variety of men and interracial pictures.  I also invite you to upload your own favorite photos that you think others might enjoy.
Can't think of anything.
It's hard to search
All is good
There is nothing I do not like...
no negative issues
I'm not sure this site can be improved. It seems cumbersome at first , bet every file is linked both to the category associated with along with information and commentary by the individual posting the file. That all works for me.
Some of the pics are redundant.
I am frequently disappointed at the small size or quality of pix, but I realize that is the result of the media from years ago and early scanning technology. But I do appreciate the pix as sometimes your site is the only site I can find where certain models even exist. Thank you.
Joel: Hi, Sorry to hear that you're disappointed at the size or quality of pictures.  The images are provided to us as is, but we hope you enjoy our collection nevertheless!  We'd love to offer higher resolution photos if someone is able to share higher quality photos or scans.  
I wish that there was a way to download a zip file for every gallery.
Joel: Hi, We'd love to offer this functionality too.  We've investigated this with three different developers and unfortunately due to the way we've configured our external storage, there's no way to offer a zip file for every album.  
Notifications, I wish I was notified about comments on my posts.
Joel: Please click on your notification icon in the upper right-hand corner, then Notification Settings.  Make sure you turn on "Automatically follow new content I post" and "Automatically follow content I reply to."  
Sometimes...rarely ..too much dick
Joel: You're welcome to take a break from the website when there' too much dick and then return when you're hungry for more 🙂 
They’re rarely update, if not stagnant.
Joel: Please click on "New Content" in the upper right-hand corner to obtain all the newest and latest content posted to the community.  
Joel: Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you need to wait for the website.  I'd love to receive a private message from you for further testing.  We recently expanded our content distribution network to cover more areas of the world to be as fast as possible.  
The Forums: Any member can post additional photos in any topic. (I know, that's also the #1 reason I listed for why I visit the Forums more than any other section of the site.) This means the images aren't curated to remove irrelevant images that don't really fit in that topic, as well as fake nudes or morphed images (one of my pet peeves), low-quality images, etc.
Joel: Hi, one of the benefits and strengths of an open community is that members can come together to share their photos.  This does mean that low-quality photos or irrelevant photos get uploaded.  If you ever feel an item needs to be reviewed, please use the Report flag and we'll take a look at it.  For the most part, we'd like to be as accepting as possible of any member contributions provided they don't break our Terms.   
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13 hours ago, JoelR said:
Occasionally, when I respond, the last 4 or 5 comments do not show. Particularly frustrating in the games which are usually pretty quick moving.
Joel: I'd love to learn more about your issue if you privately contact me.  Can you explain if this is because the website is slow to respond to you?  From what country do you access the website?  Our website is optimized for North America and Europe, so other parts of the world may be a bit slower although I've recently taken steps to make it go faster in the Asia-Pacific region.  

I can only take a guess what the user meant but I think the forum usually brings you to the first “unread” post on a specific page. If there are more replies but on a new page, the forum does not present that in a prominent way but one only notices it by seeing “page X out of Y” and the button “>>>” being black instead of grey. The reply box at the bottom Invites you to straightly reply though. Probably he’s on about this. 🤔🙂

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corrected a typo

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On 2/7/2019 at 8:39 PM, JoelR said:
It’s tough to navigate. It always goes back to Page 1
Joel: I'd love to learn more about your issue if you privately contact me.  Can you explain what you mean by go back to Page 1?  And in what section?  What button do you click?  Any screenshots?  

@JoelR : It may or may not be the exactly same thing this member is talking about, but I've had a similar experience numerous times.  Usually, it happens when I reply to a Sticky Note, then close the Sticky I had received.  Instead of just leaving me on the AM page I was on when I replied to the Sticky, the page jumps back to the homepage, which may be what the member means by "Page 1."  It's also occurred in a small number of other circumstances, but I don't remember what they were because they were so infrequent. When it happened, it was such a surprise that I didn't really think about what I'd been doing before that.  Sorry -- I know that doesn't help you diagnose the problem. i'll try to be more observant in the future.

