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Something I have never done..

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Had sex with a BBC.

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23 hours ago, tj10017 said:

Something I have never done  ... verb a noun. I know many people do it, but I just think verbing nouns is wrong. For what it's worth, I don't think much of nouning verbs, either.


Oh? I think there are a lot of examples in English

Google - google

an attack - to attack

a guard - to guard

a march - to march

a kiss - to kiss

a hug - to hug

a trick - to trick

a fuck - to fuck

cum - to cum

"he sang his didn't and danced his did"

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We're talking about different things, for the most part. Many of the words you mention can function properly as either a noun or a verb, but that's not the same as denominalization (i.e., verbing a noun), wherein a noun is used improperly as a verb.

For instance, Google is a technology company whose search engine is so popular that the company name has become virtually synonymous with online searches. Americans will speak of Xeroxing something when they mean photocopying, Brits will speak of Hoovering the carpet when they mean vacuuming, and so on. Verbing is not limited to proper nouns, though. Perhaps you've "friended" someone at a party who generously "beered you" after a vigorous bout of "voguing." These things happen.

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True, but Google,  Xerox or Hoover have been "verbed", whatever the  reason. In English, denominalization is easy to do because the base forms of verbs don’t need special endings. But in an agglutinative language (like Hungarian) it is rather hard to do.

Throughout history, verbs have entered the English language through nouns; in fact, the first instance of the word verbification dates to the 19th century The process follows a reliable pattern: a verbification is introduced, people use it, the media picks it up, and it becomes part of our lexicon. Today, the following verbs-born-from-nouns are commonplace: chair, cup, divorce, drink, dress, fool, host, intern, lure, mail, medal, merge, model, mutter, pepper, salt, ship, sleep, strike, style, train, voice.

Or take a business meeting: “We’re all set, but we need to table that topic for next time.” “You want me to calendar that meeting?” “Yes. Prioritize this topic and action the other two. We can fast-track this project for completion.” “But not without workshopping it. We’ve got to beef it up.” “There’s no way to task anyone with this without approval.”

And "to friend" is an 800 year old verb ( "And I will friend you, if I may/In the dark and cloudy day." Housman: "A Shropshire Lad" ). These days it is mostly used on FB where "friending"  is indeed a common verb.

Languages change all the time. I am sure there was some educated monk in 11th century England who complained about the infuence of French on the beautiful Anglo-Saxon tongue.

"he sang his didn't and danced his did"

Anyway, back to the game

Something I have never done ... used Instagram


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Something I have never done ... stuck my tongue in another man`s mouth

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Something I have never done  ... licked a lamppost in winter.

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