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Sunday - 5th

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Some really hot pics,thanks!

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OK, now I'm really confused.  I very much appreciate your posts but this is not as easy as you and Joel seem to think.

Is the format you posted today (2 models selected pix embedded and no links) the future or just an error or your headache?  I found the Adam Hammer gallery with search, then also noticed a new Jeff Hammond 99 gallery posted just 15 hours ago but not mentioned in the post.  Also, there are Jeff Hammond 91 and Jeff Hammond 90 galleries also posted 15 hours ago.  I'm assuming these were created along the way and contain the same pix as Jeff Hammond 99, and not additional different pix or you would have just zipped them all?  Some clarification would be helpful.

A minor comments also where I may not fully understand the site or perhaps something can be tweaked.  When I am finished downloading maybe 85 pix of one model in the daily post, backspace seems to be the only way to return to the list of links in the post, which is too cumbersome for large galleries.  I usually exit Adonismale and reenter using the link to the daily post, or I guess I could go to the group home page and from there go to the list of daily posts and then the links to find the next model.  If a short cut exists or is feasible to add it would make downloading easier, especially if the daily Yahoo email I get is going away.

Thanks again for your fine posts.


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7 hours ago, ColtMann said:

how these poor men can walk down the street without being propositioned left and right, is a mystery to me.

Who says they can?  Physical beauty must be such a curse. :D  From the looks of image #1, Hale is aging nicely and still has a hint of his pretty-boy looks.  And his buns were indeed wondrous. 

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