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I enjoy the content! Keep it up!
Web site is very well organized and laid out.
i cannot think of anything at this time.
Paying to be Gladiator but do not feel getting ROI...what am I paying for?
Joel: We offer pledges as a way to support the website, and part of that means investing in the long-term sustainability of the website.  We're not part of any corporation or any organization; we use the pledges to entirely self-fund the community and deliver our community to half a million visitors a year.  If you ever feel like you're not getting enough from the community, you can simply stop your pledge.  We appreciate your investment in being a part of our vision and helping us deliver our website to so many people around the world so they can also enjoy everything we have to offer.     
show more male nudity
Joel: Hi, I encourage you to browse around everything we have to offer.  Our website has thousands of albums that contain male nudity and we invite you to upload albums that you think others might enjoy.  
It's real cool.
I'm old school I not tech savvy.
Just want to say, "Keep up the great work!" 🙂
great site! thanks..
None at all.
Like to have more 1080 ip videos
Joel: Hi, I'd love to offer 1080 HD videos as well, but we're not set-up to offer streaming videos.  
My biggest problem is figuring out what part of the gallery to put things. Body parts and Art is fairly simple, but sometimes you move my folders. I would prefer to put them in the right place to begin with. Like what should I put in black and white, when I have black and white mixed with color?
Joel: Hi, We've simplified the gallery so any non-person albums can go into Themed Albums.  Any model albums can go into MaleSuperStars or MalePornStars.  Thanks for uploading!
It's great, many thanks for a great site
At times it seems overwhelming...too many options
If you could restore other photo galleries such as Playgirl's, it would be wonderful. I would also like to see some blogs that feature photos, GIFs and video clips such as ones that used to appear on Tumblr.
Being able to download albums at one time, rather than one picture at a time would be nice.
Joel: We've investigated this feature three times, and unfortunately due to our storage configuration it's not possible.  We're investigating ways to make it easier access and view photos.  
love to see some raw male to male fucking
mas chicos fitness y desnudos musculares en muchas ocaciones se confunden como como es el caso de un chico atletico y me salen chicos delgados. y me gustaria hombres mas maduros que sean musculosos
Joel: We offer a variety of photos, including fashion models to fitness models and hunks.  We invite you to upload the photos that you love the most, so others can enjoy.  
Too new a user to have identified difficulties.
Yes. Thanks for doing this. It is a Massive feat and it is appropriated.
I like the way the Gallery pictures open in a carousel instead of a new page. It makes it easier to navigate back to the main gallery.
In General the Site is very easy to use. Most things are straight forward. Although when something isn’t, it’s hard to figure out a way around it. Also I’d appreciate some way to filter/navigate through notifications. If you follow too many people/sections, the amount of notes if overwhelming and as you cannot sort/filter them, I decided to shrink the amount of notes as much as possible. At least I haven’t found an easy way to do it, especially not in the mobile version. For example a great way to group the notifications would be first to group after: - Galleries - Clubs - Forum Second level would be to group then by section (or theme for galleries if possible) And finally to be able to filter by members.
Joel: I appreciate the detailed feedback on notifications but this is something not possible with the software at this time.  
it's fine i guess
Nathing to said
An easier way of seeing member updates.
Joel: Are you looking for a specific member's updates, or all member updates, or status updates?  
I am not proficient enough to comment but I always easily find what I want.
(wish you could keep the guy's page all on one page)
Joel: Hi, we allow users to upload their own albums of models.  This can mean that sometimes a model may appear in multiple locations or may have multiple albums.  If you use the search, you'll be able to quickly find anything related to a model.  
not sure how to answer this
No I like it as it is, but if/when things change I will adapt to any changes!
I have never liked all the exclusiveness and restrictiveness of the gallery pages. While I am glad for the member's pages, I would like to post my own erotic compositions in other categories contained in the galleries
Joel: Hi, we welcome you to upload your images into any category that you feel is appropriate.  We've simplified the gallery so we encourage you to browse the gallery again.  
Do not fix it unless it is broke! It is not broke,it is wonderful
Would be good to have more downloadable magazines. Thanks for your work
Joel: Hi, we currently have 10,000+ files across photo packs, magazines, vintage files, and more.  We invite you to browse the incredible collection that we have; there's plenty in there that should keep you satisfied.  
Joel: Thanks for the feedback.  Vintage is one of the strengths of our community with both a Vintage gallery that contain 36,000 vintage photos and hundreds of albums.  We also have Vintage files to download of old magazines and periodicals.   
Not that I can think of.
I have no current complaints.
I would prefer it if the chatbox had a better place on the page. Unfortunately, it is almost filled only with status updates and newly started topics.
Joel: Can you suggest a better place for the chatbox other than the sidebar?  It's meant to be a small enhancement to the broader community, not a core feature on its own.  
download limiting is a joke
Joel: Hi, I'm sorry you feel that way.  We serve our community to half a million visitors a year and thousands of daily visitors who download files.  We'd love to be able to offer unlimited bandwidth to all users, but we need to ensure the most access to as many visitors as possible so we curb excess bandwidth usage on downloads as a common sense limitation.  I'd love for you to underwrite a dedicated IP line with unlimited bandwidth for the lifetime of our community to ensure even greater access.  
Not experienced with it yet
Well, I really don't know... I do appreciate Adonismale and wanna thank you for all your work and the efforts of the other users in making the site better -so much!
I haven't encountered any problems yet.
Thanks for your site
thanks for maintaining the site!
Thank you for your hard work
I like Adonis Male - It's nice to look at and especially nice that ads don't try to hijack my computer here.
There's a chat box?
Joel: Yes, you're missing out!  🙂 
I honestly have to say...the website is full of information and gallery of pictures are always fun awesone and HOT...Since most the men here on the website have such great taste..
Some interface are not compatible with mobile devices specially IOS
Joel: This is a website so all of the features should be available regardless of the browser or Operating System.  Can you let me know what you feel is missing?  
I can't always immediately find the galleries (?) of pics that I enjoy most.
Joel: We definitely agree there's a lot to explore and it can be confusing to jump in.  Be sure to 'follow' your favorite members or content so you can stay notified.
Zero issues or complaints!
The Webmaster is a narcissistic, egotistical megalomaniac who's very slow to respond to website problems and member questions or requests, if he even bothers to respond at all. He solicits suggestions about changes he's planning to make to the site, then harshly belittles any responses and completely ignores them. (Come to think of it, filling out this survey is probably a waste of time, too, because he'll probably just ignore any feedback!) He's impatient with members who don't understand his comments and instructions, and he's mercilessly vindictive against members who make even the slightest mistake, like posting an image in the wrong forum topic. But seriously, folks: 1. This is a *GREAT* website in so many ways that it's hard to know where to start. The huge collection of images would be enough just by itself, but the camaraderie among members adds another dimension to enjoying those images that's missing from other websites. I've run across a few such sites during various Google Images searches, and those sites either fail miserably at their attempt or they're not run very well. The site's large size, diversity (forum topics, clubs, downloadable files, etc.), and power (members can upload albums and files) mean that it's unavoidably going to be complex to navigate, especially for "virgins" to the site. (This is the usual, inherent trade-off in all software systems between power and flexibility vs. ease of learning and use.) The site seems bewilderingly confusing initially, and there's only so much you can do to alleviate that. But I truly believe you've made numerous improvements over time, and you continue to make them, to make navigation easier. As a result, anyone who sticks around for a while, spends time exploring the site, and experiments with its various features will become functionally "literate" fairly quickly. (I confess to finding the new site's structure somewhat confusing when it debuted back in 2015, and it was much, much smaller back then, not even counting the recent addition of the clubs. At least the names of most of the forum topics were familiar, as was the distinction between the galleries and forums, and the differences in navigation between the two. Now there are so many forum topics that it's virtually impossible to find a particular one in the forum's list of topics, unless you remember at least a keyword from its name so that you can use the search feature. Even then, if the keyword or model's name is a common one, you'll get dozens, and even hundreds, of hits in your search result.) 2. The Autosave function has a few quirks that I've been meaning to ask you about in a "Website questions" post, and I'll get around to doing it there ... eventually ... maybe.... 3. The Chatbox: In general, I like the Chatbox. It's great for communicating quickly with all of those members who keep an eye on it, e.g., for reminders or announcements of something significant: "Today is the 69th anniversary of..."; "Don't forget to complete your Website survey!" Unfortunately, it's been almost completely dominated for the last several weeks with two kinds of posts that aren't appropriate at all, IMHO. I'll only summarize them here and save a more detailed discussion for a Website forum post...eventually...maybe.... 3.a. A relatively new member (he joined in early December), who hasn't posted anything in any of the forums or galleries, at least according to his "Activity" log, frequently inundates the Chatbox with links to mostly *politically oriented posts* on other websites, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc. He occasionally posts a link to something that isn't political, but those are the rare exceptions. Both his posts in the Chatbox and his Activity log resemble the Twitter feed of someone who does nothing but retweet things he receives. 3.b. The second kind of inappropriate use of the Chatbox is more complicated to address because it comes in two forms, and one of those is an integral feature of the site. The first form is that some members are using the Chatbox to post links to other posts on the site (especially to images in the Gallery or comments on those images) and to external sites, like PornHub videos. The second form may be more complicated to address, because it involves an integral feature of the site: Some members are posting links like those in the first form above in their Status Feeds, so they automatically get posted in the Chatbox, like all other Status Feed entries. Then, when another member replies to the Status Feed post, that is also automatically reposted in the Chatbox. -------------------------------------------- Finally, I feel genuinely honored and privileged (a) to actually know the Webmaster by name and have him know who I am; (b) to be able to converse back and forth with the Webmaster -- and even debate site-related issues with him; (c) to have him ask for my opinion on site-related matters and know that he values my responses. Thanks! And yeah, I realize you long ago figured out who this survey response is coming from.
Joel: Hi, please let me know if you have any difficulties using the website.  I always appreciate your commentary 🙂 
Joel, I love this site and totally admire you for keeping it going! Keep up the great work!!!!!
Still new to everything, but I like what I see!
amazing ... easy to use, complex and sophisticated ... great!
Some of the older Playgirl magazine zip files contain nothing. I've tried downloading them a few times, to find nothing there. Then I find that I wasted one of my two downloads for the day.
Joel: Hi, I'm sorry that you might have missed some downloads.  Please use the report function that notifies me of broken files so I can either update or remove.  

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On 2/10/2019 at 10:55 PM, JackFTwist said:

Usually, it happens when I reply to a Sticky Note


I noticed the same.

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